Cock Fight

Brandon would have never thought to be in such a situation, a couple of hours before. When his friend Taryn had called him proposing a game of Chicken Fight, he had definitely thought he was joking. They hadn’t played that game since middle school, they were too old for that. He had thought of some […]

Ice Tease

I’m looking at you, but since I’m not sitting directly in front of you, you still don’t realise it. There’s something strange in you, and yet you’re alluring as no other woman around. I’m staring at you trying to find out which, of the thousands of details your pretended perfection show to the outer world, […]

Becoming an Author – Choosing a Title

Choosing the title of your book is something only you or your editor should do. To anyone asking for a title for their story (usually providing only a short synopsis of it…) I usually answer with these words: Would you let someone else name your child? Because there’s simply no way someone other than who […]