The Third Option

“Should I wake him up?”

Louise thought when she entered the room. It was morning, and she was ready to go to work.

Still, the man she had met the night before was still on her bed.

“Mike, was it his name?” She thought. She wasn’t sure, though, so she decided not to pronounce it.

She looked at him in the light of the morning, and for the first time, she noticed details she hadn’t  seen the night before, when he had introduced himself to her, at the disco pub she was a habitual customer of.

Mike was tall and muscular enough. She couldn’t remember his eyes, but his short hair matched a beard that had probably been left unshaved for a couple of days. Thanks to that, he gave the impression to be hollow cheeked, but the prominent chin helped in defining a face that, Louise thought, could be photographed and painted infinite times without getting tired of it.

Well, she was a model and a photographer too: she knew what she talked about. But it was only when her sight covered his entire body again back to his feet, that she noticed it. His black boxers formed a bulge that – she thought – was the preamble of great things in bed.

She didn’t know for sure, though, because the truth is, they hadn’t had sex the night before.

After Mike had introduced himself to her, they had drunk and flirted a lot; she remembered that. Then they had left the pub together with the intention of getting some fresh air and, maybe, continue their flirting. And they had done it, kiss after kiss, pub after pub, cocktail after until, simply said, both of them were wasted.

And somewhat they had reached her apartment and, somewhat, they had fallen asleep on her bed. When she had woken up in the morning, she was still dressed. She had had her morning shower and, waiting for that man to wake up because of the unconcealed noise, had dressed up for work. But then, Mike was still sleeping.

Looking at him, she thought she had two options. Either leaving him there with instructions on how to close the door or wake him up and kick him out. Leaving an “almost stranger” alone in her apartment wasn’t the best of the ideas. Waking him up, on the other hand, seemed easier said than done.

She looked at the clock, she had still enough time. Then she looked at the cock and remembered all the desire she had felt the night before.

Louise bent over it and started caressing it. It reacted quickly: the already big bulge soon become huge, and as Mike started moving in his bad, the thing that was covered by the boxers became so huge that its tip peeked out from the top.

She looked at it, amazed. She had rarely seen something like that: there was no way she was going to let him leave now, no way she was going to kick him out.

She lowered on his cock and gave the peeking tip a small kiss. Then another, pressing her soft lips on it a little harder, before giving it a tender, sexy lap.

It tasted like pre-cum, and sweat; its strong, masculine scent intoxicated her. She lowered his boxers and pulled it out to admire it in all his splendour. Was it because they had flirted so much the night before without actually having sex, or simply because she had never seen a cock like that, something inside her switched.

She began licking it eagerly from the tip to his balls, then back again. And of course, it didn’t take much, until Mike woke up. She realised it when she felt his hand caressing her thighs, reaching up under her skirt, moving her thong aside and gently, tenderly, caressing her wet clit. She moaned hard when his finger slid inside her and began teasing her entrance, spreading it a little before rubbing her clit again, waiting for her juices to pour out.

He pulled her thong down, and she made nothing to stop him. It fell down on the floor, and she lifted her feet one after the other to remove it completely. Then she crawled on the bed and set astride his face. She still wanted to lick that cock but she needed him to please her too.

Mike didn’t remember well what had happened the night before either, but he couldn’t resist that woman. She was beautiful in her black dress; her braless nipples poking out of it, the side of the dress already lifted enough for her to spread her legs and lower her pussy on his face. He couldn’t say no to such a feast. He teased her clit, then slid his tongue up, spreading her lips, licking the honey that was leaking out of it, and up again until his tongue teased her little rosebud. She didn’t complain; instead, she moaned loud and Mike knew he was doing the right thing.

Louise, though, was distracting him from his job. She had grabbed his cock with a hand and cupped his ball with the other, and while massaging him she had begun blowing him, sucking him so hard he could have cummed any seconds if he wasn’t desperately trying to concentrate on something else. He grabbed her ass and moved her aside, to stop her before it was too late.

She got a vibe of disapproval, not understanding why that man had taken away that gift of nature from her mouth. And yet when his hands grabbed her hips and pushed them down, towards his cock, she understood Mike’s intentions and smiled.

She slid her pussy on his stomach, sexily waving her ass as she left a trail of her juices until she reached his cock and began moving back and forth on it.

“Mmm…” She moaned.

That was a splendid sensation: feeling his hardness pushing between her lips, trying to find a way to enter into her.

Louise lifted her hips a little, grabbed his cock from between her legs, and pointed it towards her entrance; then slowly pushed her body down on it.

She opened her mouth in surprise when his tip, followed by the rest of his massive cock, spread her pussy. Every inch she pushed down, that cock touched her in ways she had never tried, reached places inside her she didn’t even know she had. And when she finally rested all the way sitting on him, the feeling of that swollen tip pulsating against her cervix almost made her cum.

Mike looked down. The scene was incredible: that beautiful woman, with the body of a model and the manners of a bad girl, had taken all his cock inside her. He could see her spread pussy lips accommodating his meat, her little rosebud stretched from the inside as she leant forward, lifting her ass a little, and began riding him.

“Oh… God, yes!” She seemed to be whispering herself, then began moving faster.

“Ohhh, please, yes… fuck me like this, fuck me harder…” She was almost begging him, but the truth is Mike couldn’t do anything more. She was in complete control of him, in control of her rhythm, in control of her own orgasm. And he hoped she’d get it soon because he wasn’t going to last for long. The feeling of her thigh pussy gripping his cock, rubing it in its entire length, was too much to cope with.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck it… Ahhhhh, I’m going to… I’m cumming…”

And Louise came just like that, suddenly, with her entire body shuddering on that stranger cock that was stretching her inners as no man had ever done.

She was completely satisfied and worn out, but as the waves of her orgasm faded away, she realised she was also getting late for work.

Only after she stood up, she realised that Mike hadn’t cum yet.

She turned around, looked at him, raised an eyebrow and cheekily smiled.

“Mike, wasn’t it?”

They laughed.

“I guess it’s the third option: will you wait here until I come back?”


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