Another First Time

Another First Time

Her parents would not be happy, Paul thought, and yet that didn’t prevent him to put his plan into action.

Indeed, Clare was the only daughter of a local politician that everyone knew in the city, a Conservative that used to spend his Sundays at the Church, one of those dads that forces his family to do the same even if they have no interest in religion.

That was the case with Clare. And actually, the more her dad forced her, the more she grew distant from that man that she had once loved. That had been clear to Paul after a couple of weeks of their relationship when she had opened her heart and confessed her deepest desires to him.

Among which, of course, there was a level of naughtiness that Paul had rarely seen in a girl. She had been controlled by her father since just a couple of months ago, and as such, she had never been able to be in a serious relationship. Not to say having proper sex with anyone. And now that her father was running for major and rarely at home, she had finally the time to discover herself.

Paul couldn’t complain: he had caught her at the right time, but he knew their relationship was mutually satisfying. He didn’t feel like taking advantage of her in any way.

What a woman she was, Paul though remembering what she had asked him to do.

It was late evening, and they were just messaging on the phone, teasing each other, getting naughty in anticipation of being together the day after, as they’d planned after a couple of days not seeing each other.

But it wasn’t enough.

[What if you come here, now?] she’d asked, and at first, Paul had thought she was joking. Or maybe she was in the beginning, but as the idea grew inside their head everything seemed possible, until it became a need. And then they both couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Not anymore.

That’s why Paul was now nervously writing her from his car, parked on the street below the luxurious apartment complex where she lived, writing her.

[I’m here. So what do we do? Your mother is at home, she’ll never allow me in. She doesn’t even know I exist, for God’s sake!] [My mom is not a problem. ‘ll find an excuse. Get out of the car, wait by the gate, I’ll open it to you. Enter building C, on the left.]

In just a couple of weeks, Clare had grown so much: from an insecure, shy caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly able to fly wherever she wanted, at least with him. Paul liked that change: she was dominant enough to show him her desire, her will, and then submissive enough for him to feel in charge.

He walked by the gate.

[I’m here]

There was no answer, but the sound of the opening lock of the gate. He pushed it and, in the darkness, he found his way to the building C. It was strange that the broken light on the pathway had not been fixed yet, in such a high-end complex, but the light at the entrance of the building worked properly. Nobody was there, though.

The notification LED on his phone blinked.


He tried, and the door opened. Inside, as he looked for the light switch, he heard her voice coming from the dark end of the corridor.

“Come here, don’t turn it on.”

As soon as he reached her, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to her, to kiss him. But it was just a quick kiss, just a welcome she couldn’t resist to give him.


“Shht,” she said, “come this way,” she added pulling him again into the darkness, until she stopped, turned around, leant on a wall and whispered.

“I’m yours, take what you want.”

His eyes had now adapted to the darkness, and he clearly saw Clare pulling up her dress, showing her naked skin. She was wearing no panties, and her slightly spread legs were an invitation for him to feast on her.

Paul leant on her, grabbed her head and pulled it to him, kissing her lips with passion, with the need and eager of a distant lover that had long longed for her.

“Finally… Finally, I feel you…” she was whispering between a kiss and the other. Her body was trembling with anticipation, her hands touching Paul everywhere as if she was desperate to recall each spot on his skin.

Then Clare’s hands reached between his legs, and she was so fast unbuttoning his trousers that for a brief instant Paul giggled, thinking she was the same girl that had been shy to kiss him, some weeks before.

As she lowered her body to engulf his cock in her mouth, she seemed possessed by a passionate beast. She was an animal, she was pure instinct, and her mouth, lips and tongue now working on Paul’s cock were her way to communicate her feelings to the world.

To her world. To him.

“Didn’t you say I could take what I want?” he joked.

She mumbled something unintelligible on his cock, but there was no need for an actual answer. He was liking it, actually, so much: Clare sucked his cock as an expert in the art of blow-jobs. She took care of all of it, from the balls to its tip, its pre-cum flowing out already, it’s hard shaft. In and out of her mouth, helping herself with both her hands, not losing contact with him for even a second.

More than in any other moment, now he could feel her love. Because he knew she was no whore, he knew she was like that because of him, for him.

“Stand up,” he said. She continued sucking.

“Stand up, Clare or I’m gonna cum and I don’t want to! I want to fuck you, and we have no tim-“

She had stood up, and shut his mouth with a deep kiss. One of her legs was already embracing his body, pulling his manliness towards her. Until the tip of his cock grazed her clit, spread her juicy lips open, and her body shivered and her legs trembled in pleasure.

Paul supported her, letting her fall down just enough for his cock to find its way inside her. And then he pumped hard, he pumped like that was going to be their last fuck and she wanted her to never feel a cock like his in her entire life.

“Oh god, oh god… Paul… fuck me hard… please… fill me…”

He didn’t need her words to be horny. He was actually already close to his limit, but the fact she had gotten so crazy to speak with a normal voice tone, forgetting they were in the stairwell of her own building, made him even crazier for her.

She was risking so much: someone could see her, someone could tell it to her mom, to her dad. Her mom, actually, may come downstairs to check on her daughter that had for sure found a good excuse to go there but… for how long would it last? It was already more than fifteen minutes they were there, for sure.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her up, and she hugged his hips with both of her legs. The perks of having a petite girlfriend – he thought thinking of her short, tiny body.

It was, indeed, easy to hold her up, and with her back pushing against the wall, his cock was now sliding entirely in and out of her, easily. Deep inside, reaching the end of her body, feeling her cervix teasing his tip each thrust.

And between a bite and a kiss, between a dirty word and a plea to cum inside her, Clare drove him over the edge. He exploded, filling her pussy with his cum, pushing her body against the concrete now without even thinking of controlling the force of his thrusts.

He had become an animal too. Pure instinct.

Paul realized he was still keeping her pushed hard against the wall only when she giggled and pulled her legs down.  But Clear didn’t complain: she kissed him again, used the inner side of her dress to clean his cock – “I’ll smell it tonight when I’ll masturbate,” she said – and then pulled his trousers on, buttoned them before guiding him again towards the corridors, until he could see the exit.

“See you tomorrow,” she whispered as she kissed him goodbye.

And again – he knew it – it was going to be like their first time.


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