Chinese Pack

“There’s no thing as a Happy Place!” Page the cottage shouted in the direction of Gunter the ladder. “For ze Hundrez time, me tellen you zere is, und vee life in it!” he pointed out, with his typical German accent. “You’re telling me this God-forsaken little cup is a happy place? The Happy Place? You […]

Cock Fight

Brandon would have never thought to be in such a situation, a couple of hours before. When his friend Taryn had called him proposing a game of Chicken Fight, he had definitely thought he was joking. They hadn’t played that game since middle school, they were too old for that. He had thought of some […]

No Way Back

Dear Monika, “I’ll be faithful,” I said. And yet three months separated the next time we would have seen each other. There had been no way to convince your dad that a 20 years old girl was already mature enough to spend some time alone with his boyfriend, to follow me as I moved to […]

The Girl By The Lake

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake off of that nauseating smell. She rubbed her hands one against the other, scratching and crossing her fingers; then she washed them under the stream of water before sniffing again. No, the smell was still there, she couldn’t get rid of it. She lowered her sight, […]