Random Thoughts – Words, Just Words

Years ago, when I had just begun writing, I wrote a story about Vinita, an Indian girl, a spoiled rich brat with a thing for Nordic men. When a natural dominant Norwegian chauffeur is hired in her mansion, problems begin. The mansion balance of powers is shattered by his presence, and Vinita’s frail will, too. […]

Random Thoughts – My First Time

Yes, being this an erotic writer’s blog you may think I refer to my “first time”, in the common sense of the term. But No; today I’ll write about the first time I remember I wrote. There are three such occurrences in my life: My First Try The first time I tried, it happened when […]

Farewell 2017 – Welcome 2018

So, 2017 brought me this new writing adventure and – with it –  lots of stories that were only waiting to be written; not to tell heaps of new friends, for which I’m very grateful. I really loved all of your comments, critiques, visits. Every like on my Facebook page and every retweet,  every review […]