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This is a beautiful love story! Not just about sex although the sex part was very good. This was an outstanding and refreshing change to what sometimes becomes a boring mundane list of unlikely chance encounters and cheating spouses who fail to consider the consequences of their actions. The characters in this story actually have a conscience! Bravo!

On A Sunny Day

I've read a few of your stories now and I really am moved by this. It really pleases a female's mind when there is romance included and not just sex. By embedding the sex into the romance, it becomes really sensual and you're able to imagine yourself in the story, right there as one of the characters therefore their sexual acts really are able to turn you on. Thanks for writing this story,

On A Sunny Day

You pulled me into the action from the beginning, and held my attention throughout. Thank you for writing it.

The Touch Of The White Feather

My Whole Life


Special Services – Day 3 – Panties

Special Services – Day 3 – Panties You wake up wet, again. You remember the day before. You have been bolder than ever, you almost showed him your pussy. You wanted to do it. You wanted to masturbate; you felt his power. And yet you didn’t touch yourself. There’s a time for everything. Yesterday, in […]

Cooking Master

Cooking Master Aaaahhhh, how long had she dreamed for that day, and it had finally arrived. *** Monika’s partner had never been so good at making birthday gifts, and while every year she had to subtly “suggest” the right gift for her, strangely enough, this time he had come up with an idea by himself. […]

Special Services – Day 2 – Lies

Special Services – Day 2 – Lies It’s Sunday, the second day of your new job, and you wake up wet, surprised. This happens rarely to you, and you don’t recall having had any hot dreams. But it takes not more than a couple of seconds to your waking brain, to remember what has happened […]

Special Services – Day 1

Special Services – Day 1 Young, your eighteenth birthday passed just a couple of months ago, single since too long. You never had a real story, only casual flirting with boys your age, and all of them seemed somewhat shallow, uninteresting. It’s not about their look, of course. You never cared much about that: you […]

A Business Trip – The Assistant – Part 2 – End

A Business Trip – The Assistant – Part 2 – End “Are you kidding me?” I know the hostess is only doing her job, but it’s my first trip as an assistant, I can’t make a bad impression on my boss. He’s watching me, and he knows something is wrong. I’m agitated; I’m angry at […]

A Business Trip – The Assistant – Part 1

A Business Trip – The Assistant – Part 1 It was the starting day of a new career for me, a new job. Three interviews before, I would have never thought it was the job for me: director’s secretary? I used to be in the sales force, I used to sell goods, to manage people. […]