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This is a beautiful love story! Not just about sex although the sex part was very good. This was an outstanding and refreshing change to what sometimes becomes a boring mundane list of unlikely chance encounters and cheating spouses who fail to consider the consequences of their actions. The characters in this story actually have a conscience! Bravo!

On A Sunny Day

I've read a few of your stories now and I really am moved by this. It really pleases a female's mind when there is romance included and not just sex. By embedding the sex into the romance, it becomes really sensual and you're able to imagine yourself in the story, right there as one of the characters therefore their sexual acts really are able to turn you on. Thanks for writing this story,

On A Sunny Day

You pulled me into the action from the beginning, and held my attention throughout. Thank you for writing it.

The Touch Of The White Feather

My Whole Life


Unbreakable Curse – Part 1

Unbreakable Curse – Part 1 The old wooden gate leading to the courtyard felt heavier than usual that evening, and as he pushed it, Edward realized he was very tired. He opened it just enough for his body to slide between the doors but miscalculated. The heavy door bounced back too soon and hit his […]

Becoming an Author – Backup Your Work

There’s nothing as sad as an author who has lost his writing. Hours and hours of thinking, writing, sweating… all thrown in the bin of regret, because you didn’t spend one day to understand what to do to protect your work? Think: computers are machines made by man, software is made by men. There’s not […]

Becoming an Author – Your Brand Identity

We already spoke on more occasions about the importance of a clear Brand Identity, especially when it comes to up-selling. Why Do You Need a Brand Identity? In short, if a reader of yours likes one of your books, he should be able to recognize the others pretty easily. This is something publishers use a […]

The New Wing – Part 2 – End

The New Wing – Part 2 – End It was pure bliss. Greg and Laurel kissed and ate each other with the transport of a long, repressed need. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to him, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth, swirling it around hers, tasting and exploring her […]

The New Wing – Part 1

The New Wing – Part 1 The day was sunny and warm and as such – even if the cold of winter had already chilled the air – Greg had decided to pay a visit to the library. He had grown fond of it: he liked to read, he liked to lose time in those […]