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This is a beautiful love story! Not just about sex although the sex part was very good. This was an outstanding and refreshing change to what sometimes becomes a boring mundane list of unlikely chance encounters and cheating spouses who fail to consider the consequences of their actions. The characters in this story actually have a conscience! Bravo!

On A Sunny Day

I've read a few of your stories now and I really am moved by this. It really pleases a female's mind when there is romance included and not just sex. By embedding the sex into the romance, it becomes really sensual and you're able to imagine yourself in the story, right there as one of the characters therefore their sexual acts really are able to turn you on. Thanks for writing this story,

On A Sunny Day

You pulled me into the action from the beginning, and held my attention throughout. Thank you for writing it.

The Touch Of The White Feather

My Whole Life


A Slave

You wore your black leather skirt and matching black stockings, today, and a lace top covering your nudity just enough to tease him, our new slave. He is kneeling by the sofa while we sit on it, drinking coffee and chat, and he massages your feet. I ordered him to do so, and he started […]

A Map of Your Freckles

A Map of Your Freckles Jodie had never felt too good about her body. Gorgeous green eyes, a bright friendly smile and her well-developed breasts weren’t enough to overcome the uneasiness that she felt every time a man got close to her. Her unique, beautiful red hair – unfortunately – had come with a huge […]

The King of My World

The King of My World Of course, I was wet! The entire morning at the pool with him lying at my side; all the time looking at his muscular body – he complains about his little belly but I adore it! – and furtively caressing it while keeping an eye on our friends around, not […]

Another First Time

Another First Time Her parents would not be happy, Paul thought, and yet that didn’t prevent him to put his plan into action. Indeed, Clare was the only daughter of a local politician that everyone knew in the city, a Conservative that used to spend his Sundays at the Church, one of those dads that […]

Wattpad – My Experience So Far

Wattpad – My Experience So Far It took some time for me to choose the main social platform I was going to use to promote my brand, and in the end I decided for Twitter and Facebook first, added Wattpad later (tried Reddit, tried Inkitt, no good results). Here is my Wattpad Profile! Facebook and […]

Naughty Trial

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