Random Thoughts – The Importance of Grammar

Today I came across someone happily promoting his latest book posting the cover on a famous Facebook group. The book seemed printed, but I hope it wasn’t because in both the front and the back of the cover there were very, very bad grammar mistakes.  “Too” had been used instead of “to”, “your” instead of […]

Becoming an Author – Choosing a Title

Choosing the title of your book is something only you or your editor should do. To anyone asking for a title for their story (usually providing only a short synopsis of it…) I usually answer with these words: Would you let someone else name your child? Because there’s simply no way someone other than who […]

Kboards – Writer’s Café

So, I finally registered to the Kboards – Writer’s Café. I find it a very useful source for anything related to publishing, I’m sure there’ll be lot of good hints for me there, since there are tons of experienced authors writing in the forum. Hope I’ll be able to give my contribution too, in time. […]