Random Thoughts – The Importance of Grammar

Today I came across someone happily promoting his latest book posting the cover on a famous Facebook group.

The book seemed printed, but I hope it wasn’t because in both the front and the back of the cover there were very, very bad grammar mistakes.  “Too” had been used instead of “to”, “your” instead of “you’re”.

I found it sad, and shameful. Really.

Then today I came across this post, and I felt I totally agree with them: if you don’t care about (not only) grammar you don’t care about writing.

If You Don’t Care About Grammar, You Don’t Care About Writing

What about my grammar?

Don’t get me wrong: I know my grammar is all but perfect.

That’s the reason while – for my books – I seek the help of native English editors and proofreaders, because I know how important it is to provide my readers with the quality they deserve if they have paid for my books.

My blog stories are a completely different matter, of course: I could never afford an editor to take care of them on a daily base.

And English still remains just a language I mostly self-learnt, and as such far from perfection. I know my limits.

As far as you are concerned: don’t give up. Study grammar, and ask for help: there’s no shame in that.

Your readers deserve to be treated to a well-polished book





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