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As many of you have probably noticed by now, even if I try hard to keep my short stories “short“, I’m often unable to do it.

It happened with the last one, Slightly Untuned, that reached 11.500 words.

It happened with The Impertinent Masseuse, that reached almost 7.000 words, while In All Possible Ways reached 13.500 words.

I mean, 13.500 words: way far from the initial 500-1000 words target that I had meant for my short stories.

Of course, it doesn’t count that I do split them into parts. Too often the parts have no meaning if I keep them short; too often there is nothing erotic in them… since there is a long build-up before any action between the main characters.

And I’m an erotic author, most of my stories should contain something erotic. I’m not sure I’m achieving this.

Complete stories in one place

Anyway, what I want to write about – tonight – is something different.

I decided to re-publish the longest stories I wrote in single, dedicated posts that will contain the entire tale. In a new, dedicated category: Complete Long Erotic Stories

I just began, re-posting “Slightly Untuned” in such a way. Other stories will eventually follow.

I hope my readers will enjoy having a single place where to read an entire – and hopefully, enjoy – each one of my long stories.

keep it short or at least in one place


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