Slightly Untuned – Part 5 – End

Slightly Untuned – Part 5 – End

slightly untuned cuddles on sofaHis car had never felt so slow, like that night.

The sky was already dark, and the dispersed clouds covered the thin sickle that was left of the moon. The sparse lights along the road blurred away as he speeded in the short stretch of highway that connected the two cities. Leon’s foot was so deeply pressed on the accelerator, that after some time it became numb.

When he got to her address, though – and it took some time for him to remember the exact street -, her house was as dark as the night. No lights, no trace of anyone being there.

It wasn’t despair, what he felt. It was something in-between sadness, melancholy and resignation. The awareness of all those past and future memories he had just lost.

In that moment he knew that he really was a loser – as Rory had called him -, he knew he had lost his chance to meet Susan for the last time. And when he realized he was going to be hated by that girl for the rest of his life, when he understood there was no chance to speak with her anymore, he felt tired.

He sat down on the sidewalk, crossed his legs with his back resting on the front wheel of his car, and fetched a cigarette from his pocket. Then, once the smell of tobacco had already whetted that need of nicotine that he rarely felt, he looked for the lighter in his jacket and realized it wasn’t there.

“AAAAAAHHHHH!” He shouted, venting up his frustration. He hoped the neighbours didn’t recognize his voice from the previous time, and the simple, silly thought relaxed it enough to clear his mind.

There was no way he had lost his lighter, the only thing that could prevent him to cross the borderline to madness, in that night. He stood up, opened the car’s door and frantically looked inside. On the seats, on the carpets, in the small spaces between the seats and the doors, without success.

A chill on his back reminded him the sweatshirt he was wearing had always been too short for him. He exited the car and sat down again with his back against the front wheel, then tilted his head back on the hood, closed his eyes and sighed.

Apart from the noise of the breeze moving the leaves on the trees, the night was silent.

“So, what were you looking for?”

This time, he didn’t jump. The voice seemed to come from the distance, and it took some moments for him to realize he was so tired he had dozed off and he was already in a state of half-consciousness. But he knew that voice: even without the drunken accent, he knew without opening his eyes that the person speaking to him was no less than Susan.

Well, there was no need to play, no need to dance around it.


For a moment Susan didn’t answer, and Leon wondered if he had just imagined it, if he was speaking alone, or if he had really fallen asleep and he was dreaming of her.

“In your car?” She asked.

If Susan had indeed seen him searching in his car, she must have looked at him from afar for quite some time, he thought.

“I was also looking for the lighter. I needed nicotine as a cheap substitute for this conversation. Should I open my eyes to see you’re not really here?”

“No, keep them closed, I feel better that way.”

Leon hadn’t expected such an answer. It was the perfect answer he would have gotten in a dream or a hallucination of someone won by the tiredness as him.

When he felt the girl sitting by his side, leaning her back against his car and her shoulder against his, he thought there was no way a dream could feel that real.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“What are you doing here,” Leon replied.

“I just came back to get a last thing. And I was the first to ask: what are you doing here?”

“I told you, I was looking for you.”

The answer, though, seemed not to convince her.


Leon waited again, trying to find the right words to say it, retracing all the different scenarios he had played in his head in the car only a couple of minutes before. Nothing fitted the current situation but just… saying it.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Her answer was so fast, Leon thought she had had it ready all along.

He would have liked for Susan to stop asking questions, and yet this time he knew what he had to say.

“For being such a stupid, coward, virgin-taker.”

She burst out laughing. Leon felt her skin rubbing his own arm as her short breath took some time to get back to normal before she continued.

“Virgin-taker? I never even heard that term! But yes, you’ve been at least two, of the three adjectives you used. You’ll have to figure out which ones by yourself.”

Even if he had gone there with the sole purpose of explaining the situation, her words felt like a ray of hope. The girl sitting by his side, now, was the same Susan he used to know and like.

“Will I have the time?” He asked.

“Who knows? You may still get your chance.”

“Even if every time we meet I fuck everything up?”

His voice trembled with uncertainty. He had just realized – while saying it – that it was the simple truth.

“Even if,” she said, then took a cigarette from the packet that was poking out of Leon’s pocket and, with uncertain movement, lighten it up.

Leon enjoyed that casual contact, without thinking he had initially wanted to smoke too. She inhaled the cigarette’s smoke and coughed hard.

“Guess this is not the day I start smoking,” she said putting out the cigarette. Then she stood up, grabbed his hand, and pulled him towards the house.

When he opened his eyes he saw her blonde air dancing in the breeze and, for a moment, the silhouette of the Susan he had met in the dormitory overlapped with the girl that was guiding him, now.

“Let’s go get that last thing, together,” she said.


When Leon closed the door behind his back, she took his hands and pulled him to her. Their faces were so close they could breathe each other; their noses touching, screaming the need they had to experience each other again, already anticipating what was going to happen.

Susan had still to turn on the lights and in the semi-darkness, more than seeing, he could feel her. Their lips met in a slow, uncertain kiss that betrayed some lingering uneasiness in their hearts. But as they bit and tasted each other, as they got used to their scents and to the taste of their kisses, their lips disclosed to let their passion roam free.

Leon began caressing her back, her ass and her breasts, but soon she had a moment of hesitation and interrupted their kiss. Her voice was sweet, almost embarrassed when she whispered in his hear.

“I want to see you. I need to see you are real… and sober, this time.”

Even if the atmosphere had suddenly turned so serious, Leon managed to lighten it up giving her a kiss on the neck.

“I’m very sober, and I never wanted a woman more than I want you, in this moment,” he whispered back, and that – and a light moan his kiss had triggered – was enough for her to relax.

Susan reached the switches and turned the light on. It was the same, dim light that Leon had turned on weeks before when he had managed to drag her inside her house. When his eyes adapted to the light he barely recognized the place, though. Everything was in order, and yet the house was clearly uninhabited now. There was no trace of life, no things left on the shelves, no blankets thrown on the sofa, no plants decorating the corners. No life.

He didn’t have time to linger on the sadness that was growing back inside him as he was hit by the reality of Susan leaving, though, because she grabbed his hand and dragged him to the sofa, were she lay before pulling him over her, as she had done – Leon had thought unconsciously – the first time he had been there.

“This time, you’re not going to stop me.”

Even if she had been the one saying it, Leon had just thought the same: he wasn’t going to stop. And although he had come to her place only to ask for forgiveness – in the beginning – the few minutes they had spent speaking outside had shown him that Susan was, indeed, a girl he could have fancied.

He kissed her neck, taking his time to savour her scent, her taste, licking and biting her soft, smooth skin all the way to her earlobe, then back on her neck, her cheek, and the contour of her lips. She had begun to breathe heavier, and Leon could feel her breast pushing on his own chest. Their tongues met and the passion that had been calculated up to that point, exploded.

She pushed him away only for the time necessary to grab the side of her shirt and pull it over her head, then she pulled herself up on her elbows to invite Leon to unhook her bra, as they started kissing again, enraptured by the need to do something they were meant to do.

Once Susan’s bra fell down, Leon pushed her back to lay on the sofa and looked down. Her breast was marvellous: round, smooth, with small areolas and nipples. They were the best tits he had ever seen, for sure. The few kilograms she had gained over the years and he had thought were somehow spoiling her appearance, were instead giving her sexiness an edge.

He lowered his head to her breasts and began fondling her tits, kissing her skin, licking around her areolas and titillating her nipples that were already standing, waiting to be cuddled. Her moans filled the silence of the empty house, as Leon feasted on that gift of nature, sucking her nipples inside of his mouth, biting them, enjoying everything as if it was the first time. As it felt, indeed, for him.

When Susan lifted her hips and kicked her skirt and panties down on the floor, Leon knew what she wanted. He continued fondling her breast, and his kisses slid down to her stomach, her belly, her mound. He felt the slight grazing of short, untrimmed hair: neither of them had, indeed, planned that encounter, and he didn’t care, anyway. Then Leon felt a hand on his head, gently pushing him down, as she spread her legs. She didn’t want to wait anymore.

He knelt on the floor and looked at Susan as she sat on the sofa, completely naked, looking at him with lust. Then he looked down at her pussy, her glittering lips slightly apart, her needy clitoris already standing, waiting to be teased.

His hands slid on the inner side of her legs, then he caressed the shape of her lips with his thumbs, squeezing them a little, looking at the trail of juices that was already coming out of her. The moans, her laboured breath and the way she writhed under his touch, were telling him it was time to please her. And yet, Leon was enjoying that moment. He was enjoying the look of the girl he – now – wanted to make his.

She must have noticed his sight was lingering on her – or maybe it was because she saw the awe on his face, as he stared – because she couldn’t restrain a light laugh, and said:

“So, you really don’t remember it?”

He was so immersed in his admiration that her words reached him only after a couple of seconds.

“No, and I wonder how could I forget such beauty.”

She smiled, this time with an accomplice smirk, taken aback from the strange compliment.

“Well, look at it as much as you want, and carve it in your memories,” she said, as he started to massage her outer lips again, this time sliding his thumbs on her slit, up and down, teasing her inner lips and her clit.

“But if you… continue… like this…” Her breath became heavier, “I’m going to get crazy… and then,” she said as she slid her hands down her stomach and began caressing her mound in front of his eyes, “I’ll not respond to my own actions anymore, Leon… My dear Leon… ”

Another moan, louder, when one of her fingers reached her clit and began massaging it. And then, Leon’s tongue reached her lips and slid between them, then up until it reached her clit. At first, he licked and sucked her finger that was already wet with her honey. Then he pushed her hand aside and wrapped her clit in his lips. He sucked that small, puffy button, enjoying the way Susan reacted. Slowly, as she became more aware of that man pleasing her, as she got back the trust in him that she had once had, she relaxed.

Leon couldn’t know if that was her true self or not, but he was sure she was at ease… so at ease that, after a while, she began talking in a way it seemed she had become unable to keep her thoughts for herself.

“Mmm… Leon… Yes… it feels so good!” She incited him. “I dreamt… I dreamt of you licking my pussy, of your mouth wrapped around my clit, of your fingers inside me… please, stick your fingers inside me…”

So saying, she was raising her hips and spreading her legs, inviting him inside. Leon slid a fingertip into her. She was so wet that it felt as if she sucked him in. One finger, a second one, slowly pushing them inside of her pussy until he reached so deep he could barely see them. And then, he lowered his head again on her clit and began licking it with passion, sucking it, blowing it in and out of his lips while he teased it with his teeth and tongue.

Leon was in awe. He had never tasted a woman like her. Her loud moans felt natural, and because of that, overly exciting. Her body writhed in pleasure when she began fondling her own breasts, asking him for more.

“Please, Leon, deeper, harder… suck me, lick me… mmm….please… mghh.”

Her orgasm was approaching, and Susan was losing control over herself. Her thighs tightened, her muscles tensed and, suddenly, the pleasure she needed to release exploded.

Leon felt her legs wrapping his head, her hips pushing upwards, her whole body arched as the orgasm reached its peak. Then, when the last wave of pleasure faded away, she relaxed and fell back on the sofa, her legs still spread but totally relaxed, as her expression was. It was clear she had enjoyed it. Leon felt proud of himself.

But he didn’t stop. He continued to cuddle her pussy, licking it with tender laps that covered all its length, grabbing all the juices that had poured out of her, trying to avoid her clitoris for a while, even if he wanted to suck it so much, again.

Susan didn’t complain, though, and so he continued to cuddle her like that for a while, with his fingertips just grazing her inner lips and his tongue caressing her skin. Then, when she noticed her breath had become heavier again and he knew she was ready to continue, he stood up.

Her hands reached instantly to his crotch, to feel it, to tease him. And as she explored his shape, Leon unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down, together with his boxers. His cock, hard from all the playing, sprung out.

Susan looked at it with admiration, and smiled.

“Such joy! Did it get bigger over the years?” She teased him, but it was clear she was happy to finally see it, because as soon as he kicked away his own clothes, she sat on the border of the sofa, wrapped his cock in her hands and lowered her head on it.

He felt her mouth wrapping his tip, her wet, tender tongue lapping it, her lips teasing his shaft all the way, up and down, occasionally licking his balls and her hands continuously massaging him, without pause.

Leon had to gather all his self-control to restrain his orgasm to explode in her mouth. How could he had ever forgotten a girl like that? He wondered. He had never received such passionate oral sex, in his entire life. It felt as if that girl had not desired anything but his cock, for her entire life.

“Please, stop… Susan… it’s too good…” He said, and again her smile welcomed him, telling him everything was ok.

“You know you can cum in my mouth,” and she lowered her head again on his cock, without waiting for an answer, wrapping his shaft and pushing her head down until his tip grazed her throat.

“I have other plans. So you mind?” He said pushing her head away again. He was really on the edge, he needed a small break.

“Ooh, such a gentleman, in this age? I guess I should be glad, and go with the flow…”

And that saying she stood up and, never losing eye contact with him, sat astride of him on the sofa.

Leon grabbed her breasts and soon brought a nipple to his mouth.  He felt her fingers around his cock, the wetness of her pussy lips meeting his tip, and her weight when she pushed down her body on him, taking his entire length inside her.

“Ooh, Leon, it does feel so big… it feels so good!”

Leon was completely caught in the heat of the moment. He was sucking her nipples alternatively, biting them, licking every inch of her body he could reach, kissing her chest, her neck, her mouth, as she jumped up and down on him.

He grabbed her ass with both hands, giving her the right rhythm for him to resist the most. But the touch of her firm ass, of her smooth, sexy skin, nearly gave him on the verge of cumming.

It was Susan to give him the final push, though. She looked into his eyes and as her hips frantically moved up and down on his cock, she managed to speak.

“Would you cum inside me, Leon? Please… cum inside me…”

It was all he needed. He could not have resisted more.

He tensed, pushed his cock inside her stopping all the way inside, and then he felt it: her muscles gripping his cock again, her breath broken, her head reclined with her eyes closed as another orgasm suddenly hit her. He released his first spurt of cum inside her like that, without being able to discern which of the pleasure he was experiencing was part of his orgasm and which was part of hers.

They had become one.


Only later, when the passion had faded away and they had simply the desire to hug each other lying on the sofa; when the sound of their breath was enough to reassure both of them that they had been together for real, Susan spoke.

“I can’t stay here, you know. I’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

Leon had thought she would have gotten more emotional, at the time of their departure.

“Will you come back?” He thought, and yet she seemed to understand.

“Eventually, when this project end. Do you think there’s a chance for us?” She said.

“I don’t know. I need to get used to you again, or maybe I need to get used to myself. Or simply to the fact we are not always on the same wavelength. When I met you a few weeks ago, I couldn’t recognize you: we have grown, and we have grown apart.”

They were harsh, too rational words, and the silence that followed had the sound of thousands of unasked questions.

“But we can try. After all, even the perfect musical instrument needs to be properly tuned when playing with others.”

He smiled, hugging her, and she lifted her head from his chest to be able to meet his lips in a quick, tender kiss.

“Not every tune needs to be played in perfect pitch.”

Then she rolled over his body. She felt so light, Leon thought when she sat on him and started kissing him again with renewed passion.

“We’ve got the whole night and I don’t want you to forget about me again, while I’ll be away.”

Then her kisses moved from his lips to his neck, then his chest and down to his stomach and beyond.

“Let’s make some new memories.”



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