Her Blue Nail Polish – Part 3

Her body felt softer than he expected. Mark lingered in the act of kissing her, without haste. It was the moment he’d never thought to dream of; it was the moment she had dreamt for so long. And yet, there was no need to obtain everything at once, just a calm flow that had taken possession of their bodies.

Each of their gesture was tender, slow, and elegant. Each of their gesture carried the time they had lost, and the time they were going to have.

She closed her eyes: her hands caressed his hair as she had never done, touched his head as to find and plaster in her mind each and every detail of it.

His lips traced their way from her still closed lips to her cheek, and again to her ear, and when a shock of pleasure shuddered her body, her lips finally opened to unleash a restrained moan.

It was enough for Mark. His hands slid down her back, his mouth back to hers, his tongue now eager to take away her breath. He pushed her against the wall and there they kissed each other, they rediscovered their bodies with the wisdom of an experienced couple.

Then their fronts met, they looked into their eyes and smiled each other, and their clothes fell down one by one until what leant against that wall were not two naked bodies anymore, but one.

Paula lifted a leg to invite him in, and soon Marl was pushing his manliness inside her, thrusting her up against the wall. There was no need to reach the bed: that small place at the entrance of his apartment had become their alcove, their shelter, their love nest.

There, no words were able to express what their bodies did. Only her moans as she breathed heavily on his shoulder, and his groans as all of his muscles tensed in the act of possessing her for the first time.

Paula kissed him again, smiled at him naughtily pushing him out and away just enough to give her the space to turn around. Then she looked back over her shoulder and arched her back to invite him in again, from behind.

Mark looked at the ponytail falling on her beautiful neck, at her sexy shoulders, at her back and down, at her perfect ass. Then made his way inside her again.
She moaned harder than before, now, and pushed her hips back at him each thrust, to feel the most of his hardness inside her. One of her hands had disappeared in front of her, and Mark could feel her fingers grazing his shaft as Paula frantically rubbed her clitoris, looking for an orgasm she had waited too much for.

And when she reached her climax, Mark too was engulfed in the majesty of the moment to realise he was exploding too: her entire body shuddered, her legs trembled Mark had to support her body to prevent her from falling.

They stayed like that, standing, with the entire weight of Mark pushing her against the wall. And as his sex slid out, as his semen fell on the floor, they started kissing again, ready to give birth to a new beginning.



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