Becoming an Author – What Do I Write?

It may be strange, but it’s a question I’ve been thinking of a lot, in the past days.

What do I write?

I need to understand, clearly, what I write about. Otherwise there is no way I can reach the readers’ heart.

I write fiction, erotic fiction, that’s for sure.

I write erotica, usually contemporary erotic romance. I mean, I don’t write a sequence of emotionless acts: that would be simply porn. You can write porn too, of course, but it’s not what I do, nor what I want to do (hey, help me here! Am I getting this right?).

So, I write feelings. Hot, explicit stories where the feeling of the characters is the main asset.

As I wrote in my presentation, I want to create characters that grow out of my control. And that’s made with feelings, not with acts, I suppose. Actions are easily controlled.

What about the genres?

“Erotic romance” is a genre, for sure, but it’s not specific at all. AND Some of my stories, I agree, cannot fall in a specific category.

There are tales I may put in some “erotic thriller” category. 

Others fall in the vouyer, exhibitionist, public sex categories. There’s a tale I wrote – I’ll publish for sure, eventually – that it’s about an indian, spoiled girl, with a fetish for nordic men.

That seems a very specific category to me. I’ll need some marketing advice.

What I don’t write?

I don’t write paranormal erotica. I don’t write about aliens, warewolves, vampires. I dont’ write taboo.

I don’t write BSDM, not only-BSDM stories at least.


So, this post will be here as a collection of ideas, and a mental exercise. 

And will maybe be updated in the future, when I realise something I’m still, for sure, missing.

But what about you? Did you ever write down the definition of what you want to write, what you need to write, what you think you write… and maybe what you should write?


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