Unbreakable Curse – Part 9

Unbreakable Curse – Part 9

“I believe you, and I’ll need your help!”

His confession, the evening before, had created the effect he had hoped. Maggie had appeared at his side from the early morning the day afterwards, and they had spoken and cuddled while the dawn slowly coloured the world, until it was time for Ed to go to work.

What kind of help?” she asked.

“Yesterday you spoke about a notebook, can you describe it to me?”

“Mmmm…” the ghost mumbled, as if to recall from her memories, “It was a small notebook – an address book maybe? – and I think it was green. He took it from above the desk and when Rose… when she had finished… he put it away inside a drawer. I didn’t check what was written on it, though.

“Would you go inside that office again and check the notebook’s location, today? We’ll then meet in the bathroom before lunch-time, and you’ll tell me where it is, OK? I have a plan.”

They didn’t speak about that matter much, anymore. Ed left and reached the office, where he spent the morning trying to concentrate on his clients, without being able to do much. He knew he was going to take risks that day, more than he had ever done in his entire life. And yet more than scared, he was feeling excited. That day he was going to act as the old Edward would have never done, that day he was going to take the initiative.

As soon as his colleagues started leaving their desks and leaving for lunch, he headed to the bathroom. Once inside, he checked nobody was there and called out for Maggie.

“Hey, are you there?”, he whispered.

Of course, I’m here,” a faint light replied, appearing at his side.

“Did you find it?”

“Yes, it’s still there, in the drawer.

Ed smiled, knowing the manager and Rose would soon be gone for lunch.

But there was still a problem. If there were really such documents in that room, the man would lock it for sure, and Ed needed to find a way to enter into his locked office.

That’s why he had to act that day: it was Friday and he knew the cleaning lady was going to start cleaning offices around lunch-time.  As he had noticed ages before, she usually began with the meeting room, following with the adjacent manager’s office.

The old lady was a 60ish-year-old woman from eastern Europe who had somehow taken a liking to him, probably due to the politeness he had no problem showing to anyone, not even a menial employee like her. They used to exchange greetings though, nothing more, and so asking her directly would have both required a good excuse not to arose suspicions and a good dose of her collaboration he wasn’t sure he could get.

But he had another, simpler option that completely depended on Maggie, though.

“Maggie, will you be able to do something for me?” he asked.

If I can, I’ll do anything for you, Ed,” she said, and for a brief instant Ed’s thoughts filled with any kind of naughty scenes. He fought them back, though, aware that wasn’t the moment to think about her luscious body, her nice white skin, her-

“Damn,” he thought, getting a hold of himself again, then he continued.

“As soon as the cleaning lady opens the manager’s office, I need you to create a diversion in the meeting room she’ll have just cleaned. I need you to make some noise, to break something, to dirty something. Would you be able to do so, for me? I’ll need enough time to enter the office and get the notebook, nothing more,” he asked.

Maggie, though, didn’t seem convinced when she answered him.

I… I don’t know… I never… never forced myself into getting in touch with your world, I…

He knew what he was asking her wasn’t an easy feat, but he had witnessed it more than once, she could do it, he was sure!

“We know you can do it, you just need some powerful thought, some powerful emotions. Think about it, Maggie. Is there something powerful enough for you to reach this world?” he asked, but he had no time to wait for an answer only she could find.

He could already hear the noise of the vacuum cleaner. He had to reach a place where he could keep an eye on the meeting room, and he had to do it soon.

Ed opened the door and exited the bathroom, then walked across the corridor until he reached his desk. He waited there until the noise coming from the vacuum cleaner in the meeting room stopped.

“Maggie, please, check if the manager’s office is empty, now,” he whispered.

After a moment in which he imagined the ghost flying to the other side of the room, and back, she answered.

Nobody is there.

Ed instinctively turned his head towards the top left, where she was supposedly floating.


Soon, the cleaning lady poked her nose in the hallway, dragging the vacuum cleaner back into the corridor, followed by her cleaning trolley. She closed the meeting room and switched to the manager’s office.

Then, as soon as she turned the key and opened the door a crack, he put the ghost into action.

“Now it’s the time. Please, I’m counting on you, Maggie.”

The ghost didn’t answer, she wasn’t by his side anymore.


The cleaning lady entered the office.

“Please, Maggie… Please!” he begged, and in that moment he heard a loud crash coming from the meeting room.

The lady must have heard it too, because she froze in the motion of dragging the vacuum cleaner inside the office, put the hose on the floor and went back to check the meeting room. After a couple of seconds, she came out again. She was talking in a language Ed didn’t know, and yet he knew she was cursing.

She took the vacuum cleaner and dragged it back to the meeting room, leaving the nearby office door open.

Maggie had done her job.

Ed stood up, looked around and inside the meeting room where the cleaning lady was still swearing while trying to pull up a fallen plant. Judging from the amount of soil on the floor, it would take some time for her to clean it. He sneaked into the office, closing the door enough not to be seen from the outside, then ran towards the desk.

But when he tried to open the drawers, he realized they were locked.

“Fuck!” he whispered to himself, then thought Maggie could help him.

“Maggie, Maggie! Where’s the key?”

The ghost appeared almost instantly.


“The key! The drawers are locked! I need you to find the key! Damnit…”

Ed was feeling on the edge. He tried to force the drawers open but he couldn’t make too much noise and thus couldn’t put much strength in the act. After a couple of seconds, though, Maggie spoke.

Under the desk!

He knelt and looked under the desk. Luckily, the bastard kept the key hidden in that very same room. Ed pulled the key out of a narrow crack in the wood and opened the drawers. There, in the second one, he found a black and green, small notebook.

Ed, the lady has finished! Ed!

Maggie was calling for him. He stood up and run to the door, realizing only at the last moment he had forgotten the key in the keyhole.

He ran back and slid under the desk to put the key in its place, and in that moment the cleaning lady exited the meeting room. His heart sank when he saw her legs in the frame of the door, from under the desk: he was going to get busted.

But then something happened. Again, he heard a crash coming from the same meeting room, and again the cleaning lady ran away and started hysterically screaming in her native language. As soon as he heard her voice from the nearby room, he sneaked out of the office and ran to his desk, where he hid the notebook inside his knapsack.

The notebook was his. Now, he just had to take it to his boss.


“A plant, uh?” Ed asked in the evening while drinking his usual cup of tea.

Maggie was floating in the darkness, in front of him. It was strange to see her being that clear, that solid, in such a normal situation.

“How did you do that?”

“I just… Did it,” she said looking away, and this made Edward even more curious.

“What did you think about?” he asked.

“I… I can’t…” she stuttered.

“Pleeease, you know I’m curious. Did you… Did you think about Rose?” he said, tentatively. Knowing that could be a delicate topic to touch.

“I did.”

“Oh,” Ed said, remembering how jealous she had been before about the girl, and how her body had reacted. And decided not to investigate furthermore. The last thing he wanted, was an angry ghost inside his flat, again.

But she soon continued speaking of her own accord.

“It didn’t work, though. When I thought about her I couldn’t touch anything. I guess… I think it’s because of you. I feel more… secure.”

Well, that weas good news, he thought. Indeed, there was no meaning to her jealousy anymore.

“So, what did you do? I mean… you did everything perfectly, and you even did it two times. You really saved my ass out there,” he said with a clear hint of admiration in his voice that she didn’t miss. That gave her the courage to continue.

“So, when I was thinking of her and I realized I am not jealous anymore, I thought of you. I thought of yesterday, I thought of your words,” she said, her body glittering with emotions. “And then I felt my entire body burning, and everything around me became solid and… I just knew I could do it.”

As his heart filled with feelings for her, Edward thought those words felt like a confession.

“I think, what you said to me yesterday, are the most powerful words anyone has ever said to me,” she said. “And even if I can’t remember, I’m sure I never experienced this, even when I was alive.”

Edward had no doubts. He thought that him being aware of her story wasn’t fair, he would have had to tell her, sooner or later.

Then the entire atmosphere in the room changed. She flew in front of him and kissed him. She soon felt his tongue playing with hers, and his hands caressing her body, looking for a way to her naked skin.

“Come with me,” he said standing up, his body for a moment intermingling with hers. Then he headed to the bedroom, quickly got naked and lay on the bed.

“Ooh, aren’t we getting hasty, here?” she giggled, but her nightgown had already slid down and, as she flew and landed on him, he could already feel her naked skin and the light caress of the hair between her legs, on his groin.

“I want you,” he said, a little more seriously than he had wanted to sound.

“I love you,” she answered without a hint of uncertainty in her voice, and Ed felt shivers running through his entire body as they started kissing with passion, as their tongues twirled and tasted each other and he felt the light caress of her teeth biting his lips.

Margaret began moving her hips up and down, grazing his cock that was already standing proudly between his legs, caressing it in its entire length. He moaned in pleasure, inside her mouth, and she chuckled realizing he was getting lost in the pleasure, too.

Then she slid her hips a little farther to the top until she could feel his cock grazing her butt and she could give him her tits to lick. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the feeling his lips on her breast, his tongue tickling her nipple up and down, then sucking it.

She pushed her hips down again until she felt the tip of his cock rubbing her pussy lips, and further down until her breast was unreachable to his mouth, but her lips were.

Again, they engaged in a kiss filled with love. Again, she sat on his hardness and began moving her hips back and forth. Ed felt it all, that night. He felt her wetness dripping on his shaft, he felt her lips rubbing his manliness and her clit pulling his skin up and down, teasing his glans.

He reached down with his hands and was somehow able to caress her back, to feel her ass, to guide her movements up and down to caress his overexcited sex.

And then, between a kiss and another, she arched her back and pushed her hips down, towards him. Her body shuddered in the air, her moans grew louder and she exploded in an orgasm that felt anticipated and yet of unexpected intensity.

Then, when she calmed down and stopped biting his lips in the heat of her pleasure, she began moving her hips up and down again, for a while, knowing his orgasm was soon due.

Edward exploded, spurting his cum all over his own stomach and chest, whispering words of arousal, and love. Then she lay on his side and, to his utter surprise, he could feel her body pushing against his chest, her hand caressing his belly as she tried to play with the white proof of his pleasure.

There, as they lay on the bed cuddling, his mind relaxed and cleared of all its doubts. He realized the time to speak with her had come.

“I got an idea,” he said.

“What?” she asked, curiously, and only then Ed realized her voice had been clear the entire evening.

“Don’t you want to know why your body acts like this, and if there is a way to become part of this world, at will?” he asked.

She flew over him and looked straight into his eyes. This time it was her voice to become suddenly serious.

“And how could we know it? I don’t think there is someone who-“

“I may know someone,” he reassured her. “But it may come with a price. Are you ready to learn about your past, about what you had to suffer when you were a human?”

She looked at him with questioning eyes. Ed was sure she was wondering already how much he knew about her and to what extent he had hidden that something from her. But it wasn’t the time for that discussion. As he had believed her the morning of that same day, she was going to believe him, to trust in his call.

“Let’s do it tomorrow.”

Even if it was a long shot, he believed that woman could help them. He reassured himself: knowing her own past when she couldn’t remember anything about it, wasn’t going to be a problem.

While he fell asleep, as Margaret flew by his side and looked at him, he was smiling. One of those smiles without worries, a smile of a happy man looking ahead to the future.

The smile on Maggie’s face, though, was bitter and sorrowful.


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