Unbreakable Curse – Part 7

Unbreakable Curse – Part 7

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That night Maggie disappeared and didn’t answer to Ed’s calls. He had so many questions, so many doubts, that he didn’t manage to sleep until late night.

As a result, he tried everything to get asleep: he tidied up the room from the mess Maggie had done, he tried to read a comic without – of course – being able to concentrate on it at all. In the end he resorted to a bottle of whiskey he had long forgotten unopened.

The next the morning he felt like shit. His head ached, his body didn’t want to move. The half-consumed bottle of whiskey on the desk and the cramps in his stomach were telling him he’d drunk too much.

For the first time since ages, he called sick at work and spent the day home. Most of the morning sleeping and trying to get better, then after lunch answering important customer emails. By the evening, he was feeling good again, but the fact Maggie had not appeared since the evening before had started to bug him.

“Maggie, come out, fuck!” he yelled, “I need to speak with you, it’s important!”

But there was no answer. It was only in the late evening when the crepuscule had won the day and the apartment fell in an almost total obscurity, that after the umpteenth call and a menace not to play with her ever again, she appeared.

“Finally, where the hell have you been?” Ed asked, upset.

I was here, just didn’t feel like being visible,” Maggie answered piqued.

Both of them were indeed a little angry at each other, but Ed knew that it was only his fault. So, after a while, he forced himself to speak with her normally and the conversation finally turned back to the usual tones.

“You understand the importance of what happened yesterday?” he asked.

That’s nothing new. It happened in the past already, a couple of times,” she answered casually.

“Really? And you never thought to tell me?”

I never thought this could be something that important…

“It is fucking important!” Ed said, realizing he was slowly getting heated up again and forcing himself to stay calm. “Yesterday… Yesterday it felt as if I could really touch you. And I thought I was going crazy, I thought it was only my imagination, but I was really feeling you! Do you understand how important it is, for me?”

I felt it too.

“You did… Me? You felt-”

Your tongue. On me. For a while, it was as if you were really… Mmm…There, licking me.

He was dumbfounded, without words. For a moment he wondered why the ghost hadn’t told him so, the evening before. Then he remembered again what had happened, how he had turned the evening for the worst and didn’t ask.

“Do you… Feel anything? I mean, do you feel your own body? Do you feel… emotions?”

This last question had bugged Ed since the previous night. She was a ghost, and yet she had gotten that angry from his words. He understood he could have realized it before, actually, because there would be no way for her to ask him to play for her, as she had done the evening before if she was just an emotionless shell.

I do. In my world I’m real. Actually, I think we see each other in a similar way. Apart from you, I see the world around me almost transparent, depending on my emotions. But I see myself as real, concrete.

“I supposed so yesterday… It was so sexy, how you touched yourself as I was licking you…”

Maggie looked away.

I… mmmm… I practised…


Please, don’t let me tell you every detail, Ed!” she almost yelled, but her voice when she continued was back to a bittersweet tone. “The truth is, since I began looking at you, I have felt new… Sensations. My body acquired a new self-consciousness… And then I found myself… Wet… And then I looked at your… Cock… At the videos, at what those girls were doing and… I tried it… And-”

She stopped as if she had already said too much. But Ed wanted to know, Ed wanted to hear it from her lips.

“And?” he asked.

And I realized I feel my body, completely. I don’t know if I ever experienced it in my previous life, but… The pleasure I can give myself now, since I know you, it’s something completely new for me. Strong, powerful, melting…

Of all the revelations he had had that day, this was the thing that shocked him the most. The ghost in front of him had just told him it had masturbated and liked to do it.

He walked to the kitchen, silently. He poured some water in the electric kettle, switched it on and sat on the chair looking at the bubbles slowly forming on its outer glass, his mind actually filled with all kind of thoughts.

The ghost had played with him all that time, and he had never thought she could be that real. She was no ghost anymore, she was just a girl living with him, interacting with him, pleasing him all the time. And she had been for weeks, already.

In all that time – he felt a rush of blood to his head as the realization embarrassed him – he had never thought about pleasing her. Saying it had been very unpolite of him, was an understatement.

The kettle switch clicked back to the off position waking him up from his thought. But he had already decided what to do.


The floated closed to him.

“May I play with you, tonight?”


Ed thought they’d never felt like that anymore, after what had happened until that day, but after having asked her that question they fell in an awkward silence for a while, as if their intimacy was not – as he had wrongly supposed – still strong enough.

But even if it was clear to him she was embarrassed about the whole thing, Maggie found the courage to raise her sight and meet his eyes. Then with a tentative, whispered voice, answered her “Yes”.

Ed stood up and moved to the other side of the table, where she was floating just a few inches above the floor. As he approached her, he thought he had never realized how short she was.

He looked into her eyes, and her chin rose as if she already knew what was coming. When their lips met, Maggie was already unconsciously shifting her essence to this world, and Ed could feel a light graze, like the touch of a feather, caressing his lips.

A shiver ran down his spine. He was kissing a ghost, for real. Then he fought back his thought: it wasn’t a spirit anymore, it was Maggie, the girl he lived with. The girl he-

The feeling of her nightgown shoulder strap under his fingers, as he caressed her shoulders, distracted him from his thoughts. Sliding his hands down her shoulders, he managed to hook her straps that fell down on her arms. Aware of their bodies finally connecting, feeling one each other, excitement grew inside him.

As they continued kissing each other, feeling their lips and mouths, trying to grasp the most they could of the other body with their tongues, Maggie left her gown to fall down on the ground. And then, Ed embraced her. He circled her tiny, frail body with his arms; he caressed her back, her shoulders while his kisses – from time to time – roamed down to her neck and back again to her lips.

Mmmm… Ed…

Maggie moaned, feeling Edward’s hand on her hips, on her stomach, and up to cup one of her tits. He had closed his eyes, concentrating on the slight feedback that her body was giving to his fingers, to his palms, and as such he could follow her silhouette, her shapes. He felt the hint of a nipple grazing his palm, he reached it with two fingers.

Ooh, please… Ed… I…

She couldn’t finish her sentence. Ed had lowered his head and has brought her other nipple to his lips, and gently sucking and tenderly circling his tongue around it, he was causing her entire body to shiver.

Instinctively, he tried to grab her shoulders, but her body wasn’t solid enough and he grasped only air.

“May I help you?” she giggled. As her body acquired consistency, her voice had become clear.

“I guess… either you float higher, or you’ll follow me to-“

Maggie interrupted him.

“Have you ever seen a video with a floating girl?” she asked, and Ed – startled – took a few moments before answering, as he thought about what her question implied.

Of course, he had never seen anything like that.

“That would be something only you can do, in this world,” he said.

Maggie smiled, and her floating body began to rise. Slowly, she brought her head up until her lips met his. Their kiss lasted for a while, as Ed could now clearly feel her tongue against his, her lust and arousal growing. Then she broke off the kiss and slowly rose again. Every couple of inches, she would stop and wait until his lips touched her body: first her neck, then her chest and breasts were covered in his tender, passionate kisses. Then she rose again, flying up until his lips were past her belly, and beyond.

Ed, standing in the semidarkness of the kitchen, could do nothing but wait for her, and abide by her intentions. Then, when his lips reached the brown bush covering her mound, she flew her naked body higher and slid her legs astride his face, imaginary resting her knees on his shoulders.

She lay in the air, her legs gently spread like that in front of his face, silently asking him for his tongue to give her the same pleasure he had given her the night before.

Ed looked in front of him: her body was almost completely solid, her sex clearer than the night before. He kissed her thighs alternatively, feeling her skin against his lips.

“Ed… oh, Ed… Please… “

He knew what she wanted, and he wanted to give it to her. He slid up to her mound, caressed her hairs with his chin, and kissed her still unexposed clit and her slightly opened lips. Then, as if she’d understood what he needed, she reached down with both her hands and spread her lips, inviting him to feast on her.

Ed could clearly see her wetness now, and her swollen clit waiting for his attention. He thought he could feel her scent, too, but he wasn’t sure of it until he pulled out his tongue and gently lapped her pussy from the bottom to the top and, surprisingly, noticed he could feel a slight taste.

He licked around her clit, then titillated it moving his tongue up and down, enjoying her loud moans. Then he slid a hand between her legs and, as he sucked her clit into his mouth and began gently blowing it, he started caressing her between her lips.

“Ooh God, Ed… Ooh… Don’t stop…”

The girl was twirling in the air in excitement, her body trembling and shuddering under Ed’s sapient touch. Her hips were moving up and down, pushing her clit against his tongue, her lips against his chin, and doing so his fingertips each thrust deeper inside her.

Maggie seemed the one to be possessed, that night, by some kind of sex goddess. She could only moan and wiggle her body towards him to get the most pleasure she could. At some point, she flew away from him and stood again, in front of him. Ed had never seen her eyes so filled with lust, or the naughty smile she put on anticipating a passionate kiss, followed by her body turning around in the air, head down, her knees once again resting on his shoulders but, this time, her face just an inch from his groin.

He knew what he had to do. He reached down and lowered his trousers and boxers. His cock that had been constraint inside them until now, sprang out. Then he felt a strange sensation: a light, engulfing touch that caressed the tip of his cock, followed by the most delicate sucking he had ever experienced in his life. Maggie was giving him a blowjob, and this time he knew his mind was not playing tricks on him.

He slid his tongue up and down her pussy again, sucking her clit and lips, teasing her holes with his fingers waiting for their excitement to reach the climax. Ed felt her wetness growing on his fingers and tongue, her inner walls relaxing allowing him to slide even further inside her.

And soon, he couldn’t restrain himself anymore, and he exploded in her mouth. He spurted his cum on her tongue, feeling its gentle touch on the tip of his cock as he continued to shoot the white, warm stream through her.

It took him only a couple of licks then, to make her cum too.

“Edward… I’m sorry… Ed… I’m… Aww…”

Her entire body arched in the air, her legs gripped his head with such strength Ed was sure – in that moment – she was as real as any other girl.

“Yes… Yes… Oh my… Mmmmghh…”

And she came, pouring transparent juices on his fingers as he continued blowing her clit, gently, tenderly, letting her relax after her orgasm.

On his lips, he could still feel her wetness. On his fingers too.

He looked at them: her juices glittered there for some moment. He touched them, he played with them while they slowly faded away, leaving no trace of the orgasm she had just gifted him with.


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