Unbreakable Curse – Part 6

Unbreakable Curse – Part 6

The realization Maggie had had such a harsh life had made her more real than before, in Ed’s eyes.

In the past days, she had asked him more than once if anything was wrong because, for a few times, he had got distracted by his own thoughts while looking at her.

In fact, he had found himself looking at her and wondering what would happen if she’d remembered everything about her life. He wondered even if he was meant to be the one supposed to tell her. Maybe that was the role destiny had reserved for him, in her story.

“The legend of the chained bride”, though, was yet to come to an end, and Edward – with mixed feelings, having grown fond of her – had decided to give it a try.

It wasn’t easy as he thought. He wanted to do some research on the topic, but Margaret was always with him. Doing it in secret meant he had to use his smartphone device that – he had noticed – had strangly no allure on her.

Day after day, evening after evening, he read books and websites on the small device, without coming to a solution. All he found were suggestions and hints, nothing else. And of course, he was probably the only living person possessed by a ghost: no surprise he couldn’t find anything useful about the matter.

In the end, it seemed the only thing he could do was make her feel part of his world, make her feel “real”. It wasn’t going to break her curse, but at least she would have lived a long, happy life. Or Death, he thought with sorrow.

Once again the thought of that girl living forever in that state – even if he had no idea of what her perception of time was – gave him the chills. Once again he realized he knew little about her.

Anyway, making her existence better – for the short time of his life at least – didn’t seem that difficult a task. They had already found a level of confidence and intimacy Edward had never had with anyone else. Man, or woman.

Almost every evening, the ghost would ask him if he was going to play with himself or not. It had become like a silly game between them: he would say “no” for a couple of times, and she would try to convince him to do it. She had used Rose a lot of times already for that purpose, and of course every time Ed’s refusing hadn’t lasted long. Eventually, he would touch himself in front of her; “for” her. He found a strange pleasure in the way she looked at him, with a mixture of curiosity and lust that showed him how much she liked it. He simply couldn’t resist that look.

That night, though, at the usual refusal, Maggie didn’t play along with him. She just mumbled something, and then kept silent.

Ed, lying on his bed, couldn’t concentrate on his book anymore.

“Is anything wrong?” he asked, worried.

Nothing,” Maggie said, then turned around.

Now, Edward wasn’t as much of an expert in women as he would have liked to be, but if there was something he knew, it was that a “nothing” said like that meant at least a “something“. So he didn’t desist, and asked again.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


“Please, it’s clear enough something is up with you, and I’m the only one you can talk to, anyway. Why don’t you take advantage of me?”

At those words, she turned around to face him.

I was thinking…” she began, and made a dramatic pause before continuing, “that maybe… tonight we could play a different game.”

It was the first time she had taken such an initiative, and Edward – even if taken aback by it – was already curious to know what she had in mind. Yet, he decided to tease her a little more.

“Mmmmm… Well, I can’t answer without knowing which game you have in mind, Margaret,” he said.

Margaret looked away and – staring at an unspecified point below the window – explained herself.

I was thinking of just me and you: no videos, no fantasies, no Rose. I want to try to… Mmmm… I want to try to be the one exciting you, tonight.”

Ed thought for a while. The voice tone of her last words was extremely serious. It was a strange request, coming from her, but if it was the cause of her uneasiness… Why not? But he continued his teasing.

“You already tried that, didn’t you?”

This time the ghost’s answer came so quickly, it seemed she had had it prepared all along.

Never from the start, never for the entire time… It was just a silly though… Neverm-

Edward didn’t wait for her to finish the sentence, he didn’t want to give her a chance to withdraw, now. He closed his book and shifted his body backwards, sitting on the bed with his back against the headboard.

“I’m all yours, Maggie,” he said, “Show me what you’ve got.”

And the ghost turned its eyes on him, and it wasn’t a ghost anymore.

Margaret had never been so well defined, before. He almost couldn’t see through her, now, and her eyes were clear, determined, lustful. Looking at her from the bed, he began feeling warm below his stomach.

The girl danced for him, waving her body in a similar way to what she had done the first time he had agreed to masturbate in front of her. This time, though, as she waved her body left and right, she brought her hands to her shoulders and, to Ed’s utter surprise, she pulled down her shoulder straps and let her nightgown slide down off her, to the floor, where it disappeared.

In front of him, now, there was only a beautiful, alluring, naked brunette.

Am I pretty?” she asked while caressing her head and adjusting her hair.

She wasn’t covering her body with her arms, but it was clear she was feeling embarrassed. She moved her hands nervously, not knowing what to do with them, standing there in front of him, naked, for the first time.

Edward was still unable to speak, his mouth semi-opened in awe, as his eyes roamed over her body. Her dark hair was melting with the night behind her, her skin was pale and smooth, more real than it had ever appeared before.

“V… Ve… Very pretty,” he stuttered.

Like those girls in the movies?” she asked again. His words were giving her the courage to continue the game. She turned around, showed him her back, her naked ass, then again to face him.

“No, you are definitely… Prettier,” Ed said, swallowing the saliva that had watered his mouth.

Her body was even better than he had imagined. She was thin, with round, perky tits, and hips a little larger than he was used to liking. Between her legs, he could see a small bush of dark hair. All in all, it was perfect: everything just fitted her.

“Good answer,” she giggled. Ed noticed that even her voice, now, sounded clearer than ever. There was almost no trace of reverb anymore, no artefacts in it.

“Am I… Sexy?” she asked again, caressing the sides of her naked body from her hips up, tracing the shape of her tits with her fingers.

Ed followed her hands with his eyes, curling the corner of his lips in a slight smile. The girl, he thought, had definitely paid attention to the movies. Rather than a stripper or a porn actress, though, she resembled a goddess come down to the earth to meet, mesmerize and finally possess him.

Yes, he was possessed by a hell of a pretty ghost. But there was no time for thinking: the girl was looking at him, waiting for an answer to what, now, seemed of a rhetorical question.

Because as she approached him and crawled onto the bed, his briefs were already forming a tent.

“Maggie… You are beautiful,” he said, looking at the girl advancing towards him.

Even more than by her appearance and her attitude, he was amazed by her moves. She was controlling her body as if she was there with him, a real woman, with her feet on the ground, subjected to the same Law of Gravity that ruled any other object in his world.

“I asked if I’m sexy,” she insisted. Her voice tone, though, was playful and teasing.

The ghost was now kneeling astride him, lowering her body and head as she spoke, towards his face.

She almost lightly touched his lips with hers, in an imperceptible kiss, a teasing that Ed could have never been able to feel because their bodies were cursed to live separately, to never come in contact one with another. And yet it felt so real, as if their lips had actually touched, as if her perky nipples were rubbing his chest, her hips grabbing his own, her pussy caressing his crotch.

She kissed his chest, grazing his nipples and stomach. Yes, she was a ghost, but in his mind, Ed could feel all of those kisses. Looking down, he could see her lips cuddling his cock, and the tent on his briefs twitching as his hardness inside pulsated.

“You are sexy… Overly sexy,” was the only thing he managed to say looking straight into her eyes as he mimicked caressing his bulge with her hand.

“Can you… Mmm… Help me?” she asked, looking up at him.

The abrupt meeting with the harsh reality, in that moment, made them both laugh.

“Aww, sorry…” he said lowering his briefs and tossing them away.

His cock sprang out; hard, swollen with excitement.

“I have wanted to see it like this for a long time… I have been wanting to play with your cock more every day, and I don’t understand why. All I know is… I want you to look at me, to look at what I feel when I look at you from this close, and to touch yourself for me,” she said, pronouncing her words in one breath.

The time for playing was long finished. Edward spread his legs, slid a hand down his stomach and grabbed his cock. He could see drops of pre-cum glittering on its tip, and as he began stroking it he realized he was completely wet already.

He looked down at Maggie. Her face was inches from his cock, her eyes filled with lust as she tried to caress it with her intangible hands, as she tried to lick it from the balls up, its entire length, with the shape of her tongue. The view turned Edward on more than usual, so much that he had to stop stroking himself because he wanted it to last a little longer.

“Don’t stop, please.”

“I… I need to… just for a moment…”

“I want you to cum for me… please, Edward, don’t I turn you on enough?”

“You do… too much…”

“Too much… There is no “Too Much”. What about… Like this?”

That saying, she turned around on him.

He couldn’t recall in which movie they had seen it, but she had definitely got a grasp of it. She waited for him to lie on the bed and knelt astride him, spreading her legs and lowering her hips on his face, and then her mouth on his cock again.

Edward had temporarily lost interest in his own cock though: in front of his face, there was Maggie’s pussy; open, wet, needy. Her black hairs adorned the area around her lips but didn’t cover her shapes at all. Instinctively, he lifted his head to lick her, to please her, but all he met was the thin air in front of him.

He was beginning to feel bad about it, distracted from what he was supposed to do, when she slid a hand between her legs and started to touch herself. Her fingertips rubbed her clit, her fingers slid in and out of her parted lips. And beyond it, through the slight transparency of her body, he could see her hands cupping his balls, her tongue working around his tip.

He grabbed his cock again and stroked it like that, in front of her face, while he looked at how the ghost pleased herself. And in no time, he was cumming. Spurt after spurt, white shots flew through her face, through her body, on his stomach.

With his eyes closed, he waited for the waves of his orgasm to fade. Then, just out of habit, he said it.

“That was fantastic, Rose.”

And it was chaos.

When he opened his eyes, Maggie was floating in front of him, and there was no trace of all the tenderness, all the beauty she had had moments before.

Her hair had risen above her shoulders, her eyes had become emotionless holes, her body as concrete as it could be, so much Ed couldn’t see the wardrobe behind her at all, now. But her voice was now so deep, so filled with harmonics and artefacts, that he could barely understand her as she yelled at him.

I hate you!

For the first time, looking at the ghost now flying around the room completely out of control, he felt scared.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

Chills ran down his spine, as he sat motionless, frozen, on the bed, until the ghost seemed to calm down. Her hair fell back on her shoulders, her body turned back to a faint glow in the darkness. Edward noticed she was wearing her nightgown, again.

Then her shoulders curved, her face fell into her hands, and she started sighing.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I’m sorry Ed… I’m so sorry… I scared you… I…”

Her usual words, her signature: she was sorry.

But Ed knew it was only his fault: he had made a naïve mistake, and had hurt her feelings. Too often, he had thought of her as an entity with few things to share with a human. But he had realized now, suddenly, he couldn’t be more wrong.

And the reality was that now, listening to her sighing and lamenting, he wasn’t scared at all, not anymore.

He was, in fact, shocked.

Because around him, the room was a mess. Half of the books had fallen from the library, the chair had been sent flying away and with that, the few clothes on it had fallen sparse on the floor. The doors of the wardrobe were open, and clothes were falling out of it, too.

The ghost had somewhat come into physical contact with his world.

Maggie was real.


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