Unbreakable Curse – Part 4

Unbreakable Curse – Part 4

ghost girl nightgown, melancholic

The next day Maggie didn’t appear until evening.

While working, while travelling on the bus and while having meetings, though, Ed couldn’t get the ghost out of his head. He knew she was there, he knew she was listening to him, watching over him.

He had problems even going to the bathroom, and in the end, he had managed only to pee that day, in the only urinal in a corner of the toilet, protected by the intimacy of the walls on two sides, looking furtively around to check for any sign of her. It didn’t matter he knew the ghost could see through walls. What it mattered, was for him to feel secure, alone, in his world.

He didn’t know how he managed to work, but as soon as he exited his workplace he felt all the accumulated stress from the day. And yet, even if it was already dark outside, there was no tangible trace of her near him.

Could it be she had told him a lie and had stayed home? That was unlikely. Maggie had no reason to lie.

Once home, exasperated, he called out to her.

“I know you’re there. Come out, for God’s sake!”, he yelled at the air, unconcerned by his neighbours.

I thought you wanted me to stay invisible,” a voice said, and a white, foggy shape began taking form in front of him, near the kitchen table.

Edward turned off the main light, leaving only the service lamp on top of the burners on. He was now able to see her shape properly, even if she still had to show herself completely, as she had done the night before.

“Of course I want you to stay invisible if I’m not alone. But otherwise you should show yourself: it’s nerve-wracking to live knowing you’re around, without knowing where you actually are. All day in the office thinking you are there, near me. It’s too stressful, and it’s only the first day. How am I supposed to live like this?”

The last sentence made him realize he just needed to vent. For him to speak so much, and like that, it wasn’t normal, at all. Yes, he was stressed, and the main problem was the fact he couldn’t bear to think of spending his entire life with a ghost he had been paired with by chance. That was… Unfair, totally unfair. Destiny had played a cruel trick on him.

As it had already happened, Maggie didn’t answer his questions. Sometimes, it really seemed she lived in a different world. What she said, though, felt like the beginning of a solution to his problems.

I discovered something, today. When you are in the office, I can move around freely, I don’t need to be too close to you. It’s almost as if… You leave a trace in the places you have been, and I feel that trace to some extent.”

“What does that even mean?” Seriously, Ed hadn’t understood a thing about this so-called trace.

I don’t have to be near you, in your office. It’s like here, at home. I can be in other rooms, and nothing happens.

Edward thought about it a little. If she could be a little farther from him, that would help him a lot, indeed. But then again, he would have to forget about the face that, if she wanted, she could easily see through the walls.

With a mood a mixture of anger, resignation and hope, he headed to his room. He got rid of his clothes, keeping only his briefs and t-shirt as there was no need for him to feel embarrassed by wearing those, then he took the book and lay on the bed to read it.

When he turned off the light and switched on the lampshade, though, he saw Maggie had followed him.

He tried to read, but it was impossible to concentrate with that shadow slightly floating in his field of vision. He tried to turn around on his stomach and read like that, but by then he was already too aware of the figure behind him.

“Ooh, fuck! I can’t concentrate like this!” he yelled again, and this time he thought about his neighbours: he really had to solve this issue, otherwise, they would complain, sooner or later.

Aren’t you going to do it, tonight?”

“I’ll do it whenever I have the desire to,” he answered piqued. He knew, exactly, what she was talking about. Of all the things, he had to end up possessed by a ghost both curious, and untactful. The worst of the worst.

I understand.

But after a couple of seconds, as if she hadn’t understood at all, she continued.

What causes your desire to do it?

Really! Question after question: it felt like he was coping with a baby girl. But that girl was a woman, and it seemed very strange she didn’t know those kind of things.

“There is a girl I like,” he began, but Maggie interrupted him.

Rose! You always say her na-“

“Let me speak,” he blocked her, “There is this girl I like, Rose, and I would like to… Get intimate with her, know her better, make love to her. Do you understand what I’m talking about?”

Maggie shook her head, doubtful.

Not really. I can’t recall having ever felt like that.

Ed took a mental note he should remember the ghost had almost no memories of her time as a woman.

“You imagine making love to her, and imagination is so powerful, that your brain gets tricked and you think you are there and then… You just do it, naturally.”

Edward brooded. The girl had become a ghost in a time when – he supposed – masturbation wasn’t that common, especially among women. Or maybe it was even forbidden at the time? He would have to ask her in which year she had lived, and study a little.

“You never did it when you were alive?”

I don’t know. But I could never do it, anyway. I don’t have a… A penis, like you.

This time Edward burst out into a laugh, but soon stopped when he saw she looked embarrassed. Indeed, it was probably not easy for her to talk about that sort of things with a man.

“Of course you don’t, of course,” he said, “You are a woman, you have something definitely prettier down there. But there’s a way for women to do it too, of course, don’t you even know that?”

“Is it? I couldn’t know; and besides, I don’t understand properly what it is, and why do it.”

“It’s a way to get intimate with yourself, with your thoughts, to know your body better, to lose yourself in a dream, to… Give yourself a pleasing gift, every now and then.”

But you do that every day, don’t you ever get tired of it?”

“Oh, I can assure, you never get tired of it, Maggie.”

Margaret kept silent for a while, and as such Edward tried to immerse himself in the book again. But it didn’t last long: after a couple of minutes she got closer to him, over the bed, and spoke again.

Can’t you think of her, now?

“No, I can not,” he said, stressing the last word. Her curiosity was exasperating him.

What if you look at… That?

Edward didn’t understand what she was referring to until he saw her arm was pointing to the small desk near the window, where his laptop lay. He felt a chill down his spine: it was clear that the girl had watched over him for months, surely she had seen him watching porn a lot of times, too.

That said, becoming aware of it was, indeed, another shock. That ghost girl must have seen him masturbating hundreds of times, and yet now he was making a fuss about doing it in front of her, consciously.

He remembered what he had decided the previous night. Maybe, a way to make that forced cohabitation less disturbing and stressful for him, would be to exploit the girl and involve her in his life, to that extent?

“I could,” he simply said. The words came out so easily, that they didn’t even seem such a game changer, as they actually were.

Margaret flew to the side of the desk and turned around, waiting for him.

There are so many things I want to learn…” she said, and in her voice, Ed could feel all the anticipation.

“There are a lot of things you’ll not understand either.”

But Ed knew that girl had all the time she wanted, to understand. It was his time, now, to be a little bolder. He turned his laptop on.

“Are you really sure?”

I saw you more than once.”

“Ok, ok. Shut up now. Watch, but try to give me some time to… get used to it.”

He chose a video he particularly liked, one she had for sure already seen, and played it.

Everything was recorded in the point of view of the man. In the beginning, there was this petite brunette girl entering a bedroom. You could see the girl waving her body in front of him, asking him if he liked what he saw. Then she knelt in front of the man and caressed his crotch, feeling his hard-on through his pants, dirty talking to him, saying she was happy he had gotten so hard for her, and she wanted his cock so much.

The girl didn’t resemble Rose at all: she was too small and thin to be like her and had very small tits, and yet thanks to the point of view, he had always imagined his colleague.

His cock grew hard soon. Margaret kept quiet and simply continued to look at him, from behind the chair. After some time caressing his cock from outside his briefs, he casually pulled it out, teased its sensitive tip, cuddled the entire shaft caressing it slowly, until his cock became as hard as a rock.

The girl in the video was talking very dirty now, inciting the man – and with him the spectator – to jack his cock off, inciting him to cum in her mouth, on her small tits. It was very, very exciting for Edward, so much he forgot completely about Maggie being there, looking at him.

Only when his orgasm was close, just before he reached his point of no return, she spoke.

I see you like this movie, you look at it often…

After the initial surprise, he shifted his attention to her voice. He didn’t stop to touch his cock but, the momentum he had built up had already faded away.

“I do,” he answered trying hard not to get upset about the distraction.

What do you like the most about it?

“I dunno… I suppose the fact the girl act so sexy, the fact she wants to turn him on so badly?”

As they spoke, his cock had gotten softer. Ed thought the ghost had maybe lost interest in his pleasure, and she wanted only to speak, now, but he was wrong.

Can you continue?

“I will. I just have to get into the mood again, now. You should have let me finish before talking to me, I’m still not used to have you around.”

I’m sorry, I… I didn’t think about that.

“Stop saying that. I guess we both have to learn how to live with someone. I’ve been living alone for months, while you… Well, I can only imagine.”

He felt pity for her, thinking how she had been alone all that time. Then again he didn’t know how a ghost felt the flow of time. Actually, he didn’t know a lot of things about her, and up till that moment he had had no chance – nor interest – to ask.

Now, in front of her with his softening cock out of his briefs, he was the most vulnerable he had ever been for her, so maybe it was the right moment to ask.

“Margaret… Can you feel emotions? Are you aware of your own body?” he asked, not sure about what kind answer to expect.

I feel emotions, for sure. I can be happy and sad. I can feel lonely, and that’s the worst curse, for me,” she replied back, with a veil of sadness in her voice.

In my world, I’m tangible, real,” she said and seemed to linger on that thought for just a little too much as if she had realized something while she was speaking.

I can, for instance, feel and touch my body.

Ed noticed the different inflexion in her voice and turned around to face her. He didn’t expect what he saw. Margaret was waving her body, but this time it wasn’t the usual, natural floating he had become accustomed to. Instead, she was trying to imitate the girl from the video, and she was doing it fairly well too, dancing in the thin air like only a ghost could.

He looked at her, amazed. She was caressing her sides with her hands, pulling her nightgown up a little to reveal her legs every time she slid her hands up, cupping her breast, fondling them in a way sexier than the girl in the video had. She turned around, and for the first time Edward noticed her ass, just barely covered from her pulled-up gown, now.

It was a fantastic view, and without realizing it, he had grabbed his cock again and started masturbating to the show. He realized it only when Margaret looked down at his crotch, and smiled. That tender smile was the proof of what she wanted from him and, this time, it turned him on: now he wanted to show her how much she was exciting him, because that excitement was the fruit of her efforts.

She got closer to him, knelt in front of him, between his spread legs.

Mmm… Show me… Show me how hard you are for me…

Those were the same lines the girl in the video had just said, and yet their effect was a thousandfold stronger.

He looked down. Beyond his cock, he could see the well-defined, transparent figure of a young woman looking alternately up to him, and down to his cock, inciting him to masturbate, to culminate.

As he looked at her, for a moment the face of Rose overlapped with Maggie’s, and Ed couldn’t restrain himself anymore. He cummed so hard, that his cum flew farther than ever, on her face, on her body, simply passing through that white, transparent figure, falling on the ground beyond her.

When the last spasm of his orgasm left him, though, what he was looking at wasn’t Rose anymore. It was a pretty, petite ghost barely clad in her own nightgown, and her eyes had never seemed so happy, as that night.

It seems I learnt a lot already, didn’t I?

Edward couldn’t add anything to that. It had been such a strange experience, and yet so exciting.

For the first time, he had felt a special connection with that ghost.

For the first time, he thought that maybe it wasn’t going to be bad having that girl around.


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