Unbreakable Curse – Part 11

Unbreakable Curse – Part 11

“I love you,” she said, sliding down her shoulders the strips of the nightgown that was still cladding her body.

Edward, lying on the bed, felt a shiver down his spine. Even if the day hadn’t been that good, the evening was feeling promising, already.

Their Sunday had been strange: Maggie hadn’t shown herself much to him, and he had been worried all day. In the end, even if she had said she didn’t feel a thing about the girl of her past, she had appeared pensive when they had come back to the apartment. In the morning, there had been no trace of her, and only in the late afternoon, he had noticed the ghost floating around the flat.

He had been disappointed because he had expected a completely different Sunday, but even if Maggie hadn’t spoken much during the day, as soon as he had gone to bed she had made her intentions clear.

He looked at her: she was as beautiful as ever. Her voice was already clear and thin, like the voice of the young woman she had been. Her body was white and solid, and he could see every detail of it: the firm muscles on her arms and legs, her puffy nipples, her flat stomach and – below it – the dark bush covering her sex.

“And I want to make love with you,” she added floating over him, slowly landing her lips on his in the most tender of the kisses.

He felt her lips spreading his ones, her tongue sneaking into his mouth, exploring him, and he answered her passion.

Tonight, he could feel her taste, the roughness of her tongue, the smoothness of her skin as he slid his hands on her floating body caressing her back, her ass, her stomach. She spread her legs in the air, inviting him to touch her, and Ed didn’t wait: he was eager to feel her. His fingers made their way to her clit, found it, felt it growing aroused under his touch as he caressed and rubbed it, feeling her hair gently grazing his open palm.

Then he pushed his hand a little further and slid a finger between her lips, disclosing her sex. He felt Maggie’s pleasure inside his mouth, as a moan escaped her and her kiss became even more passionate.

But soon, she interrupted the kiss, straightened her back and, looking down straight into his eyes, she smiled at him.

“Want to feel me better?” she asked, lowering her body in front of him until her sex was just inches from his stomach, using her fingers to spread her lips, exposing her sex to him.

“I’m yours; this is yours,” she said.

Ed reached out to her, slid his fingers on her lips and felt her wetness pouring out of her.

He couldn’t see through her anymore. Apart from the fact she was floating, she was feeling like any other girl, now.

Maggie had pushed her hips down and welcomed his fingers inside her. She was moving her body back and forth, leading him to please her. It was such a sexy scene; Ed felt his hardness pushing against the cotton of his boxers.

“You know… I like when you feel my body,” she said, looking at him with mischievous eyes, “I like when you make me feel yours… with your… mmmm… fingers,” she continued while rising her body a little until his fingers fell out of her. Then she lay on him again and kissed him.

“But I like it more when you do it this way,” she added, turning around offering him a perfect view of her aroused sex and pushing her crotch against his face.

Ed loved her light taste, the ephemeral consistency of her juices touching his lips, the gentle rub of her clit on his rough tongue. He was eager to taste her, eager to please her. He grabbed her legs and pushed his face between her thighs, swirling his tongue all around her pussy, sucking her lips alternately, sliding in and out of the hole she was offering him.

And as he did so, he felt Margaret solid fingers grabbing the rubber band of his boxers and pulling them down. He helped, kicking them away. His heart raced, when he felt the warmth of her lips wrapping its tip in a sexy, naughty kiss.

It was pure bliss: to feel her juices pouring out in his mouth, her thighs gripping his head as she ground her groin over his face, her mouth reflecting all of her pleasure on his cock, sliding it in and out, sucking it with such eager he had never seen in her. A goddess of sex, possessed by the love and the lust.

“Maggie… Oh God… Maggie please… Stop…”

Ed felt his orgasm approaching; he couldn’t restrain himself anymore, already.

“Don’t… You’ll make me cum…” he barely managed to say, but it was too late and – in any case – even knowing that she didn’t stop blowing him at all. If anything, she raised her pace and sucked even harder, rubbing her tongue against his shaft up and down, as she drove him beyond the edge.

For a moment, he forgot about her juicy pussy pushed against his chin. He grabbed her head and pushed it farther down, until his entire cock slid inside her throat, and there he cummed. The ghost didn’t complain: she could feel its pulsating presence into her mouth, and yet it was just pleasure for her.

But as the need to satisfy the man she loved increases so did the consistency of her body into this world. Edward could feel it: her mouth was all around him, her tongue teasing his tip, her hand grabbing his shaft and gently pulling it up and down, squeezing out of him the last drops of his orgasm.

When she turned around to kiss him, she was happily smiling. She cuddled at his side – Ed was always so amazed by the way she moved like a real human when she wanted to – and continued kissing his chest, and caressing her head. That night, he could feel the lightness of her hair under his fingertips, as he had never felt it.

“It’s unfair,” he said.

“I said I love you, I meant it,” was the ghost answer.

“And I feel it… But I’m in love with you, too, Margaret!”

“This must be the best feeling I ever had,” she sighed. Ed didn’t notice the melancholic hint in her voice.

“I want to please you, too.”

This was what Ed had in mind, actually. She had made him cum, but he wanted to please her, too.

Too many times, already, she had dedicated herself to his pleasure, neglecting her own. Too many times… But now that he knew she could be pleased, there was no reason for him not to play with her.

“Do you?” she said, sliding the fingers with which she was caressing his stomach lower, beyond his belly, until she cupped his balls in one hand and began to cuddle them.

“I… I do,” Ed answered. Her hands, though, had already managed to distract him.

“Don’t worry, you will. I’m not planning to let you go, tonight,” she whispered into his ear and then kissed it, and soon slid her kisses down his neck until her white face was just over his chest and her tongue reached out to one of his nipples. She played like that for some time, feeling his hardening cock on her palm, sucking and teasing his nipple with her mouth, gently biting it with her lips, occasionally launching stare of lust at him, showing him her appreciation for the effect she was obtaining.

Then she flew to sit astride him, on his legs, and focused on the feeling of her tender palm around his soft shaft, her finger rubbing his tip just around the fissure on which still lay drops of his cum.

“We watched a movie with a scene like this, once. Do you remember?”

Of course, he remembered. It wasn’t that long before, and he had really loved that short scene in which a girl stroked a guy until his orgasm, in the same exact position they were, now.

“I do, but-”

He didn’t want to cum again, like that. Really, he wanted to pay back her share of pleasure.

“So, do you remember what she did, then?” she cut him off, naughtily.

And then her fingers left his balls and slid further down until one of them found his little rosebud. Ed tensed.

“Relax… Was it what the actress said to him, in the movie?” she said, teasing his sensitive skin, just around his little hole.

To tell the truth, Ed couldn’t care anymore about the movie, already. The girl he loved had just made him hard as a rock, again, after only a couple of minutes from his first orgasm. The only thing he wanted, now, was to please her back.

“Come up here, I want to lick you,” he commanded.

“No, I’m not going to,” she said looking at him with defiance.

Ed felt a wave of disappointment, but it lasted only an instant because when his eyes met her playful ones, he understood something was going to happen.

“I want to feel you inside me, now. I’m sure we can do it, today. Please… Make love to me, Edward.”

And so saying, she slid her body over him and lowered it on his hard, standing cock. This time, Ed felt everything: as his member slid inside her pussy, he could perceive the wetness pouring down his shaft, her lips rubbing its entire length, her muscles gripping his skin as he buried himself deep inside her.

“This… This wasn’t…,” she tried to say, her voice broken with pleasure, “This wasn’t in the movie… Right?” she joked.

And then she began riding him, floating her body up and down, up and down, taking his entire length inside her pussy and then letting him slide out just until his tip grazed her lips, and back again into her.

As she lowered on him, Ed felt the slight graze of her naked nipples on his chest, before the light touch of her lips met his own. It was a tender, slow kiss: their tongue danced in rhythm with their bodies, as slowly as their love words turned to kisses and their kisses turned to bites of lust.

Ed could feel her orgasm getting closer, as his own was. Her head rested on his shoulder, she pushed her hips deep on his, drawing circles in the air to let him reach her most sensitive spots, to lead herself to the pleasure she needed.

Her broken voice was only a mixture of tender and dirty words whispered into his ear, now. She had no control over herself anymore, she knew she was going to explode, soon.

“Cum… Cum, Ed… Cum inside me. I want to feel you, I want to be filled with you… I want to bring you with me…”

Edward couldn’t understand anything she said, already: his head spun, and his cock was already throbbing inside her.

When he felt her orgasm taking possession of her entire body, her muscles gripping his tip, squeezing it to suck out of him his nectar, he cummed too. And such a nice orgasm: even if he had already had one, that day, the waves of pleasure seemed to have no end, as he filled her body with the proof of his desire.

Maggie’s ephemeral body caressing his sex had been the most exciting experience of his entire life; and his chest was exploding, such was the love he felt for that girl.

She raised her head from his shoulder and kissed him, this time taking her time to trace the contour of his lips with her own as if she wanted to carve in her memory their shape.

“I’m sure I’ve never felt so happy” she said, looking at him, but Ed seemed to notice a shadow in her otherwise satisfied smile, now.

“Is everything all right?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, it’s nothing. I just want to cuddle with you for a while,” she answered sliding to his side again, placing her head on his shoulder.

She caressed his chest for long, as they cuddled between an “I love you” and another. She could feel her heart pounding, too, and she knew that was love in its most pure form, what she was experiencing.

But when she looked at her hand caressing his body, she could only barely see a transparent shape of it. Her time was going to run out, soon.

“I need you, Edward,” she said, but Ed consciousness was already slowly fading away. “I needed just you.”

“I… Love you… Too… Maggie…” he said.

Then he fell asleep.


Mrs Turner didn’t start when she saw the white figure appearing in front of her.

It was already late night, but she was lying in the bed, her eyes still wide open. The deep, dark shades just below her eyes portraited the last two nights on her old face: she had had a lot to study, a lot of preparations to undergo. She knew the ghost would have not left her alone, she knew she would have come to seek for a help the woman couldn’t give her.

At least, not in the form her ancestor wanted.

“I was waiting for you,” she said.

I’m dying, am I?” the ghost asked the woman, but it didn’t really expect an answer.

“You have been dead for long, already. What’s left in this world is only a part of your feelings. But you have fallen in love with the boy, and he fell in love with you. You forgot the hatred that is the very reason you exists, here. Love won, and as unfair as it may seem at first, it’s time for you to go.”

The old lady’s voice was dry, but Maggie could feel sympathy in it. It was like the voice of a doctor trying to sweeten a death sentence to one of his patients. Some things just have to be said, without circling around them too much.

Isn’t… Isn’t there no way back?

“Not at this point, I’m sorry. This is your destiny, you can’t return to our world, not in the way you want. Your real spirit waits for its last part to re-join with it, in the underworld,” she said. “But there is still time for your love to bear fruits: are you willing to give it to me?” she asked, staring into her eyes.

If there is no other way…”

“Not one that I know. And besides… You don’t have the benefit of time,” she said.

Then she slowly got off the bed and walked to the living room. She opened the massive book that had been left on the tea table and opened a bag left on the ground just below it.

Maggie looked at her: she was wearing only a white, loose nightgown, nothing else. She was even barefoot, but she didn’t seem to care. The old lady didn’t look vulnerable at all, though: she seemed vigilant, tensed like a bow ready to shoot its arrow.

What are you-” Maggie tried to ask.

“Shh…” the old lady hushed. Then, pointing at a list of words on the book with a finger, she began taking out of the bag various items and placing them on the tea table.

Maggie could see something that looked like handmade red candles, a bag of salt, a small bottle of what seemed to be water, and a photo cut in half the only visible part of which was featuring the very same old woman.

Then the lady did something very strange: she stood up and walked to the centre of the living room, then poured salt on the floor to draw a circle as large as her arms reach, then another one a little smaller inside which she drew a five-point star.

After that, she picked up a compass from the library and the red candles she had left on the table, taking care to position them on the cardinal point of the circle she had just made. She drew a triangle close to the East candle, but Maggie couldn’t know if the position was a choice, or by chance.

“Did you bid your farewell to him?” the lady asked Maggie with the same, dry but sweet voice.

In a way, I did. But couldn’t gather the courage to-” she answered – her voice breaking in the middle of her sentence.

She remembered the last words she had whispered him, before leaving, when he was already asleep: “My dear Ed, the moment has come and I feel so sad… But there is no hole in my heart. It’s filled with the love you gave me, the same love I can’t help but feel for you. And this… It’ll not disappear.”

She had kissed him for the last time, before floating away.

“I’ll always be with you.

She fought back the tears, because she knew she wasn’t lying. But there was no time to linger on her feelings anymore.

“That is probably the best choice. You’ll leave behind more than a simple farewell,” the old lady said, omitting the “If everything goes well” that was on the tip of her tongue.

Indeed, she wasn’t sure what she was trying to do would work, either. She had studied evocation magic for years, and yet she had never tried anything of such level. But she was old, and it was a risk worth to take.

“Come inside the circle, and don’t leave it, for any reason.”

She gave another glance to the book, as to be certain to have memorized everything was written it.

She picked up the hidden half of the photograph and a box of matches.

Then, one by one, the woman lit all the candles around the circle.

“Let’s begin.”


For some time, the old lady chanted strange, ancient words. Maggie couldn’t understand if she had gone into trance or not because even if her movements were a little dull, she seemed completely in control of the situation.

Then, at some point, a spirit appeared just above the triangle that the old woman had previously drawn, and at the same time Maggie’s body began to transform in a whirl of white fog. Maggie took a while to understand what was happening, though, because her attention had been drawn by the presence just outside the circle. The spirit was, simply said, a perfect reflection of her. Only there was no trace of fog around the other Maggie.

It’s strange. Maggie had heard about the theory of humans reviving their entire life in the moments before their death, but all the memories she had were of her own time as a dead essence of hatred, a ghost.

But now, as she felt her body swirling toward the other Maggie, finally being absorbed by her real, dead spirit, her thoughts wandered to Edward. To his fear the first time he had seen her, and the way she had somewhat convinced him to become accustomed to her. Then she remembered their first kiss, her jealousy, and the light taste of his cum touching her semi-transparent tongue.

But the most vivid of the thoughts, the one that consumed her last light, was the way he had made love to her that very same night. The way he had hold her, the way he had kissed her, the way she had felt completely his, inside and outside, the way he had confessed his love to her, over and over, the way he had filled her with emotions.

Farewell, Margaret! Don’t waste it… please… don’t-

The old lady didn’t had time to answer. While Maggie got absorbed by the spirit who had come for her from the underworld, she was desperately trying to stand in her position inside the circle, holding an hand inside the flow of light running between the spirit and the ghost of her ancestor.

Then everything finished.

No more light; no more chants; no more white noise into the old lady’s ear, either. The living room had fallen into complete silence.

The old lady looked at her hand, realising only then that her fist was still so tight that her knuckles had gotten white. She was still gripping on half of a recent, colourful photo, but the figure of a young green-eyed brunette that had been present on it until moments before, was no more.

She collapsed on the floor, worn out.

Now, all she had to do was wait, and hope.


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