“Tomorrow, I’ll
do it!”

The words resonated in
her head even if her expert fingers had already started caressing her thighs.

“Tomorrow, I’ll
tell him how I feel…“

Mary and Pete had been
neighbours and friends since childhood. They had always spoken about everything, they had even slept together a lot of
times, but nothing had ever happened between them.

“Tomorrow, I’ll
meet him and…”

She had not been aware
of her feelings until late in her teenage, though. And by that time, there was
no more sleeping together, no more playing together, no more talking together. Pete had become a handsome, desired man, while she was still the same tomboy she had always been, for him.


She lost the thread of
her thoughts, as the orgasm quickly approached and waves of warm chills spread
through her body.

And by that time she
knew, that tomorrow nothing would have happened, again and again.


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