In All Possible Ways – Part 9

When the waiter left, Dana could finally take a sigh of relief, releasing out all the fear and embarrassment she had just felt.

“I hope he didn’t notice,” she said. Without realising she had begun to speak with Rick more openly, slowly relinquishing the mainly submissive role to which she had been relegated before.

“I hope he didn’t, and I hope he did,” was the cryptical answer of Rick. “But then again, what makes you think I know what you are referring to, now?”

“Don’t play games with me.”

Among all things, Dana hated being made fun of, the most.

“Sound strange, said by the very woman who told me she was going to play with me, just a couple of minutes ago.”

Dana simply couldn’t win, with him. Moreover, Rick had just slid a hand in his pocket and activated the device again.


“You wanted to play with me. You are playing with me. Or has your plan backfired on you?”

Dana really hadn’t thought that far, indeed. Rick knew what was happening inside her, and he had taken charge of the situation, again. And his stupid pretending not to know, both made her angry and aroused; for sure, the egg shaking her inners made her unable to speak properly. Her muscles were gripping and releasing the device in sync with her pleasure waves, her juices pouring out of her open lips. She was so turned on that she was losing control on her thoughts.

Still, in between the pleasure waves, she realised that even in that blind spot, she had a chance to revert the situation in her favour.

Dana took Rick’s hand and placed it on her knee. From the position they were, nobody could see that, anyway. Then she slid his hand up, under her skirt, spread her legs enough for him to reach her drenched panties and looked him straight into the eyes.

“Feel, what you are doing to me.”

All the time maintaining eye contact, she pushed his hand and finger up her skirt. Rick could feel the vibrations of the device, and her wetness. He pushed a finger against her panties, and touched his already swollen lips, ready to be pleased, seeking for pleasure; then pulled back his hand.

“I feel what you did to yourself. And I hope – as it seems – that you like it, otherwise it would be such a waste…”

Then he stopped the device again, and for the entire dinner, he continued to switch it on every now and then until she was clearly at her limit, then off again. Dana feared her juices had already wetted her dress too, but she had no way to check.

At some point, just after they had ordered their dessert, she really couldn’t resist anymore. She wanted to get rid of that thing inside her and she needed to be pleased, either by Rick or… herself.

She stood up and whispered in his direction.

“I’m going to the restroom,”

She had a moment of uncertainty before continuing.

“ I may need some help.”

Waving her butt a little, hoping he was imagining what was waiting there for him, she left.

In fact, Dana had made a very bold move. She had explicitly invited him to follow her, and as such her evening was at a turning point.

Either Rick would have followed her, giving somewhat her some of the control he had had upon them up til then, or not. And in this case, she would have been too disappointed with herself to be able to enjoy the rest of the evening.


The restrooms were located quite far from the veranda. You had to walk through a long, narrow, dark corridor populated by anonymous doors, before arriving in a wider hallway where you could see the usual two doors, for men and women.

Again, she realised she hadn’t thought ahead much. In case Rick had followed her, how could he have entered the women door without people noticing it? It was true no one seemed to be there at the moment, but what later?

She froze there, looking at the doors, without being able to decide what to do. That could have been her chance to steer the night in the direction she wanted, and she had probably ruined it already.

“Follow me.”

Someone grabbed her hand from behind, she jumped, before recognising his silhouette. It was Rick. He pulled her back in the corridor, and Dana thought that he had gone mad and gone there just to take her back, and everything was lost. But halfway through the dark corridor he opened a side door and pulled her inside, closing the door behind them.

“So, what was that you said you needed help with?”

Dana didn’t even look around to check if someone was there. The lights were off in that room and almost nothing was visible. It could have been a warehouse or an office and in any case, nobody was there. That meant Rick was completely hers.

She pushed him against the door – that was a clever way to keep it close too – and kissed him. She slid her tongue into his mouth taking his breath away, and her hands were already unbuttoning his shirt and her palms looking for his chest, her fingers for his nipples. This time, he was the one to moan first, because Dana’s kisses and hands were full of such lust he had rarely felt from a woman.

Dana slid a hand out of his shirt and down on his trousers. She didn’t even feel him, before untying his belt and pulling down his trousers. She knew he was hard already, it couldn’t be anything else.

She knelt and, in the dark, grabbed his cock and slid it into her mouth. For the first time, she was savouring him; for the first time, she was tasting his sweet precum, feeling his hard tip pushing against her tongue and his strong, masculine, arousing scent.

She closed her eyes. That seemed to be a refrain in their encounters: again she had found herself making love to him in a place where she didn’t need her eyes, and again all of her other senses were as sharp as a spear.

Dana focused on them. On the touch, the smell, the taste, the sound of that cock that she had still to see properly, but she had already learnt to love. She pushed Rick’s cock deeper inside her mouth and played with it, until he pushed her away, grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up.

“Wasn’t it you, the one in need?”

Her “Fuck me” was just a whisper, and yet it reached him.

He turned her around and pushed her against the door, and they began to kiss each other anew.

“Wait… wait…” she chuckled between a kiss and the other, then slid her panties down and a finger grabbed the chord of the little egg to take it out of her. A flood of juices dripped on her thighs: she was ready for him.

Then she lifted a leg, grabbed his ass and pulled him to her. And as their kissing continued, his cock slid into her and Rick began to fuck her.

This time, though, there was not only passion in that act. Strangely, that night Rick was also tender – or at least Dana thought. He had grabbed her leg and put it around his waist; his movements were slower, her body was being pushed against the door firmly, but gently.

Dan was overly excited, and it didn’t take long for her to climax. The endless kiss that they had exchanged and never broken for the entire time, had had a strange effect on her. For the first time, it felt like they were making love.

With all those thoughts wandering into her brain, distracting her, when the orgasm arrived it was a slow and controlled pleasure, not the usual, piercing, sudden and strong one she would have expected after having been so aroused the entire time.

As soon as she had cummed, though, Rick pulled his cock out of her and dressed back. She realised he hadn’t cum too, only when, after a couple of minutes, she didn’t feel the usual strange sensation of a man’s sperm pouring out of her, and she wondered why he had decided that.

In any case, she had obtained what she needed, and she felt happy about it. They went back to the table and, when she sat down, she realised the only layer left between her pussy and the chair was her skirt.

An egg, inside a dark room, was still quietly vibrating.


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