Our First Time

“I’ve always liked you”, you answered.

“You mean… also…”

There was no time to answer, because you had already pinned me against the wall, and in a single motion your lips had come so close to mine that I could feel your breath.

“Lisa, I like you too, but…”

I didn’t know what “but” I was supposed to use, in that moment. For sure, one of the same, lame excuses I was used to say to prevent getting into trouble or just to prevent opening my heart to someone.

But Lisa, you were always there for me, and just perfect. I couldn’t find any excuse, I couldn’t find any reason not to surrender to you.

There was something more: I had always found you sexy, almost irresistible. I had always envied your blonde, thin hair, your firm tits and your brown, deep eyes. And in that moment you were telling me that all of that could be mine. How could I find a reasonable “but”?

You mischievously smiled, and your lips touched mine. Your energy discharged all throughout my body. Such tender lips, I had never found in any man; I had always known you would be different.

I was almost tnaked, because I’ve been trying out clothes as we had done countless of other times before, and so it wasn’t difficult for you to tease me, to conquer me. As you kissed me, you moved your chest up and down against mine, and the rough texture of your t-shirt rubbed my nipples. They were already hard, they were already sticking out, looking for attentions; there was no way you couldn’t feel that.

Our tongues played wrestling I had long forgotten. They hunted and sought each other until we were connected in passionate, breath taking kisses. You lifted my hands and pinned me against the wall. That gesture shattered my last barrier, and I liked it. I felt yours. I remember I noticed your naked arm touching mine, I remember I smelled your perfume that was all around me.

I remember your other hand sliding down, caressing the side of my head, my hair, my neck. Then lower, slightly rubbing the side of my breast and – as soon as you realised you had reached it – sneaking in between us to cup my breast and tease my nipples. They are one of my most sensitive spots but that first time you didn’t know it yet, of course. You chuckled when I moaned under your touch and whispered to me.

“Shhhhht, you don’t want someone to discover us, right? If you moan like this now, what will happen when I-“

You didn’t finish your sentence, as your lips were already feasting on my breasts, kissing them, licking them, rubbing my nipples against your lips and your face, before gently biting them, pulling towards you.

I had a tough time not screaming my pleasure, indeed. Especially a moment later, when you slid your hand down and touched between my legs. The white, cotton panties I wore were wet, and you could feel the shape of my pleasure through them. Your fingers knew what to do, your touch was so tender and yet exciting. You caressed the slit between my lips, gently pushing the cotton inside me. You rubbed my clit until I was so excited I didn’t want to restrain my orgasm anymore, and I began grinding my mound on your hand, looking for a more decisive touch.

You felt my need of pleasure, and you decided to gift it to me in the best possible ways, removing the last layer that was standing between us. You moved my panties away and dove your fingers in me. You didn’t go deep, you just touched my entrance as to tell me “I’m here, I’m looking after you,” and tthen you played with my wetness, with my swollen lips, with my clitoris that was already so sensitive it was driving me crazy every touch.

You kissed my neck, my cheek, my lips again, and you didn’t leave it in peace until you felt my moans muffled into your mouth, my legs shaking, my hips moving on your fingers squeezing out of them every drop of my orgasm.

There, in the fitting room of a cloth shop of an unknown shopping centre, I had my first taste of you.

Then you slid your fingers out, moved my panties back to cover me, before looking at me with a bright, new smile.

“Let’s go home. I miss you already.”


About the author: Max