In All Possible Ways – Complete

In All Possible Ways

“I’m fed up! You don’t know what you are talking about: sex is fantasy, and fantasy is woman!” Dana said, almost shouting in direction of her colleague.

For the past week, she had been arguing with Rick about who of them had more imagination during their hot encounters. They had never been together, of course, they were just colleagues and had never been intimate in any way. Not even with words, until a week before when by chance, drinking a coffee alone in the coffee room of their office, the topic had arisen.

“And I’ll tell you again – and every woman that had sex with me can confirm – that sex with me is never the same,” replied back Rick, calmly. “I respect women, but I push their boundaries more than they can even imagine.”

“Oooh, you’d never have any boundaries to push with me!” Dana proudly said, without realising she was getting caught in Rick’s trap.

“And you’re ready to prove it, I bet.”

There was a moment of silence, in which Dana waited for a smile, a laugh, a pat on her back or any sign meaning that Rick was joking. But nothing: Rick leant on the wall sipping his coffee slowly, looking straight into her eyes and didn’t speak.

“You’re crazy,” Dana said, looking away.

“No, I’m not. But I’ll wait tomorrow for your answer. Be aware this will just be an experiment, nothing more, and no one will ever know about this, except us. Decide wisely,” he said, winking at her. And then left the room.

Dana stood there, stunned, for a while. She had wanted to shout at him that he was a jerk, that he was stupid and that she wasn’t a bitch he could use to vent his urges.

But she couldn’t do it, and the more the time passed, the more the initial anger faded away. She had always been proud, yes, but also rational, and Rick was a handsome man: tall, short hair and short beard, brown deep eyes and muscular enough for all girls in the office to like him. From what she had heard, pretty much all of them would have liked to fuck him.

And he was single. And Dana was too.

There was no risk to ruin any family, even in the unfortunate case their rendez-vous had become public domain. Moreover, she needed sex! It had been months since a man had embraced her… she didn’t like sex with strangers, she needed someone she liked and that made the chances to get it very rare. She liked Rick though, at least physically, and she trusted him to some extent.

But Dana couldn’t, really, just couldn’t say “yes” like that, and so she decided that if he had brought up the topic again the next day, she’d answered with a firm “no”.

The next day, she supposed Rick wanted to be alone with her and did everything she could to be alone with him in the relax room. She waited until all her colleagues had gone on a break already, and when the room was empty she purposely went there, alone, making sure that Rick could see her passing in the hallway.

Rick took so much to reach her, though, that she had almost finished her coffee already. They spoke about some work, about a colleague, about the weather and the plans for the weekend to come – that meant “no plans” for her, and “lots of fun” for him – but Rick didn’t bring up the topic of the previous day again.

When they left to their own offices, she felt almost disappointed. She had spent most of the previous day, the night and the morning to find the right words to refuse him… all for nothing.

For the rest of the day, Dana didn’t see him but her thoughts were still roaming around his proposal. She had been wet, the night before, fantasising about what could have been – even knowing she was going to eventually refuse – and now the fact she hadn’t even had the chance to say her answer was somewhat bugging her.

She arrived home late, that day, and fell on the sofa exhausted. It was only the next morning, when preparing her bag for the day to come, that she noticed the small, white envelope inside it.

It wasn’t hers, but there was her name on it. Curious, she opened the envelope and extracted the little sheet inside it. There was written a single row:

“One rule: the safeword will be ‘I love you’.”

Part 2

Dana had to look on the internet for the exact meaning of “safeword”, and when she learnt it, it kind of scared her. Was Rick going to try those… those practices, on her? She’d never been interested in anything but normal sex. She’d always thought BDSM was a wicked way to live your own sexuality.

Problem was that, if Rick was into it, it meant he was probably right: it meant he knew way more than her and could vary his encounters more than she’d expected.

The safeword, moreover, was a nice joke. If she wanted him to stop, she’d had to tell him “I love you”, three words she had rarely used in her entire life. Of course they would have had no meaning but still… she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of telling them to Rick, and she was sure he’d read at least that much into her already. Why those words otherwise?

She had liked his approach, though. He’d asked her for an answer, make her nervous for a day and then didn’t mention it, waited to be alone with her in the coffee room, made her trembling with anticipation and nervousness. Dana knew him well, he would have had no problem telling her in person, so if he had done it that way it meant he wanted it, simply.

She looked at the piece of paper again and this time she noticed there was a telephone number at the bottom. She added it to her contacts list, opened her messenger and wrote:

[Nice joke!]

But she knew that writing to that number would have triggered the beginning of their game.

Rick’s answer was direct and dry.

[Friday evening. 20 o’clock. Rembrandt Street 520.]

There was no other indication. Nothing about any dress code, anything to prepare nothing at all. She resisted the urge to write him back and left her apartment. In the office, she tried everything to avoid any contact with him. She was feeling embarrassed now, but also in some way more secure: if that handsome man wanted to have sex with her, it meant she was still a nice woman. In some way, so, she was really looking forward to seeing the effect she would have had on him.

Friday arrived soon, and so the fated evening.

It was winter and the temperature was low, so the options to dress well and sexy were not much. In the end, she decided to wear thigh jeans, boots, and a thin sexy blouse that, playing with transparencies, revealed some of her shapes. She didn’t’ wear a lot of makeup: just simple colours and pink lipstick.

She wanted to be pretty, but not slutty. She wasn’t that kind of woman and even if she had accepted to pay that game, she still didn’t know if in the end, she’d be able to do it. Maybe both of them were going to burst into a laugh and, their sexy evening would have ended like that.

Dana didn’t know what to wish for.

Rembrandt Street was in an area of the city she had never seen before. Residential, modern buildings were alternated with old, historic ones, and some flashy shop. His apartment was in one of the old buildings, and so she was surprised when, once inside, everything looked new and modern.

She took the elevator and reached the fifteenth floor. A door was already open.

Part 3

“Can I come in?” She asked before entering, then closed the door behind her.

She was in a huge living room. On the left a corner sofa in front of a big televisor and some furniture. On the right a table and the kitchen covering one of the walls entirely. The entire wall in front of her, though, was completely made of glass, giving her a nice view of the rest of the city below them.

“Welcome! Come in.”

It was Rick’s voice, at least she didn’t get the wrong apartment, she thought, then followed the voice until she reached him.

He was standing in a corner of the kitchen, not visible from the entrance, cutting some vegetables. He washed his hands and greeted her with a light hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“You look beautiful,”

Everything felt normal, but his lingering on her cheek, a little too close to her ear. And she soon knew he’d done that on purpose.

“and you smell nice too,” he added, with his usual boldness.

“But I don’t think you’re dressed properly for tonight. Please, go to that room: I prepared something for you. Hope it’ll fit.”

“You prepared what?” She looked amused but soon realised there was no reason to. The game had already begun. From that position, she could see an open door a couple of meters away and inside, on a bed, some boxes.

“Ok, I’ll see if it fits,” she said, walking to the room, then closed the door behind her back.

She caught her breath. He was wearing dark trousers and a light shirt: she’d always liked those clothes on a man. Moreover, that brief contact with her skin had agitated her. They had never exchanged even a kiss on their cheek before. Never.

Then she looked at the boxes.

One was containing a pair of high heels blue sandals, the second a blue dress.

Dana took off her jeans and her blouse and tried both shoes and dress. Everything fit perfectly, and she wondered how he had managed to guess  her sizes.

She looked at the mirror. The blue dress was cladding her body up to her chest, revealing her gentle curves. Her blonde hair fell on her naked shoulders down to her cleavage. The top of the dress, though, was not suitable to be used with a bra. She removed it and looked at the mirror again.

If they were playing already, then she was going to play too: Rick would have looked at her perky nipples all night!

Part 4

“Is this some kind of boyfriend experience night?” She joked, sitting at the table while pulling down the short dress to cover at least half of her upper legs. In front of her, there were two sets of red and white dishes, glasses and cutlery. In the middle of the table a single, red candle. The small flame flicked and popped, reflecting on the glasses and the silverware, livening up the environment around them.

Rick sat down and poured white wine in their glasses. Then they toasted.

“It is, definitely. Hope I’ll not cost me a fortune!”

But she knew she had already begun paying, and anyway, after a couple of glasses of wine, she forgot about the entire premise of the evening. She really felt as if she was her girlfriend, and that was the best romantic evening she had had in a long time.

Even when he invited her to dance and their two bodies began to rub each other, she never felt unease. And when his hands started to slide on her back and down on her ass, she was long dripping wet.

So, Dana was the one to kiss him first. She took possession of his lips, biting them and sucking them, carried by the passion she had stored for the past months, the passion she had decided to give to this man. Then she sucked his tongue, licked it, bit it again and again until she was sure what stood between them, pushing on her mound, was nothing else but the prove he was as excited as her.

Rick’s hands, moreover, were the one of an expert lover. He was caressing her ass through the dress, just occasionally touching her naked skin. He was rubbing his chest against her, purposely teasing her hard nipples, but still… he wasn’t taking charge of the situation. Dana didn’t know what to think about it, but she tried to concentrate on the pleasure of the feeling of a man dedicated to her, of his attentions to her body, of his kisses that had begun tracing their way from her lips down, looking for her tits.

He slid the dress a little down, and both her breasts fell out of it. She felt his warm breath on her naked areolas and a moment later his mouth was already playing with her sensitive nipples, his tongue circling around them, his teeth gently marking their hunting territory on her skin.

Then she felt one of his hands reaching in front of her, between her legs. His caresses on her thighs, his fingers pulling aside her drenched thong and – when she slightly spread her legs to ease him in – diving inside her pussy. She quivered, moaned, groaned as he pumped his fingers inside her in a way she had never let any man to. He was strong, determined, and yet tender; Rick simply knew how to touch a woman.

He pulled a nipple with his teeth, then the other, and while the hand on her back groped her naked ass, the one in the front restlessly rubbed her clit and teased her pussy. Even with the music playing, she could hear the noise of his fingers pumping in and out of her. In that moment, strangely, the thought of that man pleasing her, knowing he was turning her on so much, drove her beyond the limit she had unconsciously been setting on herself.

And she cummed, moaning her satisfaction on his shoulder, biting his white shirt unconcerned of the pink, lipstick marks she was leaving on it.

Dana’s head stopped to spin after a while. She had just been pleased, but she was still horny: she needed that man inside her. She slid a hand below and touched his groin. She felt his hard cock pushing on his trousers, already trying to find its way out, and so she started unbuttoning his trousers.

But at that moment, he stopped her.

“This will be enough for today, I think you better go home.”

If there was an ending she had never expected for that night, it was that.

Part 5

Dana woke up the next morning wondering what was wrong with him. Even if she had one of the most romantic evenings of her life, the fact he hadn’t wanted to have actual sex was bugging her. Maybe Rick had some problems he didn’t want to share? A small dick, an ugly body, erection problems – Dana spent the entire breakfast thinking about it.

But no, that was impossible. She knew he was going to invite her again, there was no way that man could stop at the first date, after what he had done her. That had to be some sort of plan.

Moreover, there was the meaning behind the safeword she had gotten: you don’t receive a safeword to dance in the living room. Something was going to happen for sure, and she both felt the anticipation for it, mixed with a subtle sense of fear of the unknown.

A couple of days passed without anything special happening between them. Rick was the usual funny guy at the coffee machine, and the usual serious hard working old Rick during the day.

There had been no reference to the night they had spent together, and Dana was glad about that. Still, after some days of normal, polite – and after what had happened, she could have said “cold” – communication, there was no hint to lead to their next time.

Every day, as soon as she arrived home, she would empty her bag looking for another letter, for a sign. Every day, too often to consider it normal, she would check her smartphone for his messages, without result. It was only on the next Friday evening when she was beginning to think he simply didn’t want to see her anymore, that she received his message.

[Tomorrow, 11:00 .m. Dress properly this time.]

There was no need to be so piqued, she thought. But her heart was already beating faster than usual, her skin trembling at the thought of his fingers caressing her again, at the thought of what this time – she hoped – was going to happen.

She spent most of the next day looking for something to wear until she tried a bordeaux short, elegant dress. The dress left her arms and shoulders naked and fell down just a little above her knees. There was enough skin to see, but it wasn’t in any way an arrogant dress: it was simply the perfect dress for her.

The afternoon was spent looking for the right accessories for it. She had so many at home, that it was impossible to choose easily. Since she wanted to keep it simple, she wore light silver sandals and a silver pendant: they both enhanced the pearl nail polish she had decided to adorn her nails with. Then she shaved, washed and combed her hair and waited.

She wondered why she had been invited to his apartment so late, this time, and ate a sandwich thinking it was maybe a not too subtle way to tell her that, this time, she wasn’t going there for a romantic dinner.

That could be the reason why Dana was so nervous when she rang his doorbell. Even if the game had already started, it was still just a silly game. But in the air, she could feel the wind of changes.

Rick, though, was as sweet as the first time.

“You look fantastic, Dana,” he said kissing her on her lips. “This dress really suits you.”

Dana tried to linger on that contact but he turned around and invited her inside. He was wearing – again – trousers and a shirt. It was his style; this time, though, the shirt was left out of the trousers giving him a casual feeling that the previous time had – purposely? – lacked.

This time, there was indeed no dinner ready for her, but as Rick led her to the couch she understood why. On the low coffee table in front of the couch, there was an ice bucket and a bottle of Champagne into it. Close to them, some savoury snacks that, in the end, no one ended up touching.

They drank, they talked, and the more the time passed the more their bodies got closer until the bottle was empty and Dana’s only thought was when that man was going to take her. And again, this time, she was the one leaning on him, kissing him, pushing him on the couch and sitting astride of him, pressing her pussy on the hardness she could already feel inside his trousers, showing him the desire she had built in their week apart.

And again, Rick pushed her aside, stopping her.

“Come with me,” he said taking her hand and pulling her through the corridor.

This time, at least, he didn’t send her home, Dana thought.

“Close your eyes.”

She closed her eyes and waited. It was only a couple of seconds later, that she felt Rick’s presence behind her, and the touch of a silky blindfold covering her eyes.

“Do not remove this until further command.”

“Command? What-“

She felt a shiver down her spine. His hand covering her mouth was a clear warning that she had risked saying too much.

Part 6

She kept silence, remembering why she was there. Once the blindfold was secured, she waited a couple of seconds in the corridor, alone. Then, without notice, she felt a hand caressing her hair, her neck, then another caressing her cheek and shoulder. It was a light but confident touch and those smooth fingers were giving her the goose bumps. She felt a well-known sensation building up below her stomach, but stayed still, as she thought she had to be.

Dana felt his breath near her face, then near her lips, and still, she kept quiet and still.

Then she felt a slight graze of his lips on her mouth, and still,t she kept quiet and still.

Rick didn’t kiss her, but instead, his lips caressed the corner of her lips first, then moved on her side until they met her earlobe. Again, those goose bumps, as Rick whispered in her ears.

“You are mine tontight. Your mind is mine, your body is mine. You’ll not move it by yourself. You – are – mine.”

Well, she felt his, totally, even before his kisses slid down on her neck, gently biting her skin, and on her shoulders. Her covered eyes helped her concentrating on the other senses: her skin had never been so delicate, her ears so sensitive, her smell so focused on what was happening around her. She imagined that man, by the position of his hands, by the sound of his breath, by the scent of him. In her imagination, she was watching the scene from aside, as the only spectator of a naughty movie.

Now Rick slid her shoulder straps down, and with them, the entire dress fell on the floor. She didn’t feel embarrassment because she couldn’t see his reaction to her nudity. Moreover, his hands now caressing her back, her sides and her stomach; his hands pushing up her breasts, cupping her tits, and feeling her naked skin, gave her the confidence necessary to stay calm. She let him do.

Rick began kissing her breasts, licking her nipples, teasing them with his lips and mouth. Soon, his thumbs found the straps of her thong and slid it down. Dana was now wearing only her silver pendant and sandals, nothing more. She looked at herself in her imagination, and she felt sexy. That man was loving her with his fingers and lips, absolutely adoring her as no man had ever done. Or maybe, that was indeed only her imagination.

She felt her needing nipples getting the deserved attention from his tongue, and his hands caressing her thighs again, sliding up until they touched her. He was checking her wetness, as a master would check the goodness of his merchandise. She felt used, and yet the fact it was a mere physical act detached her enough to be able to enjoy it.

Then, suddenly, she smelled her scent while one of his wet fingers traced her lips. But she didn’t dare to open them until Rick pushed his finger into her mouth.

“Try yourself, and describe it to me.”

Dana sucked his finger. In any case, she had always loved the taste of her own juices, there was nothing strange in doing that, and the fact they were on Rick’s finger now made it even more exciting than usual.

“It tastes… today it tastes sweet, with a tad of bitter,” She inhaled and waited some seconds before sucking his finger again. “And it has my perfume, it smells like the horny me.”

It wasn’t the usual Dana, speaking, but she had indeed concentrated so much on her own taste and smell that had lost, for a brief moment, all of her inhibitions.

This time, Rtick let her linger on that act for long, so she licked and sucked his finger until he stopped her, took one of her hands and dragged her inside the room in front of them.

Dana liked the gentle way he used to pull her, but surprisingly for her – as he had never experience that kind of change in pace during sex – she liked, even more, the rougher manners he used to push her on the bed, and turn her around.

She lay there, on the bed, on her stomach. The arms at the sides of her head, her legs closed until Rick reached her and slightly opened them. She felt a wave of embarrassment, as she realised he could have been staring at her bare pussy in that very moment. She had no way to know it, though: everything but what she felt, was happening in her imagination. But she perceived the pressure of his body on the bed – close to her – and his passionate, wet kisses began covering her neck, her back, her armpits, her sides. No part of Rick, aside of his lips, was touching her body. For the first time in her life, she found herself totally exposed to a man’s lust, and she trusted him already enough to resign her will to him. She was aware of his touch and his presence as she had never been before, and yet that presence wasn’t occupying, but instead completing her personal space.

His kisses slid down, tracing the line of her spine, followed by a trail of goose bumps that soon spread on her whole body. And the trail his tongue was leaving behind didn’t stop until his kisses were so close to her pussy that his warm breath teased her open lips. She knew what he was experiencing: she had just been intoxicated by her taste, her scent, and she knew that – by now – her pussy was wet and needy as it had not been in months.

Rick grabbed her by the hips and turned her around. It was so sudden that she had no time to wake up her relaxed body. As a result, for a moment, she behaved like a doll being tossed on the bed. A blind doll, completely at the mercy of the man playing with her.

And then, she lay on the bed face up, letting that man using her body at his will. He rested her arms on her stomach and spread her legs, then Dana felt the weight of his body moving down, on the lower part of the bed, and then his breath again on her nipples, on her stomach, on her mound.

Finally, the sudden touch of his lips on her clit felt like electricity spreading through her body. When his lips disclosed and then wrapped her sensitive button, the shock reached her head. Rick was sucking her clit with passion; rubbing it with his tongue, circling it, biting it with such eager that was, for Dana, the proof he had looked forward to that moment too. She thought she was starting to understand him a little. He liked to savour the moment, he liked to savour all the details. There was no other way to explain the way he was – literally – eating her out.

“Mmm… Rick, this is so nice. Your tongue feels like silk, how can you lick so… aaaah… mmmm…”

Rick seemed to be deciding if it was the case to speak or if he could continue what he was doing. After a couple of seconds, though, he spoke.

“Your body is mine tonight, and so your voice. You should not speak without my permission. Stay quiet and, if you can, enjoy it.t Otherwise.. well, let me enjoy your body myself.”

She felt a rush of blood on her face tUsing her body? No man had ever talked to her like that, and she still had to fully understand the extent of their game. But she calmed down, and let him do as he wanted, again.

Moreover, his tongue work twas perfect. He was alternating long licks to her pussy to short, rapid attacks to her clit. His tongue felt like a pierced spears at moments, when he slid it in and out of her lips, and sometimes as warm silk caressing her skin. It was incredible, and still, everything that was happening to her body and her mind was feeling like part of a detached reality, watched from the outside.

It didn’t take long for her to cum. Once he concentrated his efforts on her clit, once he started sucking and blowing it in an out his lips, her remaining senses were overwhelmed by the single, only sensation of pleasure exploding from her sex. She cummed, and her mind went blank for a moment – until she realised again where she was – and what she was doing.

Rick was still licking her. Or better, he was caressing her pussy with his tongue now, without putting any pressure, just enjoying those cuddles by himself, just enjoying her body.

After a while, he stood up and pulled her up from the bed. Her mind still blurred by the orgasm, she had no way to understand what was happening, until she felt her own dress under her feet and a voice behind her.

“You’re free to go.”

And then the blindfold fell and the only sound she heard was the click of the bedroom door closing behind her. It took a while to adapt her sight to the light

“To look forward to pleasure is also a pleasure.” Dana had read it somewhere, sometime before.

It was a quote from Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, and in that moment, as she slid her dress back again, she thought that Rick was the living proof of it.

Part 7

The following week, Dana didn’t have to wait for Friday to get the usual message. Monday evening, as soon as she reached home and opened her bag, she found another small envelope identical to the one she had gotten the first time. She was surprised by it, because she had thought their only communication means had become the smartphone, and she was evidently wrong. That man never stopped to surprise her.

The date was for the next evening. She had already planned a dinner with her friends though, what to do? She weighted the options. She could have cancelled the night out with the girls. They would have gotten very curious, but she had ways to keep them at bay. On the other hand, she was in the middle of her game with him, and desperately wanting to be fucked. Stopping the inertia they had accumulated, could backfire on her. That’s why she decided not to complain to him, not even to ask for a postponing. She was his doll, and as such, she was still at his complete disposal. Until the moment she’d pronounced the safeword, of course.

The next evening she decided to tease him a little. She wore a white shirt, grey skirt and blouse, stockings and high heels, and gave the finishing touch with a pair of fake glasses she had once bought to dress up for a carnival show. She tied her hair in a ponytail and wore high heels, before applying red lipstick and a little more makeup than usual

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, though, she decided that was dressing too sexy to roam in public, and as such before leaving her apartment she covered with a long duster jacket. No neighbour would have thought badly of her, that way, in case they’d meet her on the way out.

She arrived at Rick’s apartment a little late. That had never happened before, and she felt a strange sense of uneasiness before ringing his bell. His reactions were unpredictable. As always, when she arrived at his floor, the door was open a crack. Inside, though, it was very dark. Just a faint yellow light coming from afar, and not the usual welcome she’d already gotten accustomed to.

Dana pushed the door and entered the apartment, then closed the door behind her.

And as soon as she turned around again, while she was realising the reason for the faint light was the line of candles on two shelves in the living room, Rick appeared in front of her.

There were no welcome words this time.

Dana didn’t even notice how he had dressed to meet her and later, she would have thougt, even all her dressing up had been almost useless. Because Rick literally jumped on her. He kissed her on the lips and by that first, long and deep kiss, Dana could feel the desire that had grown inside him.

His hands were everywhere. Her duster jacket had fallen on the grown already and he had unbuttoned her blouse and shirt. As his kisses moved from her mouth to her chin and down on the hollow of her neck, his hands groped her tits and squeezed and fondled them, pulling them out of her bra to be able – she knew he liked it already – to eat them out. A moment later, indeed, Rick was eagerly eating and sucking her nipples, teasing them with his tongue and teeth, while Dana grabbed his head and pushed it against her chest to showing him her appreciation, moaning loudly

Everything had been so quick and exciting, that when he pushed her legs apart and pushed his hand up her thighs, when he touched the naked pussy she had purposely left panty-less, even Dana was surprised to feel she was already drenched.

A finger slid inside her, then two, then three; he moved his fingers wisely, teasing her lips, her clit, her holes. But when he felt her orgasm approaching, when her breathing became heavy and her body began to shudder, he stopped.

“Not today, not like this.”

Those were his first words that evening. And even if, for a moment, she thought he wanted to leave her like that – once again – she knew she couldn’t complain.

But this time Rick had other intentions. He straightened up, kissed her mouth again, with no less passion than a moment before. Nothing had changed, nothing had finished.

Then he took her by her hips and, as he had done some evenings before, he turned her around as if she was a doll. Dana was a fast learner: she let him do and enjoyed the feeling of being commanded, of feeling totally his.

Rick couldn’t see her face, but when he pushed her to the wall, when he lifted her skirt and spread her legs, when he pulled out his cock and looked for his way inside her, during all that time… Dana was amazed. Everything she’d expected, but to be fucked like that, at the entrance of his flat, still wearing her heels and blouse, with a passion usually reserved to a lover you lost and found again, after a long time.

Rick had checked her, he knew Dana was ready, completely wet for him. That’s why he pushed like that: in a single, vigorous thrust, his entire cock was inside her.

Dana’s body was pushed up against the wall. She had to concentrate to find the balance on her heels again, but soon every distraction around else disappeared in bliss.

The subtle light made her more aware of her body like she had been the previous time, with the blindfold. And she had still to see it, but she was now sure that Rick had a fantastic cock. He was reaching deep inside her, he was stretching her pussy rubbing against her inner walls, teasing every centimetre of her skin and muscles. She closed her eyes completely, getting used again to a man inside her. His balls were bouncing on her clit each thrust and his hands on her breast, his fingers teasing her nipples and his lips kissing the back of her neck, helped to fill the void of that missing sense.

This man was adoring her completely, naturally, instinctively, truly. She could feel it from his thrusts, from his kissed, from his touches. And the truth is, the only real thing that Dana wanted was to feel like that.

Her body shuddered under his hits, her legs trembled, her pussy tensed on his cock for a moment, until everything she’d accumulated inside her in the previous months exploded. She tried to lean on the wall as her entire body shook and trembled, as a wonderful orgasm took possession of her body and blacked out her mind.

Dana almost lost consciousness and found herself kneeling on the ground some moments later. Her juices and his cum were dripping out of her spread pussy, her breath was still so heavy and her head pulsating.

Rick had disappeared, but this time he was tactful enough to come back with a towel and a glass of water. He caressed her head that was still leaning on the wall, waiting for her to get back in control. Dana kept her eyes closed, enjoying that tender touch. He had never caressed her like that, and it was the only thing she had always needed after an orgasm. This man seemed always able to read her mind.

They didn’t speak, though. And after a while, he simply left as he had done the other times.

Dana knew what that meant. She cleaned her body with the towel, drank the water, wore the duster jacket back and left the apartment.

She was still wobbling a little when she reached her car and had to wait some minutes before she could drive. She looked at the building, up to Rick’s flat.

Now, his lights were on.

Part 8

Dana had never been good at reading people. That had always been one of her biggest issues in finding the right partner, and the reason why she had actually never found him. She’d always discovered only after a couple of weeks of a relationship, that he wasn’t the right men for her.

Moreover, she had this strange pride that often prevented her from admitting someone else was right. She was not keen to surrender, in those moments, and she would do everything to try to convince someone.

That morning, thinking about the night before, with the memory of what she had felt still vivid in her senses, she realised Rick was proving her he had been right all the time. A man could have enough fantasy to lead a woman and to turn sex into a different experience every time. In fact, that particular man seemed to be very good at it, way better than her.

But that was easy when sex was the only thing the relationship was based upon. She wondered if it would be the same in a couple. Would love spoil the fun? And with the awareness of what she had just thought, came the realisation that for the first time in years she was thinking about love again. A remote, feeble chance… but still love.

Because she had never felt the sensations she was feeling with him; she had never felt that sense of anticipation, the need to be pleased, the need to finally show him how good she was too, in pleasing a man.

There wasn’t a moment, in the following days, when she didn’t think of a new way to bring him to the edge, of a new way to allure him. And even if everything was new for her, even if that feeling growing inside her was something she still had to understand, she knew that wasn’t bad.

Friday arrived soon, but with it, didn’t arrive the usual message. Dana spent the evening on her couch, drinking wine, checking her smartphone every couple of minutes, watching the TV and thinking. As always, that man was able to uncover her weaknesses, and with that her subtle lack of self-confidence. Again, she started thinking that maybe he didn’t like to fuck her, maybe he didn’t like her body or the way she had dressed, or-

It was only on the late night that her smartphone vibrated and the usual, green led blinked on the black ceiling of her room. It was already during the the next morning breakfast when she sleepily checked the phone, that her heart sank.

That single message had relieved her of all the previous doubts and ignited a new, different fire, inside her chest.

[Good night, Dana.]

She thought for long, before answering him. That was the first contact he had ever tried with her, out of their game. Or was it part of it? She couldn’t know. But whether he was playing or not, she could answer with the same tone and pretend to be playing in case anything went wrong.

The truth is, her finger was shaking as she wrote the answer.

[Good morning, insatiable Rick.]

It was time to begin her counter-attack.


The following evening she was at his apartment, and this time she rang the bell without fear.

They had chatted a little in the previous day, mostly about petty things, but it was something more intimate than the chatter at work or the sex they were doing, something beyond the barrier of their feelings. Finally, they were knowing each others as persons, not only as colleagues or sexual partners.

Dana had acquired a new awareness of herself and finally decided what to do. She wanted him, she’d try to get him. She also knew, though, that Rick wasn’t the type of guy to be easily led: she’d have to play it smart, she’d have to let him lead the game until the right moment. Finding it could have been a problem, though.

That evening she had worn a nice, black, dress with a very low cut showing most of her cleavage, and no bra. It was a dress she had once worn for a special occasion and forgot to possess. It was bold, daring: the kind of dress you wear when you want your man to look at you with lustful eyes.

She knew Rick had a special plan for that evening because he’d asked her to dress well for a night out. And she had an idea to tease him, a nice, strange idea. Everything was prepared: she only needed the courage to act.

As soon as he opened the door, she noticed he was dressed differently than usual. He was wearing shoes, he was wearing a light jacket over a not usual high collar white shirt, which first buttons had been left open.

He didn’t let her enter the apartment, but exited and closed the door behind him.

“Let’s go, the taxi is waiting.”

“And my compliments for your cleavage, by the way,” he commented once he had given a good look at her, in the elevator. “You look stunning. Perfect for the place we are going to.”

Downstair, out of the building, a taxi was already waiting. She hadn’t noticed it earlier and when she saw it, Dana wondered if it had arrived later or if she was so into Rick already not to notice the details around her.

Inside the taxi, apart from his hand caressing her naked leg from the knee up, lifting her dress a little too up than she’d expected in a public place, nothing happened until they reached a famous restaurant on a hill in the outskirt of the city. He offered her his arm that she gladly took, and they headed together to the entrance. Before entering, Dana made her first move: she leant on his shoulder and whispered into his ear.

“Tonight, I’m going to play with you.”

“Aren’t you, some weeks already?” He answered, laughing.

“I let you take the lead, but I cannot admit defeat this easily,” she replied cheekily.

And that saying she sneakily slid something into the pocket of his jacket and left his arm.

The restaurant was nice and romantic, the music and the low light gave it a special, intimate atmosphere. She wondered why he had chosen that place – maybe because it wasn’t likely frequented by their colleagues? – but decided to kick away that useless thought to enjoy the moment.

They sat, they chose the wines and the starters, then the waiter left. They were sitting in a corner of a nice veranda and only a few other couples were there with them, distant enough not to hear what they were talking about.

As soon as the wine arrived, and the waiter disappeared again, she made her second move.

“I have a gift for you.”

“A gift?” His brown right eyebrow lifted up showing his surprise.

“Look into the pocket of your.”

He touched the sides of his jacket and noticed the shape of something. After a few seconds, he was turning on his hands a small device with a control wheel and some buttons.

“What’s this? It seems some kind of remote control,” he asked.

“I dunno,” she said mysteriously. “But I think you should try it.”

Rick pressed some of the buttons, turned the wheel and played with it without apparently any result.

“Well, whatever it is, I’m sure it’s broken,” he said placing it in front of him, on the table.

“No, I’m sure it works.”

Dana had some problem talking, already. When she had bought the device that very afternoon, she had never thought it could be that effective. And the moment Rick had begun playing with the buttons, the little egg she had inserted inside her had begun vibrating. It was a low, subtle vibration, and she was sure no one could be able to hear it – she’d asked the girl of the sexy shop more than once about that – but she wasn’t sure she herself would be able to keep quiet for long.

“If it’s working, I don’t know what’s its purpose. And what about this?” Rick turned the small wheel on the side of the remote, and the device inside her started vibrating quicker.

Dana could feel already her juices pouring out, her panties getting wet.

“Or maybe if I press this button, something will happen?” Rick pressed a button, and the small egg began pulsating inside her. She was feeling shivers around her entire body and waves of goose bumps in rhythm with each pulsation. She gripped the table so hard that her knuckles whitened.

“No, I really don’t know what this is. But I’m sure that if you have bought it, it must have some kind of special effect. On me, or on you?”

He nodded at her and at her nipples, now standing hard and clearly visible, pointing at him through the fabric of her dress.

Now she was sure, Rick was absolutely aware of what that device was for, and he was purposely pretending not to. When she reached out to the little remote control to take it back, though, he was faster.

“Well, let’s put this away for now, shouldn’t we?”

He put it inside his shirt pocket, visible to her but out of reach, still activated. And with the egg vibrating inside her pussy, Dana couldn’t concentrate on anything. Her body was on the verge of exploding, all of her muscles tensed as a bow ready to unleash its arrow… and then it stopped.

Rick had turned off the device. Her orgasm disappeared, swallowed back again inside her, and when she opened her mouth to complain – almost angry at him – she realised the waiter had just arrived with the starters.

Rick wanted to keep that game only between the two of them, and as the rush of blood slowly left her face taking it back to its normal colour, Dana felt grateful for it.

Part 9

When the waiter left, Dana could finally take a sigh of relief, releasing out all the fear and embarrassment she had just felt.

“I hope he didn’t notice,” she said. Without realising she had begun to speak with Rick more openly, slowly relinquishing the mainly submissive role to which she had been relegated before.

“I hope he didn’t, and I hope he did,” was the cryptical answer of Rick. “But then again, what makes you think I know what you are referring to, now?”

“Don’t play games with me.”

Among all things, Dana hated being made fun of, the most.

“Sound strange, said by the very woman who told me she was going to play with me, just a couple of minutes ago.”

Dana simply couldn’t win, with him. Moreover, Rick had just slid a hand in his pocket and activated the device again.


“You wanted to play with me. You are playing with me. Or has your plan backfired on you?”

Dana really hadn’t thought that far, indeed. Rick knew what was happening inside her, and he had taken charge of the situation, again. And his stupid pretending not to know, both made her angry and aroused; for sure, the egg shaking her inners made her unable to speak properly. Her muscles were gripping and releasing the device in sync with her pleasure waves, her juices pouring out of her open lips. She was so turned on that she was losing control on her thoughts.

Still, in between the pleasure waves, she realised that even in that blind spot, she had a chance to revert the situation in her favour.

Dana took Rick’s hand and placed it on her knee. From the position they were, nobody could see that, anyway. Then she slid his hand up, under her skirt, spread her legs enough for him to reach her drenched panties and looked him straight into the eyes.

“Feel, what you are doing to me.”

All the time maintaining eye contact, she pushed his hand and finger up her skirt. Rick could feel the vibrations of the device, and her wetness. He pushed a finger against her panties, and touched his already swollen lips, ready to be pleased, seeking for pleasure; then pulled back his hand.

“I feel what you did to yourself. And I hope – as it seems – that you like it, otherwise it would be such a waste…”

Then he stopped the device again, and for the entire dinner, he continued to switch it on every now and then until she was clearly at her limit, then off again. Dana feared her juices had already wetted her dress too, but she had no way to check.

At some point, just after they had ordered their dessert, she really couldn’t resist anymore. She wanted to get rid of that thing inside her and she needed to be pleased, either by Rick or… herself.

She stood up and whispered in his direction.

“I’m going to the restroom,”

She had a moment of uncertainty before continuing.

“ I may need some help.”

Waving her butt a little, hoping he was imagining what was waiting there for him, she left.

In fact, Dana had made a very bold move. She had explicitly invited him to follow her, and as such her evening was at a turning point.

Either Rick would have followed her, giving somewhat her some of the control he had had upon them up til then, or not. And in this case, she would have been too disappointed with herself to be able to enjoy the rest of the evening.


The restrooms were located quite far from the veranda. You had to walk through a long, narrow, dark corridor populated by anonymous doors, before arriving in a wider hallway where you could see the usual two doors, for men and women.

Again, she realised she hadn’t thought ahead much. In case Rick had followed her, how could he have entered the women door without people noticing it? It was true no one seemed to be there at the moment, but what later?

She froze there, looking at the doors, without being able to decide what to do. That could have been her chance to steer the night in the direction she wanted, and she had probably ruined it already.

“Follow me.”

Someone grabbed her hand from behind, she jumped, before recognising his silhouette. It was Rick. He pulled her back in the corridor, and Dana thought that he had gone mad and gone there just to take her back, and everything was lost. But halfway through the dark corridor he opened a side door and pulled her inside, closing the door behind them.

“So, what was that you said you needed help with?”

Dana didn’t even look around to check if someone was there. The lights were off in that room and almost nothing was visible. It could have been a warehouse or an office and in any case, nobody was there. That meant Rick was completely hers.

She pushed him against the door – that was a clever way to keep it close too – and kissed him. She slid her tongue into his mouth taking his breath away, and her hands were already unbuttoning his shirt and her palms looking for his chest, her fingers for his nipples. This time, he was the one to moan first, because Dana’s kisses and hands were full of such lust he had rarely felt from a woman.

Dana slid a hand out of his shirt and down on his trousers. She didn’t even feel him, before untying his belt and pulling down his trousers. She knew he was hard already, it couldn’t be anything else.

She knelt and, in the dark, grabbed his cock and slid it into her mouth. For the first time, she was savouring him; for the first time, she was tasting his sweet precum, feeling his hard tip pushing against her tongue and his strong, masculine, arousing scent.

She closed her eyes. That seemed to be a refrain in their encounters: again she had found herself making love to him in a place where she didn’t need her eyes, and again all of her other senses were as sharp as a spear.

Dana focused on them. On the touch, the smell, the taste, the sound of that cock that she had still to see properly, but she had already learnt to love. She pushed Rick’s cock deeper inside her mouth and played with it, until he pushed her away, grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up.

“Wasn’t it you, the one in need?”

Her “Fuck me” was just a whisper, and yet it reached him.

He turned her around and pushed her against the door, and they began to kiss each other anew.

“Wait… wait…” she chuckled between a kiss and the other, then slid her panties down and a finger grabbed the chord of the little egg to take it out of her. A flood of juices dripped on her thighs: she was ready for him.

Then she lifted a leg, grabbed his ass and pulled him to her. And as their kissing continued, his cock slid into her and Rick began to fuck her.

This time, though, there was not only passion in that act. Strangely, that night Rick was also tender – or at least Dana thought. He had grabbed her leg and put it around his waist; his movements were slower, her body was being pushed against the door firmly, but gently.

Dan was overly excited, and it didn’t take long for her to climax. The endless kiss that they had exchanged and never broken for the entire time, had had a strange effect on her. For the first time, it felt like they were making love.

With all those thoughts wandering into her brain, distracting her, when the orgasm arrived it was a slow and controlled pleasure, not the usual, piercing, sudden and strong one she would have expected after having been so aroused the entire time.

As soon as she had cummed, though, Rick pulled his cock out of her and dressed back. She realised he hadn’t cum too, only when, after a couple of minutes, she didn’t feel the usual strange sensation of a man’s sperm pouring out of her, and she wondered why he had decided that.

In any case, she had obtained what she needed, and she felt happy about it. They went back to the table and, when she sat down, she realised the only layer left between her pussy and the chair was her skirt.

An egg, inside a dark room, was still quietly vibrating.

Part 10

“Did you got what you need?”

Dana had a wide smile and relaxed eyes. Her orgasm had taken away all the tension of the evening, and in some way, her plan had worked. She had managed to take their game to another level, and she wasn’t sure it was even a game anymore, for her.

“Almost. You kept something for yourself, it seems.”

Dana smiled but didn’t elaborate further. They small talked for some time, and after the dessert, they left the restaurant. There was no taxi waiting for them, and it seemed Rick had decided to opt to go down the hill by walk, enjoying the sun setting in front of them. A narrow, badly paved path, stretched between the trees and clearings, slowly descending to the city.

It has to be said, that Dana wasn’t so thrilled by the idea in the beginning. She was wearing heels that night, of course, and even if they weren’t that high, walking in the dim-light of the setting sun on rocks and ground, wasn’t the best way to end such a romantic evening.

She enjoyed – at least – the contact with him. He had offered his hand and, soon, the hand had become an arm, and the arm had slid down to encircle her waist. That was a very romantic way to walk, and after some minutes of silent steps, the intoxicating scent of sweat, sex and cologne of that man, made her forgot about the discomfort of her feet.

The more she smelled that scent, the more her mind drifted away back to the dark room, a couple of minutes ago. Dana soon realised she was excited again. And indeed, she knew that one orgasm was never enough for her.

Even if she was still in need of pleasure, though, she enjoyed the walk until they reached a clearing close to the end of the path. She realised the walk had taken some time, because it was dark already: the only lights were filtering through the low trees in front of them, coming from the lamps on the nearest road. Nobody was around and they hadn’t met anybody on the path. It was, indeed, a very intimate atmosphere, enhanced by the screechy sound of the summer crickets that was covering the noise of the city. They were alone.

“Let’s rest for a while.”

Rick pulled her out of the path until they reached the border of the clearing where – under one of the highest trees – lay a couple of benches.

Dana wondered how many girls he had brought there, but managed to fight with the thought. When she finally sat on a bench, an almost imperceptible sigh of relief shown Rick that the walk had not been just pleasure for her: her feet were sore. Even aware that it wasn’t the sexiest of her moves, she removed her shoes to free them from their cage.

Rick sat close to her.

“Give me your feet.”

“What? Here? I-“ Then she remembered. They were still playing, she was still supposed to see what he was capable of, and because of that… she was supposed to play along, even with all her fears, doubts and pride.

She turned a little and put a foot on his lap. Rick caressed it, and tenderly massaged her fingers, the sole, the arch, the heel. Slowly, without speaking, he continued massaging her feet alternatively. The sun had set; the night wasn’t cold, but it was very dark. There was no moon high in the sky and the faint light coming from the street was illuminating the far path but not their spot. Their eyes had adapted well to the darkness, though, so that they could see each other. Moreover, in the low light, the most visible thing seemed to be their pupils. Dana could follow his eyes easily and she was sure he could do the same with hers.

“Why such a romantic evening?”

Their eyes were speaking so much, that she realised she had actually said it only when he replied.

“I fucked you in a storage closet of a restaurant – or whatever it was. Is it your idea of a romantic evening?” He asked in return.

“No, that was me playing with you. If we look at the evening, you did nothing but being sweet and tender tonight. You’re even massaging my feet, for Pete’s s-“

“The evening is yet to come to an end, though. It may be my turn to play, soon,” he interrupted her.

“I never said I stopped playing.”

And such saying, Dana moved her foot a little farther and touched his crotch, happy to find him already hard.

“You are a calculator. A cold, rational calculator. I feel it in every single one of your acts, I feel it when you kiss me, I feel it when you grab my hips and fuck me.”

She pulled away her foot and moved closer to him. Their lips almost met, but when she felt his hands around her waist again she pushed them away, then whispered.

“Not tonight.”

She pushed him back on the seatback and reached down to him, quickly unfastening his buttons.

“Tonight,” she said sliding down his trousers, “I’m your goddess of passion.”

Then she stood up, looked down straight into his reflecting pupils, and sat astride him.

A hand reached down between her legs and found his hardness, standing proudly under her. In a swift, slick movement she pointed Rick’s tip to her entrance and let her entire body fall on him. She was wet, she was ready since long, she was still relaxed after the orgasm she had had before, and yet the depth Rick reached with that position surprised her in a loud, surrending moan. She leant her head on his shoulder and stopped all the way down until she caught her breath. Then stood up again, knelt on the bench, grabbed his shoulders and started moving on him.

First using slow movement, up and down, stimulating her innermost parts with his tip, massaging his entire shaft with the muscles she was gripping on him. Then when he finally began to breathe heavily, she began tracing small circles on his cock, moving her hips up, down, left and right. For the entire time, she looked straight into his eyes and slowly, she saw lust taking him over.

Rick had understood he had to let her lead and he was curious enough to see to which extent she was able to play, too. But the truth is, he had stopped calculating the moment she had sat on his cock. The feeling of her tender, smooth pussy, the feeling of her wetness pouring down on him, the feeling of her light body pushing him against the bench and, most of all, those eyes looking straight at his soul, was enough for him to forget they were on a bench in the open.

And so the lust became passion, and the passion became something more similar to an ancestral need. Without a rational reason, in that moment, all he wanted was her to continue what she was doing; all he desired was being inside that woman, being one with her.

Soon, Dana couldn’t restrain her second orgasm anymore. That cock pounding inside her, the chance to lead the man that had led her until then, the semi-consciousness they were both so silly to make love on a bench in a park, exploded in a sudden, long orgasm. For the entire time she continued to move, as waves of pleasure shook her body, and when she realised he was still hard inside her, even in the aftermaths of her orgasms, she didn’t stop. She smiled at him to show him her gratitude and stood up. But when he reached down to pull up his trousers, she stopped him.

“I’m not finished here. You’re not going home like that,” she said pointing at his groin.

Decisive, stubborn, proud; Dana turned around and sat on his cock again. Rick could see her back now, the silhouette of her body in the darkness and her loose hair bouncing up and down in rhythm with her. And this time the grip of her pussy on his cock, the way she conveyed her passion to him, drove him to the edge soon.

Dana felt his cock pulsating and continued moving up and down, sliding his entire cock inside her eeach thrust, until he groaned, moaned, and his body tensed in the most beautiful of the spasm, and he started filling her with his warm cum.

It took some time before they both had the strength and will to stand up, then they walked hand in hand to the road. In the taxi home, the atmosphere seemed different than usual. Something had happened – to her at last – and she felt there was no way back anymore.

Still, when the taxi reached her apartment, she gave Rick a quick kiss on the lips before exiting the car.

And as she walked home, the satisfied and yet melancholy grin on her face, said it all.

Part 11

The following morning she woke up earlier than usual and lay on the bed looking at the light of the new morning filtering through the curtains. It was still dark enough to get asleep again, but her mind had filled with all sort of thoughts as soon as she had awakened.

At first, looking at the semi-darkness, she remembered the night before. Once again, they had had sex in the obscurity; once again her senses had been overwhelmed by the passion she had felt, and by his scent, his touch, the taste of his lips, the tenderness of his tongue. She really wanted to make love to him now, though, on a bed, in a well-lit room. She wanted finally to savour him with her eyes too, in all his details. She knew she’d not been disappointed.

She realised she was thinking about love again. Indeed, everything she had experienced, every new sensation she had felt in the last weeks and especially in the night before, led to that only explanation. She had fallen in love, without even knowing how that had happened.

What had started as a cheap and cheerful game between them, had blossomed into something new for her. And now she felt all the weight of it because there was a high chance she was the only one feeling that way. But then she remembered again the way he had fucked her the night before, the way he’d played with her, the way he had massaged her feet… and she didn’t know what to think anymore.

When she reached her officeu, her mood was strange. She was happy about what had happened, of course, and yet uncertainty tainted her hearth, her choices, and her future.

She didn’t meet Rick in the morning, nor during the day. He wasn’t around, and she didn’t want to disturb him, anyway.

She started worrying only the third day: Rick was still absent, his office closed, his curtains drawn.

Then, as she walked past the coffee area, she heard the other girls speaking quietly; as if they were confiding each other a secret, or some mysterious truth it was better not to spread around.

Drawn by her own curiosity, she entered the area and ordered a coffee at the automatic machine.

“No one knows why it happened.” A girl from the HR section whispered was speaking.

“That’s a pity, he was such a nice guy.” One of her colleagues followed.

“Well, it seems he has left and will not come back,u though. That’s a huge loss for our coffee times.” A third girl chuckled, before adding, “Rick will for sure be missed. By the way, there’s this rumour that- ”

A rush of blood, her head spinning, and Dana had to gather all her strength not to fall down as her legs shook and her heart skipped beats.

She could still see the girls talking each other, but all she could hear now was an indistinct noise in her ears. She waited a moment until the spinning gave her a break and then left the room, forgetting about the coffee that was ready in front of her.

She reached the bathrooms and closed herself into one, then cried until she had no tears left.


She left the office earlier than usual, that day. The tears she had shed had cleared her mind: Rick wasn’t dead, he had just left. Maybe the reason was even more important than her. She would have understood that, of course.

So she tried to write him a message but got no reply. The messaging app was showing him as not online since the day he had left his job. Dana realised his phone number was probably a company one, there was no way to try to contact him there anymore. At the worst, she would have contacted some new employee, and the last thing she wanted was for someone to find out what had happened between her and Rick.

Then she looked in her bag and in all the clothes she had used the days before. Maybe he had left one of his usual small envelopes, she hoped. She even checked the shoes she was wearing the night of their last date, but she found nothing.

The days passed, and she was thinking about him all the time. What she hated the most, was the fact he had not given her any message, any explanation to his behaviour. She hated it: no real man would have acted like that.

And so the sadness became anger, the anger became resignation, the resignation became melancholy and soon the need to saw him again.

Saturday morning she woke up with a fixation. She had spent a new, almost sleepless night, and she couldn’t take it anymore. There was only one thing she could do: go and fetch him.

She dressed, wore some makeup to try to hide the black shadows under her eyes and then drove to his place. When she parked the car, though, all of the doubts she had had before, all the lack of self-confidence that was indeed part of her true self, kicked back in. And the only thing she could do was looking at the door, crying again.

She thought that Rick, maybe, had another girl to play with. Or he had a new, real girlfriend. Or he just didn’t like her enough, or he hadn’t appreciated the way she had played with him, to way she had led him during their last date. For sure, he wouldn’t have liked her in that moment: casually dressed, her eyes swollen red, her hair a mess. All of her conviction faded away, all of her motivation left her when facing the possibility of a refusal.

Dana went back home, looked at herself again in the mirror,u ascertained the bad effect everything was having on her, and decided it was time to stop. Continuing like that was simply going to hurt herself more. She threw away his messages, deleted his history, hid the dresses that remembered her of their games so she couldn’t see them again, for some time, and began a new life.

Unrequited love was not what she was looking for. She needed a man who could love her, a man who wanted to love her, and maybe Rick just wasn’t meant to be.

After all, she thought, “A person is worth only as much as his heart is.”


The beginning of the following week passed quickly enough. Dana’s decision had brought quiet days to her heart, while at work nothing had changed. All was back to the days before Rick had even entered the company, and slowly she was stopping her habit to peek in the coffee room or in his closed office to get a chance to see him. Everything was returning back to normal.

With a difference: while before she had liked the normality of the succession of her days, identical one to another, now that she knew something better was possible she couldn’t fully enjoy it anymore, and deep inside her she knew she could have never been able to enjoy it again.

The more time passed, the more her awareness increased. She dragged herself through the last days of the week, hoping to find the needed comfort in some drinks with her girlfriends, soon.

That Friday evening, Dana arrived home later than usual. She entered the elevator and, when the doors opened on her floor, there Rick stood, wearing his usual white shirt, holding a small bouquet of roses in hand, waiting.

The emotions she had still to bury deep in her soul surfaced again, but anger was the first to possess her. She covered the few steps that separated them and slapped him in the face.

“You’re an asshole,” she shouted, but the tears she was shedding were telling him another truth.

“No, I’m not. I had to do it. And you could have come and visited me anyway, you know where I live,” he was serious, but he couldn’t restrain a little teasing.

“I’m not going to visit someone who doesn’t want to see me.”

“And yet here I am. Who said I didn’t want to see you?”

They were still standing on the stair landing and Rick could hear some movements behind one of the other apartment’s doors. Someone was going to check on them soon.

“Tell me, why did you leave?”

“Someone saw us, someone wrote me the very same evening. I had to decide between you and my job. And the fact is, it wasn’t just sex anymore. Either I stopped seeing you or-”

The kiss she gave him was the proof she had understood. It was salty of her sadness, and yet sweet and passionate as forgiveness.

“Details later.”

She took the roses from his hand and opened the door, then pulled him in.


The silly thought of her apartment not being perfectly set crossed her mind; it was Rick’s first time at her place indeed. But she had no time to worry about such petty things, not that day.

She put the roses on a shelf and kicked away her shoes, as he did. She dragged him through the corridor as they kissed and undressed each other, as their hands started playing again with their bodies, leaving a trail of clothes on the ground.

In her room, the sun was still shining through the open windows. Dana smiled: there was no way she’d made love with him in the dark this time. She wanted to enjoy him, completely, as she’d never done.

When they reached the bed they were both completely naked already. They didn’t lie on the bed, though: they kissed each other, standing at the side of the bed, with their eyes closed, savouring a kiss that had a new meaning for both of them. Rick’s hand roamed on Dana’s back, caressed her, gently scratched from her shoulders all the way to her butt, then he grabbed it and pulled her to him. Her breast adhered against his chest, her belly against his one, and between them she could already feel his hardness pulsating, waiting for her attentions.

She interrupted the kiss, and smiled, as her hand slid on his stomach and grabbed his sex, then she sat on the edge of the bed. And there it was, in front of her, Rick’s cock in all his magnificence. For the first time, it was all hers. For the first time, she could see it clearly, in the light, in all his details. She felt a shiver as her excitement grew, looking at it. Its veins; its tip; the wetness pouring down from it. Her hand began moving on it, up and down, gently stroking it, admiring its hardness, its texture, the way it pulsated in rhythm with her hand. Rick moaned slightly, and she smiled again, feeling in control of the man that had caught her heart.

She lowered her head a little and licked its tip. Rick moaned again, this time a little louder. Her satisfied smile grew, as she opened her mouth and engulfed his cock into it, caring to rub its entire length with her lips, caring to caress it with her wet tongue that, for the past weeks, had dreamt of nothing but to meet that man’s kisses, that man’s hardness, that man’s taste.

Rick caressed her head and moved aside her hair to look at her. Dana was gently massaging his balls with a hand now, as her eager mouth continued eating him out, and her lips sealed around his tip felt as an electric shock each time she blew him in and out. The passion she put on the act shown him how much she’d waited for that moment. He relaxed: there was no way Dana wasn’t going to accept his feelings. And as for him, there was nothing he wanted more than pleasing that woman and being pleased by her. And to continue, day after day, until –

His chain of thoughts got interrupted: Dana had raised her eyes and was looking straight into his, smiling while lapping his cock with full, slow licks from the bottom up to its tip.

He pushed her away, but she chuckled and grabbed his cock sliding it into her mouth again, enjoying the teasing she knew she was inflicting him. But soon surrendered to his will, and let her body fall on the bed.

Rick looked at her: Dana, naked, smiling at him while keeping her legs purposely closed. She said nothing, but as he knelt in front of her, she slowly opened her legs, slid a hand down her belly, spread her lips and invited him inside her.

There was nothing he wanted more. He leant over her and their bodies met again, before melting into a passionate embrace. This time, they were discovering each other with a new awareness of their relationship; this time their touches were not only lustful, not hurried. Instead, they carried the need to know each other anew. It was playing, and loving.

Dana moaned as soon as she felt his cock sliding into her. She was at home, free to show her pleasure at its fullest, and didn’t hold back. Her moans grew louder, her breath heavier, as that man pumped inside her, as he plunged his body deep into the mattress each thrust, as his weight kept her immobilised – and yet she wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else, with anyone else.

She looked at him, over her; at his muscular chest; his arms; his flat six-pack, and her hands slid again on his back to grip his firm ass, pulling him to her.

Their kisses became more passionate; the pleasure mounted inside them. Rick and Dana were biting each other’s lips, licking their ears, kissing their necks tasting every inch of each other’s skin. Their sweat bodies moved in unison with the rhythm of their hearts and soon Dana felt a first orgasm making its way inside her. She lifted her legs, letting him reach depths he couldn’t have otherwise, and closed her eyes, lost in the way he was massaging her insides, stimulating her innermost spots.

Then she felt it: his orgasm coming. Rick’s cock pulsated into her and he raised the pace of his thrusts, while whispering into her ear how beautiful she was, how sexy she was, how much he wanted to be with her.

Her body shook in pleasure, her mind blacked out, her nails dug into his back as she uncontrollably moaned her pleasure.

And in that moment, when she couldn’t resist anymore, when the pressure from inside her was too much to handle and her body began shaking in pleasure; when her mind was on the verge of blacking out and her fingernails deeply dug into his back, she said the unchaining words that ended it all, those words that would have hopefully led to another, better, new beginning.

“I love you.”


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