Your Turn To Please Me

“Did you just really mean it?”

Linda looked at her friend with surprised and doubtful eyes.

“Hey, I was joking! There’s no need to get upset about it,” Erin answered. She was a little frightened she may have gone too far.

“It didn’t seem you were joking to me,” Linda complained, serious; then they both lay motionless on the huge bed. Only after a while, Linda continued.

“You know, it’s not like I never thought of it.”

The motionless silence became instead heavy as a rock as Linda realised she had really just said it to her friend; her body reacted to the embarrassment, her face turned red. She thanked the fact they were lying next to each other, face up, and her friend could not see her.

Then, she felt Erin’s hand meeting hers, Erin’s fingers playing with hers in what wasn’t the usual, friendly touch she’s grown used to. Erin was still not looking at her though. Both of them were staring at the ceiling, aware that something was going to happen, or was already happening.

“You are my best friend, and you are a pretty hot girl too, you know that! How could I not think of your luscious body?” Erin giggled. Her fingertips were now tenderly tracing small circles in the palm of Linda’s hand.

“Ohhhh, come on! I saw you naked hundreds of times, you’re way hotter than me Erin!” Linda had always thought that. Erin was thin, tall and very attractive. Moreover, her short hair fitted perfectly her attitude and her green eyes.

“Me, hotter than you?” Erin turned around on her elbow, and purposely stared at Linda’s body, aware she could feel her green eyes on her. “You have such big tits! And those pretty legs, and those feet…”

“Noooo way! Your body is prettier than mine. My legs are fat, my feet small!”

“Is it? Let’s compare!” Erin knelt on the bed and with a swift movement unlaced her bra leaving her naked, small breast completely visible to Linda’s eyes. Linda felt a shiver down her spine, as she stared at her friend’s breast. Even if she’d seen her naked before, this time it was different. This time the act somewhat anticipated something more, something she was already looking forward to.

“Now, your turn!”

Linda knelt on the bed, in front of Erin. She felt some well-known butterflies down her stomach, and that exciting feeling she had felt when she undressed the first time in front of a man. She lifted an arm. Erin’s eye was caught by her beautiful, smooth armpit, as Linda slowly unlaced her bra with the other hand. She had done it so many times that she unwillingly did it in the most sexy of the ways. She covered her breast with her arm and let the bra fall down on the bed, then gave her friend a lustful look and waited. A man, usually, would have just jumped over her and took her by force. And she would have liked it, of course, those strong hands gripping her wrists, a heavy body pushing on her, using her for his own pleasure. That day – though – she desired something different; she needed something different.

“That’s not enough you silly girl!” Erin grabbed her arm and tried to pull them away to uncover her nipples. Linda tried to fight back but she had always been weaker than her friend and soon, Erin overcame her. Linda fell down on the bed and Erin over her, gripping her wrists, pulling her arms over her head in the most dominant of the act.

Linda’s sexy lips were so close to hers, and yet Erin had no courage to kiss her. But Linda could see the lust in her friend’s eyes, and herself wanted to go further.

“So, you really wanted to try it with a girl. You were not joking before.” Linda looked straight in her green eyes.

“Not with ‘a’ girl,” and Erin back in the deep of Linda’s brown ones.

“I”, Linda kissed her friend’s lips, “want”, then bit her lower lip, “you”, she raised her knee until it touched between Erin’s legs, “too.”

As soon as Erin felt her friend’s touch between her legs, all the fear she had felt disappeared and she answered her kiss with all the passion she had hidden until that moment. They began to taste each other’s lips, bit them. They played with their tongues until their breath became so heavy it was clear they needed something more. Erin acted first: when her kisses moved down Linda’s neck, her friend couldn’t restrain a loud moan.

“I reckon”, Erin kissed her neck again, “you like to be kissed on your neck.”

Linda was completely lost. She could feel only her friend scent, the touch of her lips on her skin, the softness of her friend thighs pushing against her knee.

Erin kisses moved lower until she rested her head on her friend’s breast.

“I have always wanted to do this,” she said grabbing her tits with her hands. Then, one by one, she sucked and licked Linda’s hard nipples. She had masturbated so many times thinking of her friend’s big tits, of licking them, of touching them. And now that everything was there, her head was spinning so much she could hardly concentrate on her friend’s nipples, scent and moans.

Linda was indeed moaning so hard that Erin thanked the fact they were alone at her house for that night. It would have been difficult to explain otherwise, she thought, smiling on Linda’s nipple. That said, Linda was free to moan now, and Erin free to enjoy the sound of her pleasure. The sexy, exciting voice of Linda was turning her on even more than her body. She felt her cotton panties getting wet fast under the touch of Linda’s knee. The need to be touched, the need to be pleased grew in her.

And as if Linda had read her thoughts, she felt her hand touching her inner thighs, sliding up until she met her pussy. Her fingers started playing with Erin’s sex, rubbing her clitoris through the cotton until her panties were so wet it had no sense anymore keeping them on. Linda grabbed Erin’s head and reluctantly lifted it up, then looked straight in her green eyes.

“Let’s get rid of these,” then simply removed her panties and waited for Erin to do so too.

They were kneeling in front of each other, completely naked. Linda began to kiss her friend again and, while doing so, slid her hands on her small breast, teasing her nipples with her fingers, and down her stomach until she felt Erin spreading her legs to ease her touch.

Linda had touched herself so many time, she perfectly knew what to do. And she knew it was doing it right when the two fingers sliding on her friend’s clit and then lower, inside her, caused their kiss to become even more passionate. Erin was moving her hips back and forth on Linda’s fingers. For the first time, Linda enjoyed touching another woman. She enjoyed the rough texture of her inner lips, the copious juices pouring out of her, her breath getting heavier inside her mouth.


Linda knew what was going to happen: Erin’s entire body was already shuddering in pleasure and she was uncontrollably pushing her hips over her friend’s hand.

Erin interrupted the kiss and rested her head on Linda’s shoulder, kissing and licking her neck as she waited for her orgasm to explode.

Her pleasure was like a flood; like a hurricane possessing her body and mind. When she finally realised what had happened, Linda’s fingers were still deep inside her pussy and she was kissing her on her lips.

Linda gently slid her fingers out of Erin’s pussy and gave her them to lick off her own juices. Then she pushed her friend on the bed and sit over her. This time, it seems as if every trace of submission in Linda, Erin’s shy friend, had disappeared.

“It’s your turn now, isn’t it?”


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