A New Night, A New Pub

A new
night, a new part of the city, a new pub. As soon as she entered, she noticed
that well-dressed man sitting at the bar, drinking whiskey alone: the perfect target.

She stood
up and casually sat close to him, exposing a little too much of her leg in his
direction, then ordered a tea. She pretended not to see his drunk eyes staring
at her legs, at her body cladded in a revealing
summer dress. She knew that thanks to the light coming from her back, her silhouette
and was perfectly visible to him, and only to him.

“A tea? Whassup girl? Ya ain’t old eenogh?”

Yes, he
had definitely noticed her.

She looked
at him. Apart from being drunk, tonight’s man was clean and handsome. She
wondered how it was possible for such a man to end up like that; what could
have happened to him, what could have made him so miserable.

She didn’t
linger on those question too much. Her time was precious, he was not going to
be the only customer that night.

She leant towards him uncovering her legs even more
and whispered in his ear.

“Want to
see what I’m old enough for?”

As he
concentrated to be sure he had understood, his face seemed almost sober.

She knew
she was beautiful. Not young enough anymore, but still a beautiful woman. She
knew only a few men would resist her.

“Yup, wanna
see fo’ sure!”

purposely touched his leg with her hand, so close to his crotch he thought she
was going to show it to him in that place.

finish our drinks first.”

“It’s a promiiish!” He shouted
a little too loud.

She didn’t
answer, but she ordered two more Whiskies
for him and one for herself. She held alcohol well, and she needed something
strong to do what she was going to do.

They blabbered
for a while, finishing her drinks. Then she invited him out.

“It’s time
I fulfil my promise, isn’t it?”

His eyes
illuminated as he tried to stand up. She reached his side and supported him.

The barman
asked him to pay and she helped him looking for his wallet, paid for both using
his money and put it back in his pocket.
Then they went out.

It was a
summer night, those you could walk around naked without feeling the need of
anything on you. Those nights when every little piece of cloth on you feels
uncomfortable, annoying.

She led
him to the backyard. No one was there. And
there was no need for words – not that that man could speak properly anymore

She knelt
in front of him, lowered his trousers and pants and freed his flaccid cock in
front of her face. It was going to be hard work, she thought.

The man
lay against the wall and closed his eyes as she began stroking him off. His small
cock was reacting to her touch at least; when it was hard enough she started
licking it. It wasn’t the cleanest – probably the man was out since the morning
– but the taste of the whisky in her
mouth helped her to overcome the initial disgust for the too strong taste. She
sucked it, used her tongue and saliva to clean it enough, then spit everything

It wasn’t
a huge dick, but now it was at least standing proud in front of her, clean
enough to have fun with it. Probably for more than one minute fun, she thought,

As always,
she was an optimist. With her tongue licking his shaft, her lips teasing his
tip, her hands massaging his balls… the man soon groaned and exploded without
notice in her mouth. She felt the first spurt of cum hitting his palate, then
the second and the third. “So much thick, creamy cum,” she thought: that man
hadn’t probably cummed for days. At any
rate, she enjoyed that moment: she liked to give head and the different taste of
each man was a nice – and usually pleasant – discover.

the man let himself fall on the ground, his eyes closed. He would not have recalled
too much of that evening – and of her – the next day.

She leant over him, hugged him, and with the
nonchalance of a professional pickpocket slid his wallet out of his trousers.

She left
the backyard and removed all the money she had seen in the pub from the wallet,
then threw it near the pub entrance. Someone would have found it.

Yes, she could
have just stolen that money from him in that backyard, no one would have
noticed it. But she didn’t like to steal.

preferred to think of it as a payment for her services, an offer for using her skilful


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