A Full Wallet

She looks at the camera and shakes from excitement.

Nikola never knows who is on the other side of the monitor, she sees them only if they pay more than the couple of bucks they usually put in her virtual wallet. If they do so, though, they are entitled to a special, private service.

That excites her. While she squeezes her tits in front of the cam, she wonders who could be there, looking at her. A school friend? Her uncle? A friend of her brother? Or maybe a girl she knows, a secret lesbian lover?

She waves her luscious body, turns in front of the camera, showing her ass cladded in a pair of jeans shorts. Then she lowers her chest again to offer her cleavage to the camera.

She smiles, looking at the wallet filling up again.

What will they ask her, this time?

Tin, tin!

The sound of a new customer. Someone has requested a private session and has paid for it.

She raises the cam to show her customer, finally, her face. She is pretty, she knows it, and she would be easily recognisable by some friend if not for her black wig and heavy make-up. A friend not focusing on her tits, though, may notice some element in her room and recognise it. That’s why she rarely invites boys in her room: she prefers to go to theirs.

The customer writes. He has only ten minutes, he doesn’t want to lose time.

[send me a kiss]

She gets closer to the camera and kisses it.

[slowly, show me your tits.]

She feels that thrill, one of the things she likes the most in this job. Showing her body to a stranger, and she knows what the customer will do then, what’ll imagine to do her.

She removes her bra and frames her tits in the camera, purposely leaving them loose.

[tease your nipples, show me they are hard]

Her tits bounce, and her fingers tease her nipples rolling them between her thumbs and index, pulling them towards the cam, then towards her mouth to lick them.

Nikola moans loudly, and she is more excited by exposing herself than by the touch itself.

[turn around, show me your ass, slowly]

Yes, the time is passing by. The chronometer on her monitor says there are only seven minutes left. What will this customer ask her to do? They know she is open to everything: they just have to ask.

She turns around and slowly pulls down her shorts revealing her firm ass.

[bend forward, spread your legs]

As the most expert of the strippers, she bends forward and wiggles her ass at the camera. She knows her customer can see the outline of her pussy now, and the small pink hole above it.

[now slide a hand between your legs, and spread your pussy]

Another boring customer. Mechanically, she slides her hand and uses her fingers to spread her lips. She is sure he – or she – is frantically masturbating already. Her pussy is so sweet, so sexy… she would masturbate looking at herself too.

[show me how you touch yourself]

She slides two fingers into her pussy, then out, then in again. It’s how she likes to do it, but this position is not the easiest to do it. When she masturbates alone, she usually lies on her stomach, on her bed: definitely better.

But she doesn’t complain. She rubs her clit, exposes it to his sight, moans and breath loud enough he can feel how much she is – or pretends to be – excited. Nikola is wet for real, anyway. Her touch is perfect, she knows her body and it even happens that sometimes, towards the end of her night, she cums for real while touching for a customer.

This is not that time, though.

She turns her head and checks the monitor and the chat.

His time is also running out: only one minute left.

[fuck you are so hot, fuck]

He is right – yes, no woman would write something like that! – she is indeed hot: she has been his hot bitch for ten minutes.

[turn around, show me your lips, blow your wet fingers]

Well, at least something a little out of the ordinary. She turns, frames her mouth in the camera and begins sucking two of her fingers. In and out, purposely making obscene sounds: she knows he is imagining his cock in her mouth now, and will soon cum.

[- logged off -]

Like always. He finished his job and disconnected. Not even a “thank you” but – hey! – why should she worry?

She knows she made someone happy tonight, again. And he made her happy too: her wallet is full.


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