I was born in Italy and I live and work as a manager in various cities throughout Central Europe. I enjoy travelling, playing the piano, reading and writing.

I have simply, always, loved beauty. The beauty of a feeling. The beauty of a flower. The beauty of the right words at the right moment. The beauty of a symphony when the notes grip your senses and the only thing you can feel are the goose bumps running wildly through your body.

For me, writing is a passion and a mission: share the beauty in one of its most magical forms.

« One of the reason ‘coz I write – what I find amusing the most – is the way each character grows in the story as if it was alive.
The bud I imagine in the beginning, the outline of the character’s emotions I try to define, soon blossoms into a beautiful flower upon which I have little control.
By the end of the story, each character has self-defined themselves and I have relinquished control over their feelings. I’m relegated to the role merely of a narrator whose purpose is to convey those emotions to the reader, to put them into words. »

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