Waiting for Him – Part 3

Waiting for Him – Part 3

I let your feet play with my hardness while I caressed your inner thighs, sliding my hands closer to your wetness that I could already see glittering in the semi-darkness.

Eventually, I reached your groin. You trembled with excitement when my fingers met with your big lips, when I massaged them from the outside, still not allowing myself to open the treasure that was waiting for me, inside them.

I had been fasting for a week, I was trembling with need. My head was spinning when I stood up in front of you again – your disappointment for missing the contact with my cock shown only by a whispered moan –  caressed your chin and touched your breasts.

It’s incredible how firm they were. I can still remember the feeling of power I felt while squeezing them together in my hands, the hardness of your long nipples pushing against my palms. I was their only owner, their lord, their master.

Those breasts that I secretly craved for months were finally there, for me to enjoy. And I couldn’t show you my longing for them: that wasn’t in my script.

“Mmmm…” you moaned, louder than before when I kissed the hollow of your neck – your sweat skin telling me how nervous you still were – and then again when my open lips traced the path to one of your nipples, wrapped around it and stopped, without sucking, without giving it the benefit of the tip of my tongue teasing it.

No. Only my breath was there, reminding you of my presence, of my lust.

You tried to push your breast toward me. You wanted my mouth on you, my eager tongue, my lips, my kisses. But the cuffs binding you to the chair were not allowing you much room for movement.

“Please… please…”

For the first time you spoke, you begged. I didn’t answer, it wasn’t my job, not yet.

My tongue rapidly sought for your nipple, traced its contour, and retracted.

“Ooh… please… suck it… please, Sir, suck my tit… suck your tit…”

I hadn’t given you the permission to speak, but I had never actually forbidden you to speak either. I couldn’t stop your pleading, I could only tease you a little more.

Excited as you were – so much you were frantically squeezing your legs together to try to get some pleasure from your swollen, horny pussy – I knew this would have only edged you even more. And I needed it, I needed to find you the most excited as you had ever been when I’d finally gotten you.

“Please… please… Sir… I need you…”

Of course, you needed me. Still, my teeth suddenly biting your hard nipples felt like a shock to you.

“Ouch,” you complained, but the lament soon turned to a moan when my lips started playing with your nipple, my tongue circled it, teased its rough skin inside my mouth.

My hands everywhere on you, now, caressing your face, your hair, your back and your breasts, driven by the passion I was putting on that simple – and yet so arousing – teasing.

And then my tongue was all over your breasts, tasting them, wetting them as much as I could, because I already knew what I wanted to do next.

When I stood up, you must have wondered what I was going to do. When I fondled and squeezed your tits together, you must have wondered why I was lingering on that part of your body so much. But I’m sure that when you felt the presence of my hard cock between your tits, everything became clear to you.

You looked down, opened your lips in what seemed a mix between awe and a faint attempt to finally reach my tip with your tongue. That wasn’t allowed, anyway, and you knew that.

I kissed your front, your cheeks. I got to your lips, and you instinctively raised your chin to meet mine. It’s what I wanted.

We kissed, for a long time, as I slowly pushed my cock between your squeezed breasts, fucking probably the last part of you that you would have expected, from me. And all the time, our tongues played the same tune, our breaths danced the same rhythm.

Until I decided it was time to give you something more and to get myself some different pleasure. I broke our kiss, I caressed the back of your head pulling it to me, until my swollen glans met with your lips, and you understood what was happening.

The pleasure I felt at that moment – when you opened your mouth and slowly engulfed my cock with it! Your lips caressing my shaft felt like silk, your tongue gently licking around my tip like the most delicate kiss. I moaned when you forced your throat open trying to shove my sex deep inside you, and I smiled when you suddenly chocked and pulled it out, gasping for air.

My hand caressing your hair told you that everything was OK, that I wasn’t expecting more than that. It was tender, actually, that you were trying so hard because you had told me already that you had never managed to control your gag reflex. Well, not that it was important for me: we were there for a different kind of game, that’s why when you opened your mouth again and you pushed your head toward my cock, I blocked it halfway. You understood it was enough, you could cuddle me and please me your way.

Shivers ran down my spine when you started to suck me; when I heard the noise of your suction and the sound of your load moans. You were showing me how much you had craved for it, how much you’d desired to feel my sex, to give me the pleasure you thought your Master deserved.

Lost in that bliss, I let you enjoy my excitement until I was so close to cum, that I had to pull it out, to break that contact before I would make a mess of you.

Not that I’d not love to, but it wasn’t the right moment, yet.


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