Waiting for Him – Part 2

Waiting for Him – Part 2

I caressed your nude skin and the side of your chest lightly grazing your breast, your hips.

I knelt, lifted your leg caressing your foot, sliding your dress away, then I stood up and circled around you before taking your hands to your back.

The handcuffs I brought had to be put to use. I simply pushed you back on the chair, naked, with only a pair of black stockings wrapping your legs, and the thin lace encircling your thighs. Then I cuffed you behind the chair.

Such wonderful breasts you had: firm, with large areolas and long perky nipples. I lingered, watching as they moved up and down in rhythm with your heavy breathing. You were so excited, I knew it, and you were expecting more… You wanted me to give you more.

I never liked to do what’s expected me to do, though. You expected me to kiss you as soon as I saw you, maybe. You expected me to fuck you, eventually. You expected me to be lustful, hasty, but I’m not that type of man.

Savouring every little detail, that’s my way! And I was feeling so selfish that day. I wanted to enjoy you at the most, regardless of your desires.

I knelt in front of you, spread your legs and pulled your pussy lips aside. You gently moaned at the touch, feeling free to be yourself in that anonymous, hotel room.

Indeed, you were already so wet, your juices poured out and wetted the chair. I saw it because my face was so close to your pussy you could feel my breath on it. Such wonderful swollen, pink lips, waiting only for me… and you were probably thinking I was going to touch you, to lick you or-

But nothing of the sort. I just watched you, made you feel I was there, staring at your most private parts. I was excited, can’t deny it.

I stood up, caressed your face; your lips; your chin; your hair. You pandered to my movements, slightly turning your cheek against my palm. I traced the contour of your chin, down on your neck; further down grazing the side of your breast.

I wanted you so much it hurt. I took off my trousers, stood in the middle of your spread legs. You could feel the scent of my cock now, I was sure since it was so wet in my pre-cum, standing just a couple of inches from your mouth. But you didn’t open it, you waited for me to play with you.

I slid my swollen tip on your closed lips, wetting them in my juice. Slid it on your face, your cheeks, and your eyes. I could see trails of wetness glittering in the light of the bed lamp. At that moment, I cursed myself for having forgotten the camera. This would have made the perfect setting for a glam photo shoot. We would remember the sensations of this moment forever, looking at those photos.

When you couldn’t resist anymore and your lips opened up to finally welcome my cock, I pulled it away. Your moan sounded like a plea, but I didn’t want you to taste me, yet. I wanted to give it to you only later, only after you’d reach your breaking point, excited as you had never been.

Your breath grew heavier, as my hands caressed your hair, your neck, and your shoulders. The first kiss I gave to the hollow of your neck made you shiver on the chair. The second, wet, I laid it close to your nipple and yet not on it. I wasn’t going to make it easy, on you.

But my hands tenderly caressing your shapes, on your stomach, your hips, your legs, and my fingertips playing with the border of your stockings – you would tell me only later on that you had thought I was going to take them off! – they were all aiming to one thing: make as horny as you had never been.

Blindfolded, you couldn’t see as I sat down in front of you, took one of your feet in my hands, began massaging it. My fingers carving their paths on your sole, between your toes, on your sexy ankle when I lifted your foot up and rested it on my shoulder. I’m sure you had a clear picture of what was happening when I started kissing your foot, caressing it with my lips while my hands gently massaged your calf, up to your knees. You could feel my breathing on your toes, you could feel my lips occasionally engulfing and sucking them, regardless of the thin layer of nylon covering them.

Well, it actually felt so sexy to me – those thin sexy stockings covering your naked skin – that I was completely hard. Licking the feet of such a beautiful woman, not because I was submitted to her, but because I wanted her to submit to me, to her core, to her soul. And your moaning, growing louder and bolder, told me I was on the right path.

For the first time, you took the initiative. I felt your other foot crawling towards me, reaching between my legs. In fact, I was so horny I couldn’t refuse that touch anymore. My cock was excited, wet in pre-cum, needy to get the deserved attention. And that foot wrapped in the silky stocking had the effect of an electric shock. I moaned, too, as you moved your foot up and down my shaft, using your toes to spread my wetness around my tip, on my shaft, on my balls. It was the best massage I had ever had, I had goosebumps all over.

But I couldn’t linger on that touch for long. As much as I liked your feet and legs – and even if my thoughts were filled with images of my cum spread all over those feet – we would have to leave that kind of play for another time.


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