Waiting for Him – Part 1

Waiting for Him – Part 1

That time, we met because of my job. I had an appointment with a big dealer and when I read the name of the city we were supposed to meet at, I instantly realized my chance to get you had finally come.

I booked a hotel in the city centre, but on a secondary street. I didn’t want anyone to see you, I didn’t want to cause you any problem. Separated single rooms, no need for anything more.

I called you a couple of days before and gave you my instructions. You were not expecting it, I’m sure: you had never thought an internet acquaintance like me would have seriously come for you, someday. Someone living thousands of kilometres away, someone you had thought it was safe to confide your innermost secrets to.

You were wrong, and you were now paying the price… Not that you didn’t really want it, anyway, I could feel you were just playing a game, pretending to be embarrassed, indecisive. But beyond that, I could feel your excitement in each of your words.

Our telephone call was short and concise: I gave you the orders and you listened to them. You could have just said “No”, you could have just run away from this chance. But you were the one lusting for it the most, I’m sure.

When I arrived at the hotel it was already late afternoon. I checked in and went to my room, left my stuff, had a shower and then got out bringing only a small bag with me. I was wearing my dark grey work suit, my white shirt and a dark blue tie, plus classic, black, lucid shoes.

I read again the SMS I had gotten from you a couple of hours before: [601]. There was no need to knock. I chose this hotel because it had normal locks at the doors: no useless technology, no magnetic cards and moreover nothing to prevent me to enter a room if not locked. I pulled the handle down, opened the door, and the first thing I felt in the darkness was your scent. I silently closed the door behind me, locked it. I turned around and just stood there for a while. Enjoying the moments before actually seeing you.

My eyes slowly adapted to the low light. The room was big: on the right the big single bed; on the left a large window and a balcony. It was already dark outside, and only an abat-jour was turned on in the room. His low, yellow light created shades of gold everywhere.

In front of the big window, there was a chair; sitting on it, you. You felt my presence, you heard my steps, but you didn’t talk. I liked the fact that you followed my instructions; you remained silent, even if you didn’t know if it was really me. I could have told somebody else you were there waiting for a man, or it could have been a hotel attendant… What if? That possibility excited you even more.

Getting closer, I saw you were dressed in a nice, long, black dress. Long enough to cover your knees, but with a deep slit on the side up to your hip: I could see the edge of your stockings. I hadn’t told you how to dress, but what you had chosen showed me you were looking forward to me as much as I was to you. A black blindfold covered your eyes as you kept your hands on the back of the chair as if they were tied up to it. Your white skin and your blonde hair, illuminated by the faint light of the abat-jour, were the perfect contrast to your dress.

Coming closer to you – my steps softened by the carpet – I noticed you were breathing heavily. Were you tensed or excited? I couldn’t know, but it was my duty to find out and to be sure it was the second option.

The dress barely covered your tits. It had no shoulder straps and your heavy breathing made your breasts seem even bigger.

I was already looking forward to seeing it, to play with it, to savour the taste of your skin. I admired your slender legs, your bare feet, covered only by that thin layer of nylon; so exciting. I didn’t speak but came closer and closer to you until you could feel my breath on your lips. I was so close I could lick you, I could kiss you and you could too… But you knew you’d spoil the mood. You were there, still, behaving, waiting for me.

This need to feel you completely mine: I had to fulfil it.

I couldn’t see your eyes but I knew them. I had seen them before on your photos, on your occasional videos. I knew how you smile with them when you are happy, I knew how beautiful you are.

I moved your hair aside, breathed in your ear, kissed and sucked your earlobe.

That’s it. At that moment you relaxed completely: you knew it was me, or at least someone with the intention of loving you.

I took your hands, pulled you towards me and you stood up. You didn’t speak, you didn’t move more than necessary. That’s how it was supposed to be, that’s how I liked you – my woman – to be.

I pulled down the zip on the back of your dress. You’d been naughty, you wore nothing but stockings under the dress and as it slowly fell down to your feet it revealed your firm breasts, your erected nipples, your hips, your sex; all exposed to my eager eyes.


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