A Shopping Date – Part 6 – End

A Shopping Date – Part 6 – End

Alan was pushing his cock all the way in and out in a steady, almost gentle rhythm, teasing her lips every time he went almost out, and her cervix every time he shoved his entire length inside her.

Michelle was in heaven: it was long since she had last felt those emotions, those feelings of powerlessness… being completely at the mercy of a strong man, being there for his desire… that was what she wanted: being totally his, feeling his orgasm exploding inside her, looking at his satisfied face after he used her as he wanted.

The thrusts became faster, harder, and Michelle thought someone was probably going to hear them from outside… she feared they would come and check and, for a brief moment, she actually hoped it’d happen. Was she liking so much being watched, being used, being the centre of men’s attention? She had never known this side of her. Everything felt so new, that day.

She reached back with her hands and spread her butt to feel him even deeper, then she looked up in the mirror. Alan’s face was telling her he was in ecstasy, his pace raising was telling her he was going to cum soon.

“Cum, cum inside me, I’m almost there too… please…”

Was it really her, speaking? Had she ever been so naughty, before?

She felt Alan’s orgasm approaching; he leaned on her, groped her breast with his hands and began kissing the back of her neck, moving her hair aside with his lips. She knew he could feel her scent, now, and the feeling of her nice, round ass grazing on his body each trust had pushed him to his limit.

Michelle felt one last thrust of his hips, and then his sexy groaning as he stopped all the way inside her. And at the moment she felt his warm load filling her womb she shuddered, her knees trembled and her orgasm exploded too, in a long, restrained moan.

Both exhausted, Alan slid his still hard cock out of her pussy; Michelle sat back on the little stool and, without asking, she reached out for his cock and took it into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around it and cleaned it diligently, eagerly, savouring their mixed flavours.

When they finally heard someone outside, they knew it was time to go.

They dressed up quickly, in silence, and left the fitting room casually talking, as people outside looked at them imagining what had just happened inside.

Alan bought Michelle the dress and kept her wet white panties for himself.

“I’ll bring them next time we meet!” he said, then kissed her and left.

Two men were in the lift to the underground parking and Michelle realized they were looking at her. Was her makeup all messed up? Was it the smell of sex still permeating the air around her, or maybe they had noticed her nipples, still hard and pressing against the thin summer dress textile? Or was it simply some kind of new awareness that Alan had awakened inside her?

She wondered for a while, until she felt a rivulet of Alan’s sperm running down her thigh and shivers running through all her body, again.

When the elevator doors opened, she walked slowly to let the two men go ahead, until she reached her car. She locked herself inside it, lifted her dress, cleaned her thighs with her fingers and took them to her lips, wetting them with Alan’s now cold cum.

Michelle closed her eyes, savouring those still fresh, new feelings she had just experienced. She felt guilty at that moment: she was on the pill and her husband would have never known it, right, but there was no excuse to have sex with anyone… even just once in her life, as she had just done.

And yet Michelle knew she was lying to herself. That was not “once in a lifetime”: it was going to happen again.

Soon, very soon.


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