A Shopping Date – Part 4

A Shopping Date – Part 4

“I… I… sorry I wasn’t paying attention,” the man stuttered.

“I asked: do you think these black panties suit her ass, or it was better before when it was naked? I saw you looking at her, you could at least help me now.”

“No… I wasn’t…”

“Don’t be shy, I’m not telling anything to your girlfriend,” Alan reassured him; his voice was now just a little more than a whisper and even Michelle barely heard it.

“So? What do you think?”

The young man raised his eyes and met Michelle’s ones in the mirror for a brief moment, then quickly lowered them again and looked at her ass.

“I think that it looks great either way… ”

“Hahaha!” Alan burst into a laugh. “I know that! But how do you prefer her? You already forgot how she looks?”

Michelle felt the eyes of the two men on her body, staring at her, exploring her, judging her… her breath got heavier, she was feeling excited. She was wetting her panties, and they weren’t even hers yet.

“Pull them down,” Alan commanded.

She knew she couldn’t do anything about it. She could have refused, she could have run away… but she didn’t want to. She was enjoying it; she wanted more of that new pleasure, to expose more of her naughtiness to those men.

She felt daring. Michelle met the eyes of the young man again through the mirror and while keeping eye contact slid her thumbs under the strap of her panties, and pulled them down. She bent a little, lift her ankles to take the panties completely off.

Bent on the mirror, naked. Alan and the stranger could probably see her pussy, now. No, she was sure they could see it already, and they could see how wet she was, they could see her swollen lips pulsating, waiting for a finger, a tongue, a cock. She had never been the kind of girl to be so easily turned on, so easily controlled by a man; and there she was, showing off her sex to two strangers.

“I’d say you prefer her now, judging by the looks of your pants,” Alan played with the young man, looking at the erection clearly visible in front of his trousers.

“Take off your bra.”

Michelle didn’t linger anymore. Her hands quickly moved behind her back and unlaced the bra. It fell to the ground revealing her naked big tits to the mirror. She was standing completely naked in the fitting room, watching in the mirror her date, Alan, and a young stranger staring at her naked, excited body.

“OK, I think you can try the next one now Michelle,” Alan said grabbing the panties and the bra from the floor and giving her another white set of underwear.

“And thank you for your help. I think you may appreciate these,” he said giving to the young man Michelle’s wet panties. Then the curtain of the adjacent changing room opened and the young man turned his head away, embarrassed, while Alan quickly closed the curtain on Michelle’s room. The stranger has been quick enough to hide the panties in his pocket. Michelle hoped he wasn’t going to get caught by the security guards… but that was not her problem anymore, and thinking about how he was going to use her wet panties, alone, at home, thinking about her, made her even more excited.

Michelle’s head was spinning. She was so aroused she could have cum only grazing her clit. She needed to cum; she needed her pleasure. But she kept obeying and tried the new set. The white push up bra made her tits seem even bigger than they were; the white panties were not sophisticated: plain cotton with thin straps on the sides. She liked them and, all in all, she felt sexier wearing those than the black ones.

She heard some discussion outside and then silence. The couple had left.

Michelle opened the curtain and this time only her man’s eyes were there to meet hers. They didn’t speak, she pushed her tits together in a sexy way to tease him, caressed her stomach with a hand sliding her long sensual fingers all the way down until she reached between her legs, and her fingers started teasing her clit. She turned around, giving him her back; pulled the panties down just below her firm ass, bent over the mirror and spread her legs enough to invite him inside.  She wanted him, right away.

Alan was hard, but still in a playing mood. He opened the curtain, stepped in and slapped her ass.  Michelle gasped. What… what was he doing?

“You have a firm ass, my dear, I love it.”

He smacked it again, slid his fingers on her hips, toward the centre. She could feel his fingertips slightly rubbing her little pink hole, and down, tickling her swollen, wet lips.

He opened the curtain wider, completely. Michelle gulped; what on earth was he trying to do? If there was anyone outside, anyone… could now see her naked butt, her pussy drenched in her juices, pouring down on her lips and inner thighs. She shivered; the thought was incredibly exciting for her, and she unconsciously slid a finger between her lips again, moaning a little too hard than she was allowed to, in such a situation.

Did someone hear her? Did someone see her, so lewd, lost in her passion as an animal, incapable of restraining her body, so in need of Alan commanding voice, so in need of his cock, her pleasure?

She shivered again. Then she felt the curtain closing behind them, and the touch of Alan on her ass.

“Fuck me, Alan…”


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