A Shopping Date – Part 3

A Shopping Date – Part 3

Finally, they reached the changing rooms.

“Go inside and undress,” he commanded, and Michelle executed.

She entered the last fitting room of the row – it was the least visible from the inside of the shop – and took off her dress. The clothes and the underwear she wanted to try out, though, were still in Alan’s hands and she was now waiting: naked.

“I’m going to pass you the dress now.”

But when Michelle pushed her hand over the top of the curtain dividing her nude body from the outside, to get her dress, she didn’t feel anything on her hand. Instead, Alan opened the curtain a crack and passed her the dress like that. She froze, having her nakedness exposed to the outside, but no one was there. She could only see in that brief moment, that someone else was approaching the fitting rooms.

Michelle wore the dress and watched herself in the mirror: she looked great… her body was still in perfect shape, her ass firm, her legs slender and smooth, her big tits enough strong to stand proudly, even when not supported by her bra.

“So, how is it?”

Alan opened the curtain without even checking if she was still naked, but she had luckily just finished adjusting the dress down to her knees.

“Mmmm… it looks nice. But maybe it is just a little too long, isn’t it? You have such great legs, you should show them off more. Lift it up a little.”

Michelle questioned him with a frown, only for a short moment, then lifted the dress.

“More! You are no nun, right?”

Again, she pulled the border further above… now she could feel it just barely covering her sex.

“Nice, you could wander around the shopping centre dressed like that, and you would be the centre of the attention of every man in the world. Lots of women too I reckon. Now, turn around.”

Michelle turned to face the mirror inside the fitting room. She saw a movement in a corner of her eyes but she had no time to realize if it was just her imagination, before the next command arrived.

“Bend a little… show me your ass…”

She bent, as much as it was needed to uncover half of her naked ass. She thought that Alan could probably already see her pussy. But the fitting room was a little darker than the shop, so probably he could still only imagine it. Maybe he could catch a glimpse of her juices dripping on her inner thighs, glittering under the halogen lights. She would really like him to notice it and then kneel to lick her clean. But those thoughts were driving her even crazier, and he was still not doing anything: just commanding, watching, and exposing her.

Another movement in the mirror.

This time, she could see it clearly: there was a man reflected in it, a young man in his twenties, standing outside, on the right side of Alan: and he was staring at her; at her naked ass.

She quickly stood up leaving the border of her dress to fall, to cover her bare skin, and Alan closed the curtain again.

“Ok, I think we’ll buy this. Give me the dress and let’s try the rest.”

She was still shocked… had he just purposely shown her off to another man? What was he doing there? But the thrill she had felt when she had seen the stranger’s eyes on her, looking at her ass with such desire… she just couldn’t forget it.

There was also the fact that – and she still didn’t understand why – she trusted Alan.  She had to trust him because she was his woman, that day. There was no point in playing that game, otherwise.

Michelle took off the dress and passed it to him, opening the curtain just a crack. No trace of the other man, but she was sure she hadn’t imagined him.

Alan pulled the curtain half open. She was naked now, and anyone coming to the fitting room section could have seen her nudity, her luscious body; but luckily no one seemed to be around. He passed her a black lingerie set they had chosen: black lace bra, paired black lace panties… both so transparent and thin that you could see everything through them.

She started, hearing a movement – the curtain of the adjacent fitting room opening, she thought – but Alan was already closing her curtain again. She couldn’t see what was happening outside, but she could hear him almost whispering to someone. In any case, she proceeded to wear that outfit: it was better than standing there naked. She wore the black set and casually opened the curtain as soon as she was ready, without thinking.

And there, in front of her, there was Alan – a devilish smirk on his face – and the other young man standing in front of the second fitting room, waiting while – presumably – his girlfriend tried out some piece of clothes.

He soon turned his head to the other side, but Michelle knew she had seen her.

“So, Alan, what do you think? Is it ok to use with that dress?” she asked, cheekily.

He stared at her, all the way from her head to her toes.

“Turn around.”

She turned, giving him a perfect view of her ass.

“Mmm… I don’t know. I like it, but… your ass is better when you can see more of it. What do you think?”

It took just more than an instant for her to understand that the last question wasn’t meant for her. Goosebumps ran through her back, her body quivered as she realized Alan had just asked it to the other man.


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