Please, Let Me Stay With You Tonight – Complete

Please, Let Me Stay With You Tonight – Complete

*Note: this has been previously published here in part, under the slightly different title “Please, Let Me Be Here Tonight”. The cover is a WIP, but I find it to be pretty alluring 😉

Part 1

“Please, would you let me stay here for the night?”

Ray looked at the girl on his bed – one of his dearest friend and the girlfriend of his best friend – and he tried to think straight. The thing is, it wasn’t a normal for him to either being alone with a girl in a room nor looking at an almost-naked one.

It was his birthday and as such, they had partied until late night until Berd – his best friend – had disappeared with his girlfriend upstairs. Ray knew what they were going to do: it wasn’t the first time they had sex in his room and he didn’t care too much about that. But it was late night already and after a couple of minutes – as everyone else went home – he had found himself completely alone in his living room, waiting for the couple to come back downstairs and free his room.

After some time, though, Berd had come downstairs grunting and swearing. Ray had tried to ask about what had happened but he had listened to no reason and soon left the house, angry.

Ray had thought something may have happened. He had gone upstairs and, when he had entered his room, the scene in front of his eyes was something he had never dreamt of seeing.

Lana was kneeling on his bed almost naked, wearing only her bra and panties, crying in the semi-darkness of the room. He had looked at her, stunned by her beauty, but soon had consciously realised it wasn’t the proper thing to do. He had taken off his shirt and used it to cover her nudity.

As soon as Ray had sat on the bed, she had hugged him and continued crying on his shoulder. He perfectly knew what was convenient and what wasn’t in that kind of situation, he knew he wasn’t supposed to get turned on by her breast pressing against his side. Still, he couldn’t do anything about the way his body was reacting. Moreover, he had liked Lana for a long time and the only reason he had never tried his way on her was because of his best friend.

The only option he had, he thought, was running away. He stood up and turned around, not to show her the effect she had had on him. But as soon as he had tried to go away, he had felt her hand gripping his wrist, pulling him back to the bed.

“Please, would you let me stay here for the night?”

Now there he was: a prisoner in his own room.

Part 2

He fell on the bed and Lana snuggled against him, resting her head on his naked chest. She began to calm down.

“What happened?” Ray tried to ask once her sobs disappeared.

“Berd is an asshole, that’s what happened!”

Ray perfectly knew that Berd was an asshole, but also knew it wasn’t something he did on purpose. He was just like that: take him or leave him. He was tactful enough not to say anything like that to her, though. Moreover, the body of Lana pressed against his side, her hand resting on his stomach, were not helping his situation. He had a massive hard on and he was struggling to hide it. He needed to concentrate on something else quickly.

“He was drunk. He always drinks too much at the parties, I can’t stand it… and then he gets violent-“

“Did he… you know, did he hurt you?” Ray was genuinely worried.

“No, no, don’t worry. He… he tried to have sex, but he was too drunk and couldn’t perform. Then he got angry at me. He said I don’t even deserve to be his slut if I cannot turn him on…”

Ray could feel her lips moving against his chest. Those lips he had dreamed of so many times, doing him the naughtiest things he could imagine.

“I understand, so it’s not that big of a matter isn’t it?”

“It is!” She was angry now, “I have enough of him! I don’t want a man to consider me his slut, his sexual object, and nothing more. I dumped him.”

“You did that countless of times already, Lana, you know tomorrow he’ll come back to you and you’ll forgive him as you always do.”

“Tomorrow…” She spoke so faintly that Ray thought she was speaking to herself.

“… I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow. I just know that tonight, now, I don’t want to be with him.”

She snuggled against him some more. Her elbow grazed the tip of his cock, he hoped she didn’t notice.

“I feel good with you, Ray.”

Yes, he knew that. Every girl felt good with him, and every girl in his small, real world, had friend-zoned him. He was what you may call an “athletic trainer” for his friends. The girls felt good with him, asked him for cuddles and understanding, then went to fuck with the other cooler guys.

Her hand caressed his stomach. This time, Ray was sure she had clearly felt the tip of his cock touching her arm.

“It’s late, maybe we should sleep?” Ray asked. It wasn’t that he didn’t like that contact, but it was also something that scared him. He had never been intimate with a woman: he didn’t know what to do.

“We should sleep, I agree,” and for a while, they both faked sleeping as they lied motionless on the bed, in the darkness broken only by the faint light of the moon entering from the open window.

Summer was at its peak and the nights were hot and sultry. Ray started to sweat: he had to move. Lana’s almost naked body was sticking to his naked chest, the whole situation was too erotic for him to sleep.

After a while, though, he couldn’t resist anymore. He hoped she was sleeping already and tried to slide his body out of her grip.

“Do you dislike my touch that much?”

Nope. She wasn’t sleeping.

Part 3

“Hum… it’s not that. It’s hot and-” He stopped. There was no way he could explain that “and” to her. He hoped he hadn’t noticed it.




“You know you can talk to me. I always confide with you and you always patiently listen to my complaints, to my problems. Maybe, for once, I can do something for you?”

Ray knew about something she could have done for him but kept quiet. There was no way he could even think of asking something like that to that girl. His friend and his best friend girlfriend.

“Do you dislike me that much?” She asked again.

Her hand slid down from his sweat stomach, grazing the tip of his cock.

“Or maybe, there is something I can do to help you sleep, on such a hot night?”

Her hand moved over his cock. She rubbed the entire length of it, feeling it through his trunks.

“I… Lana, I cannot. Berd is my best friend…”

“And I’m your best friend too, am I not? Nothing will change. Your best friend left me here alone, horny. I cannot sleep like this. I’m sweat. I’m feeling hot. My nipples are hard and sensitive, my pussy is leaking juices since the moment you gave me your shirt…”

Ray had never heard Lana speaking like that and as her hand caressed his trapped cock, he had to concentrate not to cum. He thought he had always liked Lana, without knowing actually nothing of her.

Yet, Lana was probably telling him she wanted to fuck him, only because her boyfriend had left her unsatisfied? Was it some kind of sexual object to extinguish her lust?

Ray didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. His cock wasn’t that philosophical, though, and he rapidly lost his willpower.

He didn’t do anything as he felt her hand unfastening his trouser. He didn’t move a finger when he felt her hand gripping his cock, caressing the exposed, wet tip. He didn’t do a thing when she started kissing and sucking his nipple she had rested her head upon until that moment.

“You nipple tastes good.”

His head was spinning, the time he perceived decelerated, stopped. He could feel every detail of her fingers touching his manliness, her nails grazing his balls, her palm discovering his hard shaft.

“How come you never told me you are so well endowed down there?” She joked, but she felt the anticipation as she imagined that long cock inside her.

Part 4

Ray had no way out anymore. He had no reason to stop her, no will to do so either. He just wanted her fingers to continue forever: he had never thought the touch of a woman would be so different from his own. Her polished nails were grazing his cock in his entire length, lingering on his balls first, teasing them as she realized it was exciting for him, then slightly tracing their way back to the tip, caressing his wet tip with her fingertips , following its contour until it was clear from his shuddering that he was going to cum soon.

She wanted it, but she also didn’t want to waste his first orgasm in such a way.

“Do you like what I’m doing, Ray? You don’t dislike me anymore now, right?”

She teased him and continued caressing his throbbing shaft.

“I do. I like you. You are sexy, and you are making me feel so good…”

He had decided not to lie to himself anymore. He’d just play along and think of the consequences – if any – only later.

“So, would you like me to do something more?”

And so saying, she got on his side on all fours and began kissing him on his stomach, purposely avoiding his tip that was hanging and pulsating just an inch from her mouth. Lana could feel his anticipation. She herself wanted to suck that nice cock, of course. She had sometimes thought about it when masturbating: Ray was indeed one of her best friends and she couldn’t think of him as a man she’d spent her life with. But… he had that appearance of a good, virgin boy that she had always wanted to ruin, to conquer for herself. And now she was going to be the one to fuck him first, the one she’d always thought of – for his entire life – every time he’d looked back to his first time.

“I want it.”

“What do you want? Tell me.”

She got close to his wet tip with her mouth and breathed warm air on it, then inhaled his scent. She wanted that cock so much…

“I want you to… lick me.”

“Lick you… like this?” She gave a short lick with the tip of her tongue, right on his shaft, where she knew it wasn’t that sensitive.

“Is this really all you want?”

Ray knew she was teasing him. He didn’t know how to play that game, though.

He didn’t answer, and they lied on the bed like that – motionless – for some seconds. She only breathed on his cock and he thought about what to do, what to say.

Part 5

“You know, you should be a little active too. Or do I have to do all the work? I’m wet and waiting to be used. And I didn’t assume this position by chance…”

Indeed, in that position, with Lana on her fours on his side and her legs a little spread, Ray had his hand lying exactly under her pussy. As she slid down and took off her panties, he gathered courage and caressed her inner thighs moving up until he reached her pussy. For the first time in his life he felt the sticky wetness of a woman. He had seen porn movies, of course, he knew how a woman was supposed to be pleased… or at least he thought he knew. He slid two fingers up and down her pussy, rubbing her lips.

“Hmmmm, yes, this is starting to be good. But you should linger a little more here,” and that saying, she reached to his hand and placed Ray’s finger on her clit.

“You feel this little spot? This is my clitoris, that’s where you’re supposed to touch a woman. At least, until she gets wet…”

Ray started to rub her clit and she began breathing heavily on his cock. His smell was driving her crazy. He wanted to suck that cock so much, and still she waited.

“Ohhh, please, this is nice. Rub me some more… and then, when a woman is wet like I am now, you can tease her in different ways,” unable to resist, she gave a long lap on his balls, his dick reacted instantly.

“Your balls taste so good,” she said sucking one of them in her mouth, caressing it gently with her tongue, before continuing.

“You can slide one or more fingers inside me. You can try one, then two, then three… not every woman will be able to accept all of them, but you can tr-“

She couldn’t finish her sentence: Ray had abruptly slid two fingers inside her pussy, so deep that he had left her breathless.

“… yes… Ray, this feels so good… yes fuck me like that…” Lana had spread her legs even more and had begun moving her hips back and forth to accommodate his fingers. She was aware of her juices dripping on his hand, and the fact he wasn’t caring at all made the act even more arousing for her.

She lied her head on his legs, almost on his crotch, her lips grazing his balls, his shaft standing proud in front of her eyes, and enjoyed the feeling of his fingers violating her in such a rough way. As the pleasure run through her body, she thought it would be nice to find a virgin boy like him to fuck, every now and then. This unwanted roughness was the best… she was feeling what she wanted. In that moment, she was already only a tool for him to discover the pleasure of sex.

“Suck my cock.”

Ray had lost his control. Touching a woman’s pussy – and his friend one moreover – for the first time had been too much.

“Ah… this is a good way to ask, indeed. Was that a command?”


Lana felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing it down. It was indeed a command, and she was happy to oblige.

Part 6

She opened her mouth and engulfed his cock all the way in until it touched her throat. Lana knew she was good at it. Even Berd, with all the woman he had had – and probably still had behind her back – had always complimented her for her skills. She had no gag reflex and she knew how to make a good use of it.

But Ray didn’t know it was something that exceptional. In his idea of sex, made up looking at porn movie after porn movie, a deep throat was something every woman should be able – and happy – to do.

As she slid his cock all the way in her mouth, as she pulled out her tongue to lick his balls, she felt Ray’s hand began pushing her head against his crotch with force until his entire shaft was inside her. At that point, unexpectedly, he began to thrust his cock forcefully into her. He was fucking her throat violently, with only the need to unleash his natural instinct.

Lana resisted a couple of seconds: she enjoyed the animal instinct of the whole act. But she had to stop soon. She pushed his hand away and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“You fucking prick…” she gasped, “Do you want me to die or what?”

Ray face had reverted back to normal. Looking at it, it was clear to Lana that he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

“How am I supposed to breathe if you keep your cock inside my throat?” Lana had tears in her eyes, but she wasn’t crying, of course.

“I’m sorry Lana, I didn’t… I couldn’t think…”

“Now, let me do it. You can lead, you can show me what you want; you can push it as you did for a second or two, but try not to exaggerate for God’s sake!”

She was evidently upset, and Ray couldn’t do anything but agree.

“It’s time you learn something new,” Lana said, turning around on Ray body and sitting over his face, before lowering her lips on his cock.

“Look at it, that’s the first time you see a pussy this close, right?”

Lana was feeling so naughty, so sexy, like an evil soul corrupting the mind of the purest one.

“It’s wet, it’s needy. Now I’ll go down to-“

She licked his cock.

“… Your nice, massive-“

She sucked his tip, then left his meat hanging in front of her lips to finish her sentence.

“… Cock, and while I do it, you must lick my pussy. You see where’s my clitoris, you just finished rubbing it, and you see it’s-“

She couldn’t continue. Ray had attacked her pussy, licking and sucking and teasing every bit of it. It seemed that was the very reason he was born for: Lana had never been licked with such passion in her entire life.

Part 7

She moaned, and for a moment forgot she had a job to do. Ray’s tongue was sliding up and down on her sex, licking her copious juices, teasing her clit and sucking her labia. Lana had begun moving her hips back and forth following his touch and as such, occasionally, she felt licks on her little rosebud. Shivers run down her spine. She had never had anal in her entire life, she had never allowed anything like that to anyone, not even to Berd. Even the lightest play with ass had always been forbidden. And yet now she couldn’t say “no”, after teasing that boy so much.

And the pleasure. Oh, the pleasure! It was driving her crazy. Every time his tongue slid in that small space between her pussy and her ass, she felt electricity running through all her body. Every time his tongue lingered a little on her most private part, she felt both exposed and violated. And yet, she had never felt anything like that.

She recomposed, and lowered her head on his cock. It was so thick, she really had problems opening her mouth enough to accommodate it. But it felt so nice to have him down her throat. She pulled out her tongue, licked his entire shaft as she moved her head up and down.

“Mmmm… mghhhh…,” Ray was moving his hips a little too fast. Lana knew he would have cummed soon, it was impossible for her to stop him anymore: it was his first time, indeed, she had to be patient.

She lowered her head down and let him freely push his cock the deepest he could. Then, waited for his orgasm to arrive.

And unexpectedly, in the moment she heard his groan and felt the first spurt of hot cum flooding her throat, she exploded in an orgasm on his mouth. She had never cummed without being penetrated, without a man concentrating on her clitoris either.

Held in the grip of her orgasm, she didn’t realize she hadn’t shut her mouth and she was dripping cum on his cock.

She slid his cock out, breathed heavily.

“Now,” she gasped. “This is pleasing a woman.”

She licked his cock clean, eating all the cum she could fetch with her fingers and tongue.

“It was… it was fantastic, Lana. I never thought-“

The orgasm had reverted him back to the shy, tender boy he was.

“-that I could be such a dirty slut? I like to be, for the man I choose. Did I took you aback?”

Lana turned around again, and lay on Ray’s side, hugging him as she had done in the beginning of that night. She kissed his chest, then noticed his face was still completely drenched in her juices. Her orgasms had always been very wet. She moved a little and licked his neck, his chin, his cheek and his lips.

But as he opened his mouth to receive a passionate kiss, she moved back to his chest. She had no intention of falling in love for that man. It would’ve been too risky, even for her.

“So, you think you’ll be able to sleep now?” Ray asked.

“I don’t know. Would you be up for round two?” Lana laughed and kissed is nipple again, noticing a movement below his stomach.

“After all, it’s still your birthday, isn’t it?”


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