The Impertinent Masseuse – Part 3

The Impertinent Masseuse – Part 3

sexy masseuseThe fateful day arrived. It was Saturday morning, I remember it because I could have not easily taken 2 hours off of work during the day, otherwise. I left home with a nice, tender kiss of my wife, together with a complicity smile that said it all.

I knew I had her approval, and yet I was feeling a little nervous. I would have had to play a game that I wasn’t used to playing, for those two hours, and be bolder than I usually am. My wife must have seen my hesitation because before I close the door she gave me a last, gentle push.

“Come back with good, pleasing news.”

And indeed her words relaxed me. Moreover, we had had great sex the evening before and I was not in a state I could not say no to a woman. I was actually feeling so satisfied, that I thought I could not get turned on at all, that morning.

I rang the Massage Centre, and this time I felt no fear as I heard the key unlocking the door.

“Hi Fabian, how are you? I’m very happy you came here again!” She said with a bright smile, before giving me two kisses on the cheeks as you usually deserve to close friends.

When she locked back the door, after I had entered, I realised we were completely alone. And we were going to be for my entire allotted time.

I undressed and, like the previous time, I kept my briefs on. I had chosen dark grey ones this time, somewhat hoping their colour was not going to give away my excitement, in case.

“You know we are alone, I don’t mind you getting naked.”

“But I do mind. I’m a very prude man, don’t you know?”

Natalya didn’t even twitch at my refusal.

“In that case, I’ll have to do something about it, right? Or you may not enjoy your two hours at their best.”

There was a special, pleasant tension between us. As if we both knew why I was there again, why I booked two hours with her, and yet both of us didn’t want to – or feared to – do that small, additional step necessary for it to become completely clear.

I lay on the table and enjoyed her hands on my body again. For some time, neither of us spoke. Her hands moved over me in a different way than before. Her fingers felt more knowledgeable of my muscles, her paths focused on what she wanted to achieve. And as her hands caressed the back of my legs again, as her fingers grazed my knees and reached up, between my thighs, I began feeling excited. It has been indeed long since a woman had touched me like that and because of the fact I was actually paying for it, the fact that for once I was actually supposed to relax the whole time and do nothing more, I could enjoy her touch to its fullest.

When her fingers grazed my balls for the first time I felt a shiver down my spine, and my cock twitched. But her hands had already moved to my ass, massaging my cheeks, looking for any spot I could need her sapient touch on. Then back again on my knees, my thighs… and again her fingers grazing the tip of my cock that lay between my legs, pushed below by my own weight.

I was sure she had felt it; I was sure she knew I was excited and I was sure it was exactly what she wanted. I could say, she was very good at it.

“Are you liking this?”

For the first time since we had begun the massage, she had spoken.

I came back to reality, from the sleepless dream I had fallen into, and I answered.

“Mh-mh,” it was my way of saying yes, when I didn’t want to speak.

“May I continue like this?”

“I’m yours.”

I don’t know if it was the naïve me speaking again, but my answer was too prone to be misinterpreted, and she seemed to be waiting only such occasions.

“Mmm… that’s a good thing to know,” she said, as her hands swiped again across my thighs, and her fingers rubbed against my swelling tip and my balls.

“Hey, I never said you should take advantage of it!” I joked, and yet I had slightly opened my legs, already waiting for some more teasing that, to my utter surprise, didn’t arrive.

After that last touch, she moved to the side and began massaging my back, as she had done the time before. I still needed it so much, that I fell again in a state of numbness as I enjoyed he beneficial effect she was having on me.

I calmed down again: the only sign of my previous excitement was the cold excitement drop I could feel inside my briefs, nothing more.

Once again, she moved near my head and massaged my shoulders and back from that position. Once again I felt her breast rubbing my head.

I opened my eyes. Through the hole in the table, I could see her feet now, and I thought they were very nice. Small, well-cured, with pink, pearl polish on her nails. She was barefoot, and even if I hadn’t noticed it before, she must have worn a skirt under the white work shirt because I could see nothing but her naked legs, from that position.

I imagined massaging her feet, caressing them. I had never had such fetish, I have to say, but maybe because they were the only thing I could actually see of her, they were having a huge impact on my half-asleep fantasies. Then I noticed she was actually slowly limping.

“Did you hurt your leg?” I said, without worrying to reveal I was actually looking at her legs.

“No, I just strained a muscle, nothing more.”

“So, a masseuse who needs a massage?”

I laughed a little but soon stopped because realised it wasn’t appropriate.

“You could say so, but I have no-one to help me with that.”

“Aren’t you married? I’m sure your partner will be more than happy to massage you,” I said. She had no rings, but it was normal given the job she had. And for a Russian girl to come to a different country alone, it seemed a little strange, so I had assumed she had a partner.

“I am married, but… let’s say things are not going that well anymore.”

I know I should just stop talking, on such occasions. And yet I was too curious not to ask.

“Wanna talk about it?”

Her massage stopped for a moment as she leaned completely on my back – her breast crushed against the back of my head, her hands stretched out till my ass – in what could have been mistaken for a strange hug. Then she pulled herself up again.

“It’s complicated…”

I could sense she was going to continue, and strangely I could see where she was going, already.

“I want to add erotic massages to my portfolio and my husband doesn’t agree with my decision. Simple like that.”

She paused and then quickly added, as if she wanted to justify herself.

“The studio is not mine yet, I need to earn more, I… well, anyway, that’s the whole point. We have no children, we’ll probably divorce soon. I chose career over him.”

For a moment, I could feel a point of sadness in her voice.

“Anyway, you remember the last time, when I proposed you to get an ear massage?”

Yes, the time had come to discuss that thing.

“It was just a code I made up to let my customers know they can ask me for erotic services. Because I can’t make it public, I have no license for them yet. Did you understand what I was proposing you?”

“Of course, it was clear enough,” I said proudly. She had no need to know I had been that naïve.

“So you just don’t want it? Am I not pretty enough?”

I wasn’t expecting such an abrupt proposal, and I didn’t know what to answer. I really didn’t know.

There I was, with a pretty woman who wanted to sell me some unspecified erotic service one minute after telling me she was going to get a divorce because of that? I really had no answer.

Luckily, she didn’t insist. She continued massaging my back for some time, carving her fingers in my back, giving me pleasure that was way beyond what I could have sexually desired, at the moment.

That tension between us had grown again, and I could feel it in each of her strokes. We were playing with an open hand, and she had nothing to fear anymore. Her touch was now like a caress, and yet her fingers had become bolder. And each time they run all the way to my ass, they slid a little under the rubber band of my briefs, touching my bare skin.

When she finished with my back and I knew we were around half of our time, I was again in a state of half-excitement I couldn’t easily hide.

“Would you turn around, Fabian?”

I had gotten used to the inflexion she gave on my name, already.

Would I eventually get used to showing her the effect she had on me, too?



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